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Who is Susan Nilsson? This article is focused on Susan Nilsson biography, Susan Nilsson net worth, husband Andrew Neil, career, age, height, weight, family, and other facts about Susan Nilsson.

Susan Nilsson Is a revered engineer, environmental consultant, and communications expert. She was born In Sweden, where she schooled and began her. She’s famously known for being the wife of Andrew Neil – a prominent Scottish Journalist and Broadcaster. He’s a well-respected media personality in his home country.

Andrew began his career in journalism and broadcasting immediately after he completed his college education. After a few years, he gained prominence after he became an editor of “The Sunday Times”.

He served as an editor from 1983 -1994. Later on, he became the founding chairman of Sky TV and also contributed to the success of Murdoch’s News Corporation. Currently, he is working with BBC even though he now has his own establishment in the media space.

Susan Nilsson went into wedlock with her husband in 2015. It was a private marriage ceremony that entertained a few friends and family members. As a matter of fact, many of Andrew Neil’s followers believe it was a secret wedding because the coupled didn’t announce that they would be getting married. It was a few days after they had wedded that Andrew Neil took to social media to announce their union by posting their wedding pictures.

Susan Nilsson Biography Profile

Susan Nilsson Profile

Full Name:Susan Nilsson
Date of Birth:1972
Age:49 Years Old
Birth Place:Sweden
Height:5 feet 8 inches tall
Weight:65 KG
Education:Elite University (Economics)
Marital Status:Married (August 2015)
Spouse:Andrew Ferguson Neil
Occupation:Engineer, Environmental Consultant, and Communications Expert
Net Worth:$1 million

With the profile above you must be anxious about knowing more about this topic – Susan Nilsson biography and net worth, we won’t deny you that, join us as we uncover more information about Susan Nilsson.

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Susan Nilsson Education

Susan Nilsson isn’t a popular and controversial figure who has given out detailed information about her educational background. The specific names of the elementary school, high school, and college she attended are unknown. Notwithstanding, it is safe to say that Susan Nilsson is an educated and academically sound woman. Having completed her high school education, she proceeded to the university where she bagged a degree in economics.


As an environmental consultant and communications expert, Susan Nilsson has had a satisfying career so far. Although there isn’t so much information in regards to the specific organizations she has worked with, Susan Nilsson has been hired by several large establishments in Sweden. Owing to the fact that she’s a competent woman in her field, he has received multiple appreciation awards and commendations from the brands she has worked with throughout her career.

Originally, one would expect Susan Nilsson to pursue a career in economics-related fields since she majored in economics while in college. But interestingly, she has chosen a different career path. Perhaps she’s doing what she’s passionate about, and that’s what matters.

Susan Nilsson Age and Height

Susan Nilsson is not as old as many people have presumed. She’s a very beautiful woman, having a nice body figure that makes her look quite attractive. Born in the year 1972, she should be 49 in 2021 even though she appears to be someone in her 30s. The specific age of her husband is not certain but everyone knows for sure that he’s way older than his wife, Susan Nilsson.

As a career person, this beautiful woman is known to have attained certain heights. However, it didn’t all happen overnight. Susan Nilsson had been chasing her career path since her 20s. At the time she met her husband in 2010, she had already built a successful career for herself.

Susan Nilsson is reasonably tall. With a height of 5 feet 8 inches, she’s considered a pretty tall woman.

Susan Nilsson’s Family

Owing to the fact that Susan Nilsson hasn’t uncovered much about her personal life, the media barely knows anything about her family members. There’s no record of who her parents or siblings are, and where they even reside. The only known family member of Susan Nilsson that everyone is conversant with, is her darling husband, Andrew Neil.

Susan Nilsson Husband

Who is Susan Nilsson boyfriend? Who is Susan Nilsson dating? Who is Susan Nilsson Husband? Susan Nilsson is not dating anyone as she is happily married to her husband Andrew Ferguson Neil on the 8th of August 2015 in a secrete wedding which took place in France.

Their love journey started in 2010 and the relationship pans for over 5 years before they decided to tie the knot, the couples are not known to have any children, if they do have one then they did a big job keeping that discrete as they are both very popular so keeping such information out of the media will be difficult.

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Susan Nilsson Net Worth

Susan Nilsson net worth is currently pegged at $1 million. Just like some successful persons in the world today, Susan Nilsson doesn’t reveal much about herself and her endeavors to the public. Even information about her parents and siblings can’t be found online or on the news. She obviously prefers to stay unnoticed.

People get to know a few things about her because she’s married to a popular man. As for her net worth, Susan has not specifically stated what she’s worth. But based on how her career and ventures have been observed and studied, it is believed that Susan Nilsson is worth about $1 million. She could be worth more than a million dollars because her husband is quite wealthy as well and Susan Nilsson biography wouldn’t be complete without this.

Facts About Susan Nilsson

Like every other important figure, there are a few interesting facts about Susan Nilsson. To start with, let’s briefly delve into how her relationship with her husband began. Susan Nilsson started dating her husband in 2010. Before she even made an acquaintance with him, she didn’t regard him as a celebrity or adore him on the screen like most people. After dating him for five years, the couple decided it was time for them to tie the knot.

Another intriguing fact about Susan Nilsson is that there is little or no connection between her educational background and her career. She majored in economics in the university but the career path she chose doesn’t correlate with economics.

Lastly, Susan Nilsson is an ardent fan of Mexican food. Although great food is made in Sweden, she enjoys Mexican cuisine passionately.


Is Susan Nilsson a businesswoman?

Susan Nilsson is not known to own, operate, or manage any business. Although she works with other businesses, that doesn’t mean she’s an entrepreneur.

Is Susan Nilsson an American?

Susan Nilsson is not an American. She’s Swedish. She was born and brought up in Sweden by her Swedish parents. Although Susan Nilsson doesn’t really have a Swedish accent, she’s a native of Sweden.

Does Susan Nilsson have children?

There is no information about Susan Nilsson and her husband having children together, although it would be difficult for the couple to conceal the fact that they have children if they really have one.

How much is Susan Nilsson’s husband worth?

Susan Nilsson’s husband, Andrew Neil, has not specifically revealed his net worth to the public. Nevertheless, if his assets are looked at, one can easily calculate his net worth into millions of dollars.

Is Susan Nilsson’s husband an actor?

Andrew Neil, Susan Nilsson’s husband, is not involved in the film industry. He doesn’t act, neither does he have anything to do with film production and distribution.


Susan Nilsson may not be regarded as one of the richest career persons in her home country, but there is no denying that she is doing well for herself. As an environmental consultant, this woman has served numerous organizations and personal brands, thereby creating a name for herself.

Even though her husband is quite a successful person, Susan Nilsson’s success can’t be tied to her husband’s. The reason for this is that she had always been a hard-working woman who had reached a significant stage in her career even before she met her husband.

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