Terry Waya Biography & Net Worth Forbes: Cars, Houses and Family 

What is Terry Waya Net Worth? The full biography of Terry Waya, his net worth, mansions, children and every detailed information about the father of Kiddwaya the Ex-BBNaija housemate then you found yourself in the right place.

We all know that Terry Waya is the recent trending London-based business tycoon who became very popular in Nigeria after his son, Kiddwaya got involved in the famous Big Brother Naija Show 2020 Edition that held most Nigerians spellbound to the activities in the entertaining program.

The road to success can be different for individuals as no one expected Terry to be as wealthy as he is, he actually left home at a very young age and came back as a millionaire, now Terry Waya is a billionaire.

Without further ado, let us take a quick glance at Terry Waya profile:

Terry Waya Profile

Full Name:Terry Waya
Birth Place:Benue State
Date of Birth:3rd, May 1961
Age:60 years
Nationality:Nigerian (Benue)
Marital to:Edo Udoh
Net worth:$865 Million

Terry Waya Biography and Net Worth, Cars, Houses and Family 

Terry Waya is a well-recognized and respected London-based business tycoon and big-time investor whose reputation in the investment world cuts around the globe today.

The business giant was born on the 3rd of May, in Benue State. Currently, he is 60 years old.

Terry Waya Family

Terry Waya currently resides in London, which is like his permanent base but he is originally from Benue State, the Middle Belt region of Nigeria.

Although he is from Benue State, he used to live and carry out his business activities in Kaduna State. To state the fact, he and his family lived in Kaduna State for a long time, and his children grew up there.

After spending many years in Kaduna, where his sons also actively assisted him in his business, he relocated to Abuja with his family. While in Abuja, he began to experience exponential growth in his business due to the social life and friendship he had with soldiers there.

Personal Life

Who is the Wife of Terry Waya?

Although there is scanty information about the private life of Terry Waya, but I assure you that we know a few things about him.

The businessman, Terry Waya is currently married to Edo Udoh who was actually the former wife of the popular businessman “Bisi Olafisoye.” According to known sources, her marriage terminated with her former husband, ‘Bisi Olafisoye’ over some irreconcilable differences. Later she moved on with her life and the charming Terry Waya took her as his wife and so their love affair blossomed. She is from the South-South part of Nigeria and a society woman.

Who are his Close Friends and Associates?

He is known to have a close friendship with the Nigerian Senator, Dino Malaye and Dele Momodu. He was spotted at the Senator’s residence when he paid a condolence visit to him over the death of his mother.

Terry Waya is known in social circles as an unrepentant partying fellow. He is mostly seen in the company of elites, governors, senators and the like. In one publication, he once boasted that he only drinks bottled water from Paris!

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Reactions: Kiddawaya Joining Big Brother Naija

At first, when Terry Waya became aware that his son, ‘Kiddwaya’, was making plans to join the Big Brother Naija show, he didn’t support him. According to him, he wasn’t a fan of the show and he disclosed that he didn’t know what the show was all about. So the whole idea was something he knew nothing about. This is the reason why he refused to support him, at first.

The son who was in charge of everything in his family was Kidawaya. He was like his daddy’s personal assistant. He represented Terry Waya in some events and occasions; he was the one who usually goes to pay the school fees of his siblings. Truly, he was in charge of everything in the family.

So when Kidawaya got involved with the Big Brother Naija activities,  his absence was obviously noticed because his presence had much value at home.

At that time when Kidawaya left the house, Terry Waya asked of his son’s whereabouts and was told that the young man had traveled to Lagos in Nigeria.

When Kidawaya returned home, his father ‘Terry’ demanded that he isolates himself for two weeks. He was following the covid-19 guidelines.

Then, finally, Kidawaya broke the news to his father about his interest to join the Big Brother Naija Show 2020 Edition.

At first, Terry refused to grant his son permission because he left without taking permission from him. Later, Kidawaya had to pass through his dad’s close friends and uncles so as to help him persuade his dad. After much persuasion from his relatives and friends as regards the issue, he permitted Kidawaya to join the show.

Even while Kidawaya was in isolation, he made calls to his uncles and family friends to discuss the matter with the father.

