SportyBet App Review – Complete Betting App [Android & iOS]

Betting as we all know have been around for several years but tends to grow largely in this era, today we have hundreds of betting platforms out there of which all of them are being patronized by people to make ends meet, however, SportyBet platform is no exception and has been around for a couple of years, now the big question tends to be – Has SportyBet got what it takes to get the attention of most bet lovers out there?, today, we would take you through SportyBet app review.

SportyBet over the years has been a great betting platform that has proven itself worthy of standing tall in the world of sports betting. The platform being a great platform has a suitable Application to ease the use of the platform of which we are going to take a tour through the SportyBet application today.

SportyBet App Features

Kicking off with the SportyBet app features, the app has proven to be one of the best betting apps offering great and responsive navigation that gives users an easy understanding of the platform without hassle as even a newbie to the platform can get accustomed to the betting app in minutes. Although, we have the emphasis of the platform placed on football, however, there are still other wide varieties of options available on the platform to play around with at their stake.

SportyBet App Review - Complete Betting App [Android & IOS]

More also, the site is known to attract its users through promo codes and amazing packages which appears to be an amazing feature of the SportyBet App.

Let’s quickly take a tour through the pros and cons of the SportyBet application for android and ios;


  • Fast and easy Navigation system.
  • Customer live streaming.
  • Customer service available 24/7.
  • Fast cash out functionalities.
  • Flexibet features that allows SportyBet to pay you cut 1, 2 or more depending on how many events you staked on.
  • Re-bet option available for users to bet on previously selected games.
  • Amazing sports market.
  • Amazing user interface.


  • There are few but amazing betting options.

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Who Is The Founder Of The SportyBet App?

The sole founder and CEO of the SportyBet mobile app is Sudeep Dalamai Ramnani who appears to be a popularly known investor in mobile payments and fintech, more also, he is an advocate of the fast-developing African internet ecosystem.  However, this great betting platform has its brand ambassador to be a popular former super eagle player known as Kanu Nwankwo also known as “Papilo”.

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Does SportyBet have a competitive edge?

Well, this appears to be the truth as there are series of things that could attract new customers into the betting system aside from the new user registration bonuses or welcome bonuses they offer. As regards such, SportyBet is not outspoken about the welcome bonuses they offer, unlike other betting platforms which has definitely brought about the competitive edge. Unlike other betting platforms, SportyBet does not tend to interrupt the activities engaged in by users by bringing up some sort of annoying pop-up messages stating they offer certain bonuses to gain new customers which is why the site and app version tends to run smoothly and on the other hand has brought about competition in the betting market.

SportyBet App Nigeria welcome Bonus

The SportyBet application offers up to a 100% free bonus on the first deposit for every new user, which means, when you deposit a minimum of ₦100, you get an additional ₦100 free from the platform to stake on events and games on the platform.

SportyBet Application User Interface

Speaking of the amazing features the SportyBet application offers, we can’t neglect the amazing user interface this betting platform has got, you have got to love this platform for a wonderful user interface of which is considered one of the best user interface a betting platform could have if not the best.

The user interface comes with an excellent color combination of bright red color for the navigation menu standing as the primary color, a green color which appears to be the secondary, and an amazing white background which makes the site super doper.

SportyBet App Super Bonus (Nigeria)

This amazing platform has gifted all customers of the platform the chance to have up to 135% bonus on the multiple bets features which must contain at least 4 event predictions on the ticket with over 1.2 odds each to be eligible for the bonus. However, this bonus is made available for all events present on the platform.

Registration On Sportybet; Easy Way To Complete A Registration On SportyBet

How to register an account on SportyBet – As we all know that the platform offers you two interface which is the desktop interface which can be accessed right from your browser via their website and the App version of the site. Registration can be carried out on the two interfaces in a similar method, tag along as we give you the easy way to get registered on the SportyBet platform.

