Sarah Jakes Roberts Net Worth: Bio, Age, Husband & Facts

Who is Sarah Jakes Roberts? Meet Sarah Jakes Roberts the daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes. This article is centered on Sarah Jakes Roberts biography, Sarah Jakes Roberts net worth, Age, career, love life, height, weight and every other fact you need to know about Sarah Jakes.

You must have heard about Sarah Jakes Roberts who happens to be the daughter of the renowned American bishop, author and filmmaker – Bishop T.D. Jakes, if not then you need to read this through to know more about her.

For Sarah Jakes Roberts fans that are interested in knowing every detail about their favorite celebrity, we have compiled a well-researched article about Sarah Jakes.

Without further ado, let us take you through a glance view of Sarah Jakes profile before delving into the full biography and net worth of Sarah Jakes Roberts.

Sarah Jakes Roberts Profile

Sarah Jakes Roberts Profile

Full Name:Sara Jakes Roberts
Date of Birth:July 17, 1988
Age:34 Years Old
Birth Place:United States of America
Education:Texas Christian University
Marital Status:Married
Spouse:Touré Roberts
Occupation:Writer, Author, Pastor, & Motivational Speaker
Net Worth:$15 million

Who is Sarah Jakes Roberts?

Born on the 17th of July, 1988, Sarah Jakes Roberts was raised in an African-American family in the United States of America. As a child, she grew up in West Virginia, where she spent most of her childhood and completed her early education.

Unlike many kids, she was exceptionally brilliant and good with her academics. At the age of 16, this young girl completed her high school education and proceeded to college almost immediately.

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Sarah Jakes Roberts age

Sarah Jakes Roberts age is currently 33 years as she was born in 1988. She is still a very young woman, still journeying on her path to building a legacy, creating impact, and establishing goodwill. Despite the fact that she’s still young, Sarah Jakes Roberts has been able to successfully attain multiple milestones that other grown adults are even yet to accomplish.

She’s married to a handsome and supportive husband who backs up her aspirations and helps facilitate her pastoral career. She also has beautiful and intelligent kids. It’s not uncommon to find 33-year-olds who haven’t achieved any of these things. In a nutshell, Sarah is undoubtedly successful and blessed.


Sarah Jakes Robbert is a smart and intelligent lady, she attended her basic education in the United States where she is from and also proceeded to High School.

After graduating from high school in flying colors she furthered her education to the higher institution “Texas Christian University, Fort Worth” to be precise where she bagged a degree in Journalism.


As stated earlier Sarah Jakes is a famous personality and all this didn’t just happen so the biography and net worth of Sarah Jakes Roberts will not be complete without talking about her career, how she became a media sensation and the choice of many young people.

While in school, Sarah wasn’t sure if she would even become a prominent personality later on. But after completing her college education in Texas, she began building a revered career for herself by writing her first book, and then went on to publish other books, which are focused on Christianity and self-development.

As a successful author, Sarah Jakes Roberts had opportunities to speak at events and even in media houses. At this point, she was certain of the famous personality she would become. Fortunately for Sarah, when she decided to tie the knot, she went into wedlock with a young and handsome African American man who was in total support of her career and aspirations. As devout Christians, both of them went on to become pastors years later.

As of today, Sarah Jakes Robert and her husband, Touré Roberts, are lead pastors at The Potter’s House in Los Angeles and Denver. They currently head both churches, overseeing several pastors and Christian workers.

Aside from their pastoral work in the church, Sarah and her loving husband are also committed to helping lives across the United States. They reach out to people who are struggling with emotions, negative beliefs, addiction, as well as those who are struggling with their faith as Christians. This is not just a goal she embraced when she became a much older adult. She had been empathetic and caring towards people.

Sarah Jakes Roberts’ husband

Sarah Jakes Roberts is married to Touré Roberts. The couple’s wedding took place in November 2014. It wasn’t an elaborate or lavish marriage ceremony. Everything was done moderately, as they accommodated a reasonable number of family and friends who came to join the celebration. The couple didn’t have their first child until two years after they had wed.

Before Sarah married her husband, she wasn’t so passionate about becoming a pastor, let alone being the lead pastor of a big church. But as fate would have it, her husband who had been a pastor, inspired her to get involved in pastoral duties.

Although Sarah’s father is also a very successful pastor, she became more interested in pastoral care after she met and tied the knot with pastor Touré Roberts, her husband. Currently, they are now lead pastors of a church in Los Angeles, as well as Denver.

Sarah Jakes Roberts Family

Sarah Jakes Robbert is the beautiful daughter of Bishop T.D Jakes (Bishop Thomas Jakes Sr), her mother goes by the name Serita Jakes. As well known Bishop T.D Jakes is a pastor, author, filmmaker and also motivational speaker while Sarah Jakes mother Serita Jakes is an actress.

