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Jacquavius Dennard Smith was born on May 1, 2000. He is a rapper from America.

He goes by the name 9lokkNine, and he used to write it as GlokkNine. He got into trouble with the law and was found guilty.

He became famous for being in a song called “223’s” by YNW Melly in 2019. This song made it to number 34 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

In 2018, he signed a contract with Cash Money Records. He also has a song of his own called “10 Percent,” and its music video came out in August 2021.

9lokkNine’s Wikipedia Profile

Name Jacquavius Dennard Smith
Birthday May 1, 2000
Gender Male
Kids A daughter
Nationality American
Net Worth$5 Million

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Early Life

He was born in Orlando, FL, on May 1, 2000. He’s from the United States and is now 23 years old.

Glokknine’s journey to fame started similarly to that of many other well-known musicians. He liked rapping from a young age, and he actually began rapping when he was just 9 years old.

He was a good student right from his early days. He always did well in his studies, and he finished his early schooling with high grades. When he was 16, he went to high school.

After that, he continued his education at a university and earned a Bachelor’s degree from a public university in the US.



On January 2, 2018, 9lokkNine shared his first mixtape called “Kold Face Kold Case,” which had nine songs.

Later, on April 17, 2018, he came out with his second mixtape named “Bloodshells Revenge” containing 18 tracks. On May 8, 2018, he premiered a music video for his song “I Don’t Need No Help”.

Then, on July 23, 2018, he released another mixtape called “Loyalty Kills Love,” featuring 17 songs.

After that, on August 3, 2018, he signed a contract with Cash Money Records and Republic Records, which was said to be worth $2 million, according to an official statement. Moving forward, on December 19, 2018, he launched an 11-track mixtape named “Lil Glokk That Stole Khristmas”.

In April 2019, he brought out a single called “Party Pooper”.

9lokkNine was also involved in a track called “223’s” with YNW Melly. Interestingly, he had initially released it as part of his mixtape “Lil Glokk That Stole Khristmas” in December 2018.

The song gained immense popularity through the TikTok app where many people danced to it.

On October 25, 2019, he released a mixtape called “Mind of Destruction” which had 16 tracks.

This mixtape marked his official debut with Cash Money and Republic. On February 5, 2020, he released a single titled “Moods”.

Additionally, 9lokkNine performed at the 2018 Rolling Loud Festival on May 13, 2018, in Miami, Florida.

Legal Issue

Back in September 2015, a guy named Smith, who was 15 years old then, got arrested because he was involved in a shooting where a 17-year-old got hurt.

The police said he did bad things like hurting someone with a gun and shoot a gun in the wrong way.

He also got in trouble before for going somewhere he wasn’t supposed to. They took him to a special place for young people who break the rules.

Then, on October 3, 2018, Smith got arrested again. This time, they said he had a hidden weapon even though he wasn’t supposed to have one. He also took something that didn’t belong to him and had a small amount of a drug called marijuana.

After that, on May 31, 2019, Smith got arrested in a place called Orlando, which is in Florida. They told him he did wrong things like having marijuana and having a gun he wasn’t supposed to have.

On January 3, 2020, Smith got in trouble again in Miami, Florida. This time, they said he was carrying a hidden weapon, which is against the rules.

Then, on July 24, 2020, the police arrested him in Orlando one more time. They charged him with trying really hard to hurt someone, and it was the second-worst kind of hurting.

Later, on October 8, 2020, they arrested him in Orlando again. This time, it was because he didn’t follow the rules about having guns. He also had a gun with a short barrel, which is against the rules too.

In January 2021, he got charged with trying to hurt someone really badly again, like he did before.

On June 21, 2021, they arrested him again for some big crimes like working with a group to do bad things and planning to do more bad things together.

Finally, on December 15, 2021, Smith got a punishment. He had to go to a special jail for seven years because he admitted to stealing someone’s identity and having guns that weren’t registered. He tricked the government to get money in someone else’s name.

What Is 9lokknine’s Net Worth?

9lokknine is believed to have a net worth ranging around $5 million.

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