Website Registration

How to register on SportyBet website – To get registered via the website, follow the following steps;

  • Visit the official sportybet website {}
  • Locate the join now button located at the top right corner of the website and click on it.
  • Fill out the registration form that loads up on the website which contains spaces for your valid phone number, email, name, country, and password of at least 6-14 digits containing a mixture of alphabets and numerals.
  • After filling out the form, click on the create account button.
  • If you have filled out the form rightly, you should get a successful registration message.
  • Next you will see a section for referral code you can skip this but if you have one you input it and click on apply, this enable you to activate your 150% welcome bonus and also win you a #300 free cash (Terms and conditions applied).

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Easy SportyBet App Registration

The SportyBet app registration is also the same as the web version, first, you have to get the app downloaded from the website. Let’s go through the steps together.

Visit the official SportyBet website to get the complete app version for android.

  • Launch the app, and click on the join now button just as on the website and fill the form provided.
  • On successful registration and login to via the app, click on the Menu button located at the lower right corner of the app.
  • Right above the balance section, you will see the profile section also known as the “my account section, click on it to fill in your full name, Date of birth, Gender, and Email to complete your SportyBet application registration.

SportyBet Features (Flexibet) – Does SportyBet Pay Cut One?

This appears to be one of the amazing features of the SportyBet app known as the flexibet feature. The flexibet feature when applied allows users to still receive payment for their predictions even if one or more predictions Spoils their tickets. For example, if you make predictions you are not sure about and the events in the prediction are above 4 events, the flexibet feature becomes available and you get to select how many events you want SportyBet to ignore if they appear not to come through in your prediction (i.e, If you feel like 2 to 3 predictions on your ticket of 10 games may not come through, reduce the flexibet number to 8 or 7, and if it appears that 3 games from the event don’t come through, SportyBet will still pay you), hence, SportyBet pays cut one.

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Is SportyBet Payout Fast?

Judging from proof and personal experience, SportyBet platform has proven to be the best when it comes to receiving payout on time.  Withdrawal literally happens within minutes of withdrawal application depending on the bank, but the maximum time I have experienced is 5 minutes but generally at most would be 24 hours.

Can i fund my SportyBet account with USSD?

Here is another amazing feature of the SportyBet app, it gives users the opportunity to fund their various accounts on the platform using USSD codes. However, these USSD codes vary across banks and at the time of this writing, only 3 banks are provided with the USSD option.

Zenith Bank

USSD Code: Dial *996*6*7767#

Enter your SportyBet registered mobile number in the space provided.
Enter the desired amount to deposit.
Enter your bank pin


USSD Code: Dial *919*26*3#

Input your bank magic pin.
Enter your SportyBet registered phone number.
Input amount.
Confirm amount.


USSD Code: Dial *737*50*amount*558#

SportyBet Maximum Winning

According to the website officials, the daily maximum winning per user is ₦ 50,000,000 on the website and the app.

SportyBet Minimum Withdrawal?

The SportyBet platform appears to be the best when it comes to minimum withdrawal as the SportyBet app and platform allow every user have access to a minimum withdrawal of ₦100 through the website and the SportyBet App for Android and iOS.

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Summary on SportyBet App review

SportyBet with such features mentioned above has been of great service to their customers despite being amongst the newest betting platforms in the game.

Judging from the customer care services down to the bonus offers and excellent web and app navigation (Interface), SportyBet is here to stay, not just stay, but make betting better and bigger.

Just like the website, the SportyBet application for android and IOS is a user-friendly app that gives room for a smooth experience and easy navigation for even a newbie on the platform. We hope you have a wonderful and adventurous journey touring the SportyBet application just like we did, but before we wrap up, let’s quickly take you through the Frequently asked questions about SportyBet.

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Is SportyBet app safe?

Yes, The SportyBet App is safe for users and has not recorded any issues of scams.

Is SportyBet Legit?

Yes, SportyBet has been on top of the betting industry for a while and has proven itself beyond doubt to be legit.

What is the Minimum payout per transaction on SportyBet?

The minimum Payout per transaction on SportyBet is  ₦100.

What is the Maximum Payout per transaction on SportyBet?

The maximum daily payout per transaction is #9,999,999.

Does SportyBet pay cut 1?

Yes, thanks to the introduction of the new flexibet feature on the SportyBet app.

Does extra-time count in SportyBet?

No, all events and predictions are decided at the regular time

Who owns SportyBet?

Sudeep Dalamai Ramnani.

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