Swae Lee Net Worth 2023 Forbes: Bio, Age, Career, Girlfriend & Facts

Swae Lee’s biography, girlfriend, real name, and other facts are what you will read in this article. If you are curious about how Swae Lee became famous or how he got his name, this article is best to let you into the rapper’s life and history.

A lot of information about Swae Lee that is hidden and hard to find on the internet will be critically examined, as an outstanding rapper it is important to write about Swae Lee’s net worth and his full biography.

Before delving into the full biography of Swae Lee we will like you to glance through a piece of brief information about him, below is the profile of Swae Lee.

Swae Lee Profile

Full Name:Khalif Malix Ibm Shaman Brown
Nickname:Swae Lee
Date of Birth:June 7, 1993
Place of Birth:Inglewood, California, USA
Age:27 years
Girlfriend:Marliesia Ortiz
Profession:Singer, Songwriter & Rapper
Genre:Hip hop, Trap, Pop, R&B
Career Status:Active from 2008
Height:5′ 8″ (173 cm)
Weight:149.9 lbs (68kg)
Net Worth$35 million

Who is Swae Lee?

Swae Lee is an African-American songwriter, singer, and rapper. Swae Lee’s real name is Khalif Malix Ibm Shaman Brown was born in Inglewood, California. He is popular with a hip-hop duo Rae Sremmund and his brother, Slimm Jxmmi whom he usually collaborates with. The 5 times Grammy award nominee is also known as ‘Kid Krunk’ or ‘Kid the Great’ or ‘iHipster Lee’ by fans.

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Continue to read Swae lee biography to find out more about Swae Lee’s net worth in 2023, his songs, and other interesting information.

Swae Lee Family Background and Education

Khalif Malix Ibm Shaman Brown who is also fondly called Swae Lee by fans was born on June 7, 1993. He was born in Inglewood in California by Bernadette Walker, a single mother who worked in the US Army.  His father Floyd Sullivan separated from his mother at a tender age.

Although he was born in California, the professional rapper grew up in Tupelo Mississippi in Atlanta, Georgia with his brother. Swae Lee has two brothers; Slim Jxmmi whom he sings together with and Micheal Bro. They were single-handedly raised by their mother which makes their childhood to be quite difficult.

Swae Lee and his brother, Slim Jxmmi started doing music while attending Tupelo high school. They started playing for parties and other local shows while developing their musical skills.

The two of them with another local rapper, Lil Partz formed a band called “Dem Outta St8 Boyz”. Although they didn’t get a lot of recognition, they were playing for shows as well as uploading videos on YouTube.

After high school, the two brothers make use of abandoned houses and squat as their single mother was poor. So, they were homeless, until they moved to Atlanta as advised by P-Natsy before they started getting little recognition.

Musical Career

Of course, Swae Lee is a professional rapper, songwriter, and singer. Although his musical experience started when he was in school with his brother Slim Jxmmi and another rapper. Not until when he moved to Georgia in Atlanta before he started his musical career officially.

He got started by getting signed to Ear Drummers Entertainment, the Mike Will Made It’s Label in 2013. Under this label, he was able to produce 3 studio albums titled ‘SremmLife’, ‘SremmLife 2’, and ‘SR3MM’. Apart from the EarDrummers label, he has also worked with the Interscope label and currently with SremmLife Label.

In the March of 2015, he sang his first solo when he featured on ‘Bank on Us’. A month later in September, he featured in another song with Wiz Khalifa Bun which ranked No. 83 on Billboard Hot 100.

Further, he got featured in another song ‘Unforgettable’ with French Montana in which the song ranked No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in November 2017. Swae Lee also got featured in another album in September 2018 with Jheme Aiko on the album titled ‘Sativa’. Two months after, he released a song with Trippie Redd, another rapper which was titled ‘TR66’.

Khalif Malix Ibm Shaman Brown’s debut album ‘Swaecation’ which he announced in 2016 was released finally on the 4th of May, 2018. The famous rapper is known widely for his melodious tone and hooks which is why he is referred to as the Sony bird of our generation.

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His vocal prowess is lit and that is why in most of his collaborations, he seems to be the one in charge of the softer melody of the song. While his brother, Slim Jxmmi, or another collaborator handles another rapping melody. Most of these songs that Khalif Malix Ibm Shaman Brown has featured in or sang either falls under Hip-Hop, Rap, trap pop, or R&B.

Many fans kept asking how did Swae Lee become famous?. The popular rapper did not become that popular suddenly. He has started putting in the work since when he was young. Although he got noticed and his fame rose when he collaborated with Post Malone in singing a song titled ‘Sunflower’.

Fortunately, the song was used in the production of Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse which aids the popularity of the song. This song ranked highly on the Billboard Hot 100 making it Brown’s first song and Post Malone’s third song to top the Billboard as a soloist.

In October 2018, he collaborated with Ellie Goulding and Diplo in the production of a song titled ‘Close to Me’. Another collaboration work was with Lil Pump and Maluma in producing Tentacion songs titled ‘Arms Around You’.

