Maracanã has been the biggest stadium in the world for several years, it has been surpassed in terms of audience capacity for some time. Now we have new updates about the biggest football stadiums of the world.

Older stadiums also had to be adapted to safety standards, and as a result, many had to reduce their public accommodation capacity.

But the tendency is for the stadiums to grow bigger and bigger! The goal will always be to have more people gathered to enjoy the spectacle of the ball in the foot! So take a look at the 12 biggest football stadiums in the world:

The Largest Football Stadium in the World

Below we mention the name, capacity, location and the necessary information about the largest football stadium of the world.

12. Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

Capacity: 81,044

Where: Madrid, Spain

Team: Real Madrid FC

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium
Photo: Real Madrid FC

Real Madrid’s home bears the name of the club’s former president and principal organizer for the construction of the stadium. It was inaugurated in 1947, still with the name of Chamartín Stadium. It has a capacity of 125,000, but after some renovations and adjustments, the stadium currently receives 81,044 fans.

11. Stade de France

Capacity: 81,338

Where: Saint-Denis, France

Team: French Football Team

Stade de France
Stade de France

Built for the 1998 French-based World Cup, the Stade de France usually hosts friendly matches from the French Football Team but also hosts other sports such as rugby.

10. ANZ Stadium (Stadium Australia)

Capacity: 83,500

Where: Sydney, Australia

Teams: Australian Football Team, Western Sydney Wanderers and Sydney FC

ANZ Stadium (Stadium Australia)
ANZ Stadium (Stadium Australia)

Opened in 1999, Stadium Australia is a multipurpose Olympic stadium used for different Olympic sports competitions. Regarding football, he usually hosts the Australian National Team matches that take place in the country, but also plays by local teams Western Sydney Wanderers and Sydney FC.

9. Borg El Arab Stadium

Capacity: 86,000

Where: Alexandria, Egypt

Team: Egyptian Football Team

Borg El Arab Stadium
Borg El Arab Stadium

One of the largest stadiums in Africa, Borg El Arab Stadium was built as part of Egypt’s bid to host the 2010 World Cup, which failed. Today the stadium hosts the national team games and is the main stadium in North Africa.

8. Azteca Stadium

Capacity: 87,000

Where: Mexico City, Mexico

Teams: Club America and Mexican Football Team

Azteca Stadium
Photo: Marvin520 – Azteca Stadium

Also called Coloso de Santa Úrsula, the Azteca Stadium is one of the very few that has hosted two World Cup finals. In 1970 it was the stage of the confrontation Brazil 4 x 1 Italy and, in 1986, it was the turn of Argentina 3 x 2 West Germany. It was the first stadium to host an NFL game outside the United States, as well as where comedian Chespirito, who played Chaves and Chapolin, was veiled.

7. Bukit Jalil National Stadium

Capacity: 87,411

Where: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Team: Malaysia Soccer Team

Bukit Jalil National Stadium
Photo: Populous – Bukit Jalil National Stadium

Considered the best stadium in Malaysia, Bukit Jalil National Stadium was built in 1998 for the Commonwealth Games and was one of the venues of the 2007 Asian Cup. It is located next to other sports complexes such as Bukit Jalil Golf and Country Resort.

6. Wembley Stadium

Capacity: 90,000

Where: London, United Kingdom

Teams: English Football Team, English Cup and English League Cup

Wembley Stadium
Wembley Stadium

Europe’s second-largest stadium is situated in one of London’s suburbs and hosts football, rugby and athletics matches, as well as major shows by famous artists. This is where the English League Cup final takes place.

5. Rose Bowl

Capacity: 90,888

Where: Pasadena, United States

Team: United States Football Team

Rose Bowl Stadium
Rose Bowl Stadium

The Rose Bowl takes its name from the more than 100 types of roses planted around the stadium. It hosted the United States-hosted World Cup finals, the men’s competition in 1994 and the women’s competition in 1999.

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4. FNB – Soccer City

Capacity: 94,736

Where: Johannesburg, South Africa

Team: South African Football Team

FNB - Soccer City Stadium
FNB – Soccer City Stadium

The largest stadium on the African continent was, of course, the main venue for the 2010 World Cup matches. But the FNB also played host to one of Nelson Mandela’s most important speeches shortly after his release in 1990.

3. Camp Nou

Capacity: 99,354

Where: Barcelona, ​​Spain

Team: FC Barcelona

Camp Nou Stadium
Camp Nou Stadium

Camp Nou means “new field” in Catalan and is already the third stadium of FC Barcelona, ​​so the fans have named it that. It has complete facilities, from the central part, the club museum to dormitories for the players of the basic category.

2. Melbourne Cricket Ground

Capacity: 100,024

Where: Melbourne, Australia

Team: Australian Football Team

Melbourne Cricket Ground
Melbourne Cricket Ground

Despite being Australia’s premier stadium, football is not the main sport practiced at Melbourne Cricket Ground. At least not the football we know and love. Over there, Aussie Rules, also called Australian Football, is the most popular sport. Even so, the most important events the stadium has ever hosted were related to football at the 1956 and 2000 Olympic Games.

1. May Day Rungrado

Capacity: 114,000

Where: Pyongyang, North Korea

Team: North Korean Football Team

May Day Rungrado - Biggest Stadium of the World
May Day Rungrado Stadium

The largest stadium in the world is a significant pride for North Korea. Unofficial numbers say the stadium has a capacity of 150,000, and despite hosting the national team matches, the vast majority of events it hosts are commemorative or military.

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The Largest Football Stadium in the World

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