Sarah Illustrates Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Ethnicity, Boyfriend, Biography & Facts 2023

Who is Sarah Illustrates?

Sarah Illustrates is an acclaimed and well-loved internet personality whose profession revolves around captivating audiences online.

She has gained immense popularity through her entertaining content shared across various social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

Sarah Illustrates Wikipedia Profile

Full NameSarah Illustrates
Known AsSarah
Date of BirthFebruary 16, 1996
Age27 years (As of 2023)
Birth PlaceAustralia
EthnicityAustralian-Filipinos Mixed
Current LocationAustralia
Net worth$500,000

Early Life and Education

Sarah Illustrates was born on February 16, 1996, in the United States of America.

Currently 27 years old, she keeps most details about her parents, siblings, and childhood private.

Sarah Illustrates

However, one thing has remained constant throughout her life.

Her passion for art and drawing, started when she was just a young child. Growing up, Sarah attended a local school in her hometown, and her artistic abilities flourished.

Recognizing her talent, she decided to further hone her skills and enrolled in a prestigious college, where she pursued a degree in graphic design.

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Sarah Illustrates began her career as a talented graphic designer, working on various projects for different clients.

In addition to her professional work, she established her own website, where she proudly displays her portfolio and offers her captivating artwork for sale.

However, it was her foray into TikTok in 2019 that truly catapulted her to fame and garnered immense popularity.

Collaborating with her husband, Alex, she started sharing humorous and relatable videos on their joint TikTok account, @alexillustrates.

This account has now gathered about 1.2 million fans, who have shown their appreciation with over 25 million likes, as of July 2023.

Sarah also maintains another TikTok account, @sarahillustrates, which serves as a more personal and artistic platform for her content.

Her second account has attracted over 200,000 followers, who eagerly await her unique and authentic posts.

Expanding her reach further, Sarah Illustrates has established a presence on YouTube, where she uploads a variety of entertaining videos, including vlogs, challenges, pranks, and reactions, often featuring her husband. Although her YouTube channel currently has 674 subscribers, her engaging content continues to captivate and draw in new viewers.

Not limiting herself to TikTok and YouTube, Sarah actively shares her stunning photography, illustrations, and stories on Instagram.

Her Instagram account, @_sarahillustrates, boasts an impressive following of over 10,000 devoted fans, who eagerly engage with her artistic endeavors.

Parents & Siblings

Sarah Illustrates values her privacy and has chosen to keep her personal life under wraps, particularly when it comes to her parents and siblings.

Consequently, there is limited information available about them online.

Nevertheless, sources indicate that Sarah is of mixed Australian-Filipino heritage, indicating that her parents originate from the Philippines while she was born in Australia.

Boyfriend, Husband & Relationships

Sarah Illustrates and Alex is only happily married but also partners in crime on social media.

Their journey began with dating for a few years and culminated in a joyous wedding in 2018.

Their relationship is built on a strong and loving bond, which is evident from the way they frequently feature each other in their videos.

Net worth

As of 2023, Sarah Illustrates has amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $500,000.

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