Another album Brown was involved in is ‘Crave’ with Madonna which was part of the song in the Album ‘Madame X’. He also featured a popular artist and rapper, Drake in one of his songs titled ‘Won’t Be Late’ which was produced by no one other than Mike Will and Tekno. He was also featured in a show, the 88 rising’s Walking with other artists like Joji, Jackson Wang, and Major Lazer.

Some other collaborations he was involved in includes ‘Someone said’ a reworked version of ‘Sicko Mode’ by Travis Scott, ‘Catch Up’ with Chloe and Halle. Finally, on June 18, 2020, he released another single which he titled ‘Reality Check’ after featuring on the remix of Roxanne, Arizona Zervas’s hit song.

Thus, it is easy to say Swae Lee has contributed to the production of many singles. Some of which he was a lead artist and his own while some are just contributions to others’ music.

Songs & Album

Swae Lee has featured in a lot of songs, some of which he sang alone or collaborated with others to produce. Below is the list of Swae lee’s song and album.


  • Sweacation
  • Human Nature


  • Hurt to Look
  • Guatemala
  • Sunflower
  • Better to Lie
  • Christmas at Swae’s
  • Crave
  • Sextasy
  • Won’t Be Late
  • Out of Your Mind
  • Roxanne
  • Someone Said
  • Reality Check
  • Be Like That
  • Watching
  • Krabby Step
  • Too Bizarre

Relationship and Lifestyle

Even though Swae Lee is a popular singer, he tries to avoid controversy. He has a huge follower on Instagram and was once dragged on Twitter when he made mention that he will like to date Barack Obama’s daughter, Malia.

The rapper and a one-time Lyricist of the year is also a tattoo lover who has the same drawn over his body. Swae Lee age is currently 27 years as he was born on the 7th of June 1993. Also, he is 5′ 8″ tall which is about 173 cm. Swae lee weight is about 149.9 lbs which are about 68kg.

Swae Lee’s current girlfriend is Marliesia Ortiz, an Instagram model. The report gathered shows that they have been dating for some time now. Although only little is known about their relationship, it clarifies some rumors that say Swae Lee is gay. Even though he is not married yet, the famous rapper is not gay as he is currently in a committed relationship.

Awards and Recognition

Swae Lee net worth and Bio wouldn’t have been complete without his rewards or his nominations. Brown is not only a famous rapper but also a 5 times Grammy Nominee. He has been nominated for many awards even though he didn’t win any yet. Below is the list of his Nominations.

He got nominated in:

  • 2016 for “Formation” (as a songwriter) by Ashford & Simpson Songwriter’s Award
  • 2017 as the Songwriter of the Year
  • 2017 for “Formation” as a songwriter of Song of the Year
  • 2019 for “Sicko Mode” with Travis Scott and Big Hawk as the Best Rap Performance
  • 2019 for “Sunflower (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) as the “Choice R&B/Hip-Hop Song
  • 2019 for “Sicko Mode” with Travis Scott and Big Hawk as the Best Rap Song
  • 2020 for “Sunflower” with Post Malone as the Record of the Year
  • 2020 for “Sunflower” with Post Malone as the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

Swae Lee Houses and Cars

Swae Lee currently owns a house in Los Angeles, California which he bought from an actor, Jonathan Frakes and his wife. There are no details about the different cars owned by the popular rapper even though we all know he has many.

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Swae Lee Net Worth

Swae Lee net worth in 2023 is estimated to be $35 million. Taking into consideration of Swae Lee’s house which is located in the Los Angeles suburbs and other assets which he owned.

Swae Lee Contact

Swae Lee phone number isn’t made available on the internet but you can always reach him through his various social media handles.

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Is Swae Lee dead?

Swae Lee is still very much alive, there may be different rumors about his being alive or dead but he is not dead.

Is Swae Lee still alive?

Swae Lee is alive and doing great exploits.

What is Swae Lee nationality?

Swae Lee is an African-American but his nationality is American.

How did Swae Lee become famous?

Swae Lee came into the limelight after he collaborated with Post Malone in singing a song titled Sunflower.

What is Swae Lee’s real name?

Swae Lee real name is Khalif Malix Ibm Shaman Brown. He is fondly called Swae Lee by fans was born on June 7, 1993.

How old is Swae Lee?

Swae Lee is currently 27 years old. He was born on June 7, 1993, in Inglewood, California by Bernadette Walker to a single mother.

Who is Swae Lee currently dating?

Swae Lee’s current girlfriend is Marliesia Ortiz, an Instagram model. The report gathered shows that they have been dating for some time now.

Is Swae Lee gay?

Not confirmed. Swae Lee is currently in a relationship with Instagram model Marliesia Ortiz.

Is Swae Lee married?

Swae Lee is not yet married, though he is in a serious relationship with his girlfriend, Marliesia Ortiz.

What genre of music do Swae Lee sing?

Swae Lee is a Hip hop singer, he also sings R&B, a rapper, and sings Pop.

Some say Swae Lee is a better artist than Drake and deserve some Grammy Awards, Do you agree with that? Make use of the comment box below to air your opinion.

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