Meet Ade Ogundeyin, CEO of Proforce Armoured Vehicle Nigeria

In this article, we talk about Ade Ogundeyin, the CEO of Proforce Armoured Vehicle Nigeria, Proforce Nigeria build Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs) in Ogun State (Ode Remo) and is the first Armoured vehicle manufacturer in West, East, and Central Africa.

The company also has a second facility in Port Harcourt also currently putting together a new facility in Abuja and another in Katsina with collaboration with the Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria.

Proforce armoured vehicle
Proforce Hilux – Proforce armored vehicle


Ade Ogundeyin holds a BSc in Chemical Engineering from the University of Lagos and a COREN registered Engineer.

He is the Group Managing Director of Ola-Kleen Holdings Limited, a conglomerate in Nigeria with an international presence in the US, Kuwait, China, Ghana, and Liberia.

Ade Ogundeyin
Ade Ogundeyin

In his pursuit of the company’s corporate vision for a sustainable national and global presence, O’la Kleen Holdings Limited has over the last 25 years diversified with the establishment of several other companies, including Proforce Defence Limited.

He is happily married and also blessed with children.

He participated in several international trainings and has been guest speakers at various seminars on Entrepreneurship, within and outside Nigeria.


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Mr. Ogundeyin was awarded the Africa Industrialist at the House of Lords Parliamentarians, the United Kingdom in 2015 by the Africa International Business Forum (2014 Business Excellence Award).

Ade Ogundeyin Biography
Ade Ogundeyin

Sequel to this Ade Ogundeyin was also appointed a member of the Nigerian Industrial Policy and Competitiveness Advisory Council by the Federal Government of Nigeria (May 30, 2017).

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