He disclosed that if he didn’t get his father’s blessings, he wouldn’t have gone ahead to join the Big Brother Naija Show.

The business tycoon revealed that while he was at his son’s age, his own parents had no knowledge of his whereabouts, so he permitted Kidawaya and gave him his blessings to do whatever he desires in that regard.

At some point in the BBN house, some Nigerians rumored that Terry Waya was doing all he can to buy support for his son but the rumor was denied.

What Are Terry Waya Social Media Handles?

Most people, globally are connected to social media as it’s the biggest and most vital communication tool of this Information Age. There is hardly any businessman who doesn’t use social media accounts these days.

Terry Waya is active in various known Social Media, and he has lots of followers.

His Instagram account is the social media platform where he is very active. You can find most of his videos and photos on Instagram. Read below and find the various social media handles of Terry Waya.


You can reach him with the Instagram handle, @terrywaya

He is followed by over 150k followers on the Instagram platform and the numbers keep increasing daily.


In 2014, he joined Twitter with the handle @terrywaya. He has 8k followers on the platform

Between his two social media accounts, he is very active on Instagram and they remain the only two social media platforms on which he can be found where he usually uploads amazing photos so his growing number of followers can find pleasure in viewing.

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Terry Waya’s Friends

The businessman is well known to have the elites of Nigeria in his friends’ circle. Some years ago, during his birthday, he was seen with about ten governors around him in London.

As a top investor and businessman, Terry Waya has many top politicians as friends.

He has a closeness with the likes of Senator Dino Melaye, Dele Momudu and many other elite Nigerians.  Most people think he is into politics. But he isn’t. Although he is very close to politicians and men who influence the political sphere in Nigeria, he isn’t an active politician.

Terry Waya Birthday

As we have stated earlier, Terry Waya was born on the 3rd of May 1961 and he had his birthday celebrated on the 3rd of May 2021 with a lot of dignitaries in attendance.

Also, his children are very much around and Kiddwaya was seen very active during the celebration of his father’s birthday.

Some of the dignitaries that graced Terry Waya’s birthday are Gbajabiamila the Speaker of the House of Representatives of Nigeria, the ex-governor of Delta State James Ibori, ex-governor of Abia State Orji Uzor Kalu and many top politicians.

As you can see Terry Waya move with prominent people in the country which is enough to give you an idea of how wealthy he is and the influence he has.

Terry’s Controversies

Over the years, he has been involved with the controversial issue of money laundering allegation in London where he was arrested in 2005 over allegations of money laundering at his mansion in North London. He was released later.

Terry Waya Cars

The business tycoon’s car collection is not known to the public. Although you can find several top-notch photos he often posts in his social media timelines, we can’t ascertain the actual sort of cars he owns.

When we are able to capture this, we will update this post.

Terry Waya Mansions

Although we have not seen the full view of his mansions, we have been informed from valid sources that he owns several beautiful mansions in England and Nigeria with modern facilities which are said to be worth millions of dollars.

Often times he has been spotted having fun in several top-notch European resorts and hotels.

Terry Waya Private Jet

Lots of people usually ask if the businessman has a private jet. Well, we can’t actually ascertain if he owns a private jet. But what we know is that he can afford a private jet because he is worth millions of dollars. As time goes, we will come up with information as regards this and update it here.

Terry Waya Net Worth

Is Terry Waya a very rich Nigerian billionaire? Is he listed among the top Nigerian billionaires?

Well, he is likely to be among the list of top Nigerian billionaires as he is a very successful businessman and an influential socialite with various huge streams of wealth connected to him across the globe. It is known that he gets profits of millions of dollars on a regular basis.

He is estimated to be worth a whopping $865 Million as his Net worth.

Some people claim that he is somewhat higher than the estimated Net worth.

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Final Thoughts

As we know, Terry  Waya began trending online when his son, Kidawaya joined the Big Brother Naija Show. Since then, many people search for the man online, especially in Nigeria. So we decided to gather information about him to enlighten you more about him.

If you come across any information which you know regarding his Net worth, feel free to let us know. And as more information unfolds about the billionaire businessman Terry Waya, we will update you.

Feel free to drop your comments. We value it.

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