10 Most Protected People In The World 2023 [Newly Updated]

This article explores the most protected people in the world, as well as the reason why they are being safeguarded by all means.

The world is filled with hundreds of highly influential, powerful, and wealthy personalities. These are people that have not only written their names on the sands of time but have also made an impact and accomplished incredible feats in their fields.

As it should be, these important figures are highly protected. In fact, the protection is beyond able-bodied guards walking behind them. They have harnessed some of the best security expertise and technology to ensure their safety.

The 10 Most Protected People In The World

Not forgetting the fact that there are various wars ongoing in the world, a clear example is that of Russia and Ukraine, America and Afghanistan, e.t.c., those who mount the leadership posts have to be very security conscious hence the reason for their protection and their government will do everything possible to protect them.

The list of most protected people in the world features world leaders, business moguls, celebrities, politicians, monarchs and tech inventors.

Their lifestyles directly or indirectly influence the lives of millions of people around them either for good or the opposite and they make decisions on behalf of their people and the world at large.

Guarding them is in the best interest of the people they rule, influence, or people around them and this is why the policemen, guards, soldiers, and even special forces train for years and got scrutinized before being selected to sacrifice their lives to protect VIPs that needs the protection.

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Without taking much time let us dive into the topic of the day, who are the most protected people in the world?

The 10 Most Protected People In The World

In no particular order, here are the top 10 most protected people in the world:

1. Vladimir Putin: the most protected president

Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, runs his administration with the world’s best security strategy. He’s considered the most powerful person on earth, and also possesses the arsenal of the best nuclear weapons on the planet.

As one of the most significant political leaders in the world, Vladimir Putin is protected at all times by an elite security agency, as well as the country’s military. This is the reason Putin has been able to stay alive for so many years without getting harmed by his adversaries.

Taking into consideration the invasion of Ukraine by Putin there is no doubt many people want him dead and this is one of the reasons he needs to be well protected at least for the sake of those who believe in him and his decisions.

2. Donald Trump: the most protected billionaire

Aside from being a former president of the United States, Donald Trump is also a highly respected individual because of his billionaire status. As a multi-billionaire with numerous businesses across the world, Trump has an incredible security system that keeps him safe no matter where he’s located on the planet.

With a net worth of over $2.5 billion, he’s able to afford excellent security. During his administration as the president of the United States, he allegedly spent about $29 million yearly on security.

3. Kim Jong-Un: The Most Protected Dictator

North Korea’s dictator and president, Kim Jong-Un, has a security system that is as strong as steel. Known for its violent past, North Korea is one country always ready to defend itself from external attacks or threats.

When it comes to securing their leader, they highly prioritize it. Aside from Kim’s able-bodied security personnel that accompany him wherever he goes, he allegedly has a private army of about 120,000 highly trained soldiers. They are called the Supreme Guard Command and have been essentially set up to protect North Korea’s leader.

4. Pope Francis: most protected religious leader

Religious leaders across the world are held in high regard and love. But when it comes to Pope Francis, it’s beyond ordinary. As the leader of the Catholic Church globally, he’s highly protected.

He lives in Vatican City, one of the most armored cities in the world. His primary line of defense is the Pontifical Swiss Guard, an armed security agency that has been in existence for more than 500 years. It was founded under the mandate of Pope Julius II.

The Swiss Guard operates with some of the world’s most advanced weaponized technologies. They are very dedicated to protecting the pope at all costs, which makes Pope Francis the most protected religious leader in the world.

5. Xi Jinping: the most protected politician

The is the most guarded man in China. As the leader of one of the most powerful and advanced countries in the world, he’s well protected by an elite guard unit known as the Central Security Bureau.

Interestingly, this guard unit is a notoriously discreet agency. It is one of the best security outfits in the world. Many times, Xi Jinping has been attacked. In fact, he’s considered an important figure with the highest number of attacks. Hence, he needs to be protected exceptionally.

6. Mohamed Bin Salmán: The most protected Arab leader

On our list of the most protected people in the world, we have the well-respected Arab leader, Mohamed Bin Salmán. As the crown prince and deputy prime minister of Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s most resourceful nations, this powerful and influential man is protected at all times by an incredible force.

Millions of dollars are being spent yearly on his security, and over 20 billion goalies have been recently spent on the country’s defense system.

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Aside from his reputation as one of the world’s most protected persons, Mohamed Bin Salmán is also a very wealthy figure. He’s rumored to have some of the most expensive cars and mansions on earth.

7. Queen Elizabeth II: the most protected sovereign leader

One of the most powerful persons in the world, Queen Elizabeth II, is also on our list. Following the traditions of Great Britain, the queen is considered a very precious and invaluable treasure. Hence, she must be protected extremely. She has one of the world’s most impressive security forces known as the Queen’s Guard. These guards provide maximum security for the queen 24/7 and accompany her wherever she goes across the world.

8. Mark Zuckerberg: the most protected CEO

One of the richest men on earth, Mark Zuckerberg, is also one of the most protected people in the world. Although he’s known to be quite simple, he has a high fortified defense system that keeps him safe and protected all the time.

Speculations have it that Mark Zuckerberg spends about $9 million every year on security. That’s a pretty huge amount of money on security, especially for someone like Mark who is not known to live a luxurious life.

As we all know, he is the owner of Facebook now called Meta, he has the password to the database of billions of people in the world of which when compromised can lead to disaster, this is the reason why he needs extreme protection.

9. Floyd Mayweather Jr.: most protected athlete

Mayweather is not only one of the greatest boxers alive, he’s also one of the most protected people in the world. His security is so extreme that he’s now considered the most protected athlete.

To start with, you must understand that Mayweather is incredibly wealthy, so he has more than enough money to spend on personal security. By spending millions of dollars every year to protect himself, Mayweather is able to remain unharmed 24/7.

Moreover, he lives a very luxurious lifestyle, wearing watches worth millions of dollars and driving some of the world’s most luxurious cars. Hence, there’s no denying that such a person needs to be protected.

10. Prince Harry and Megan Markle: The world’s most protected couple

Prince Harry and Megan Markle used to be the most protected couple in the world until they renounced royalty. At the time, the security outfit in charge of this couple’s protection comprised over a thousand able-bodied and highly-skilled personnel who dedicated their working hours to protect the couple.

During the couple’s wedding, about $8.7 million was spent on securing the couple, as well as all the guests of the marriage ceremony.

Although Prince Harry and Megan Markle no longer use to have the extreme protection they once had, they are not like every other conventional couple. They are still well protected. As a matter of fact, their mansion is fortified and built to protect them.


Who is the most protected person in the world?

Queen Elizabeth II appears to be the most protected individual at the moment.

Is Vladimir Putin protected at all times?

With his recent decisions which resulted in the invasion of Ukraine Vladimir Putin is being guarded 24/7 and he is one of the most protected people on earth.

Who is the most protected athlete?

As of 2023, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is considered the most protected athlete in the world.

Final thoughts: the most protected people in the world

The aforementioned personalities are highly protected, not because they are just wealthy or influential, but due to their role in society. For example, Queen Elizabeth II is being protected at all times because she’s the sovereign leader of England. Failure to ensure her protection would result in unpleasant circumstances.

Top 10 Most Protected People In The World (Recap)

Below is the updated list of the most protected people in the world currently:

  • Vladimir Putin
  • Donald Trump
  • Kim Jong-Un
  • Pope Francis
  • Xi Jinping
  • Mohamed Bin Salmán
  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Floyd Mayweather Jr.
  • Prince Harry and Megan Markle

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