Sarah has four siblings Cora Jakes-Coleman, Thomas Dexter Jakes jr., Jamar Jakes, and Jermaine Jakes. All of them are doing well in their various line of profession.

Sarah Jakes Roberts’ Net Worth

Sarah Jakes Roberts net worth is currently estimated to be $15 million. Sarah Jakes Roberts is a multimillionaire in dollars and her wealth is attributed to her publication, income from her church and also from her dad.

Sarah Jakes Roberts is surprisingly wealthy. Most of her wealth is connected to her father, who’s one of the richest pastors alive. Aside from her venture as an author and speaker, she doesn’t have any known businesses within and outside the United States. This is why it’s very easy to assume that she derived most of her fortune from her father.

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Her father too didn’t start as a business owner. Even to this day, the sources of his wealth are not connected to any business. Sarah’s father became wealthy when his career as a pastor skyrocketed in the United States. His church has grown massively, as he has a very large number of followers across the world.

Sarah Jakes Photos (Gallery)

Below are some Sarah Jakes Roberts pictures:

Video Of Sarah Jakes Roberts

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Facts about Sarah Jakes Robert

There are a couple of unpopular facts about Sarah Jakes Roberts that will make you marvel. Some of these facts about Sarah portray certain desirable values, while some don’t. To begin with, let’s observe her childhood.

Although Sarah Jakes Robert now has a fulfilled and flourishing life, her childhood was filled with a couple of great setbacks that threatened her future. At the of 13, naive and young Sarah was impregnated by her then-boyfriend. This was a very difficult time for herself and her family. Her father was quite disappointed and didn’t know if he was to overlook her mistake and accept her. Fortunately, Sarah was taken care of by her family. Her mother and father were supportive.

When the pregnancy was due, she welcomed a baby boy at the age of fourteen. But surprisingly, Sarah didn’t let this mistake impede her education. She completed her high school and went on to bag her first college degree.

Another intriguing fact about Sarah Jakes Robert has to do with her father. Her father is the world-renowned Bishop T.D. Jakes, known for his motivational and authoritative style of preaching the gospel. He is currently one of the world’s richest and most popular pastors. It is safe to say that Sarah’s success today can be attributed to her father’s.

On September 24th, 2022 at the final Woman conference, Bishop T.D. Jakes handed the reins of his successful women’s-empowerment ministry “Women Thou Art Loosed!” to his daughter, Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts in Atlanta.

Lastly, you’d be surprised to know that Sarah Jakes Robert had been married to someone else before. Touré Roberts isn’t the first man she has tied the knot with. She initially married Robert Henson who happens to be an NFL sportsman and linebacker for the Washington Football Team  when she was 19 years of age. But sadly, the marriage hit the rocks and they had to separate after four years. After several years of staying single, she met her knight in shining armor, Touré Roberts, to whom she eventually got married.


Does Sarah Jakes Roberts have her own church?

Although Sarah Jakes Roberts is the lead pastor at The Potter’s House church in Los Angeles and Denver, she is not the founder. Her father, Bishop T.D. Jakes is the founder of the church. But since the church has grown greatly, having different branches across the United States, Sarah’s father appointed her to head the branch in Los Angeles and Denver. She currently co-pastors these churches with her husband, Touré Roberts.

How many times has Sarah Jakes Roberts been married?

Sarah Jakes Roberts has been married twice. Sarah Jakes Roberts wasn’t lucky enough in her first marriage. She divorced her first husband after experiencing a lot of marital setbacks. She got acquainted with her current husband, Touré Roberts in 2014.

Is Sarah Jakes Roberts an American?

Sarah Jakes Roberts was born in the United States, and as a result, she is absolutely a citizen of the country. Moreover, her father, Bishop T.D. Jakes is also an American. He was born and raised in the country as well.

Was Sarah Jakes Roberts’ first husband a pastor?

Sarah Jakes Roberts first husband is not a pastor. As a matter of fact, he wasn’t even close to anything that involved pastoral care.

Sarah Jakes Robert Social Media Handles

For every old and new fan of Sarah Jakes you definitely wish you can reach her through any possible means this is the reason why we have collected her verified social media handles. She is known to be active and luckily you can have a chat with her.

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Sarah Jakes Robert is one of the young Black American women creating an impact and making a difference in the world today. Even though her life hasn’t played out perfectly, was optimistic and persistent to make the thrives today. With support from her loving husband as well as her father, Sarah is doing well for herself as an author, pastor, and speaker in the United States.

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