Here is the comprehensive list of the 10 wealthiest yahoo yahoo boys in Nigeria, our list features the stinking rich guys and those that possess the best rides and flaunt their wealth on social media and that has also been the talk of the town in Nigeria and beyond.

Though it will be wrong or improper to call the title of this article “The Wealthiest Internet Fraudsters in Nigeria” because they ain’t guilty until found guilty by a court of law.

Nevertheless, we have some immensely rich boys in Nigeria that are not so vocal i.e they don’t flaunt their wealth and it makes it difficult for you to tag them as yahoo boys, some don’t even have social media presence.

The ones listed in this post are well-known yahoo boys and they have made names for themselves, even have good social media presence which serves as an avenue for them to showcase their wealth (cars, lavish lifestyle, monies, drinks, rides, etc).

They are called alleged yahoo guys in Nigeria mainly because the source of their wealth is shady or unknown. You might have been wondering what yahoo yahoo means or who a yahoo boy is. Let us quickly shed some lights into that;

Who is a Yahoo boy? 

A Yahoo Boy or yahoo yahoo boy is a person either male or female who illegally swindles people of their hard-earned money or an individual that engages in fraudulent activities. These guys are also called hustlers, Gee Boy, YY, Yahoo Yahoo, 419, Gee and so on. The word “Yahoo Boy” is coined from the popular Yahoo, mainly because they make use of fake yahoo email accounts to connect with their victims, though they have moved far beyond that and are now using other social media accounts like Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, Twitter and so on for fraudulent activities.

As we all know, the internet is a vast space which gives everyone the opportunity to make money even at the comfort of your home, you can also learn how to make money on the internet, but in the case of the yahoo boys, they don’t go through legitimate methods.

The Gee boys make use of the internet with various scamming formats to dupe their victims which they might have initially started a friendly relationship with, and then after gaining their trust they strike and vanish into thin air. Most of their victims are usually investors, entrepreneurs, widows, widowers and so on.

After successfully scamming their victims then you see them lavish the money, buying cars, spending on wine, prostitutes and so on, it is known that most of them don’t even utilize the money properly.

Without further ado, let us take an insightful look at the top 10 yahoo boys in Nigeria and their pictures:

Top 10 Richest Yahoo Boys In Nigeria 2023

#1. Ray HushPuppi – $480,200,000

Ray HushPuppi is the richest yahoo boy in Nigeria there’s no doubt about that, he stands out mainly because of his popularity and wealth which he can’t do without displaying on his social media accounts especially his Instagram account.

The majority of African bloggers are following him on his social handles and blog about every update he makes, not that alone, HushPuppi is a friend to other rich people like politicians and other celebrities and even was a brand ambassador for Gucci according to him.

Hushpuppi Cars

Based on history, Ray HushPuppi is from poor family background and all of a sudden becomes rich not long after visiting Malaysia where he has been living for years.

HushPuppi is one of the most followed Instagram account members as he is always against legit celebrities, dishing out tantrums and beefing them, celebrities like Timaya, Phyno, Ice Prince, Davido and Kcee.

Ray HushPuppi have a taste for good quality cars, wristwatches, gold and diamond necklace, expensive clothes, houses and even doing giveaways.

Popular Nigerian richest scammer Ray HushPuppi and Woodberry were recently arrested by INTERPOL right at his Dubai residence and has been extradited to the United States of America after allegedly stealing the $35 million Covid-19 test kit funds coupled with other criminal charges like money laundering and cybercrimes.

HushPuppi boasts of up to 1.6 million followers on his Instagram page (@hushpuppi), he also own a rented apartment in Dubai with its annual rent cost of around N60,000,000.

Ray HushPuppi is currently rated as the richest yahoo boy in the world with no one reaching close to his wealth.

Not that alone, HushPuppi also have fleets of cars that are high grade and some customized, his known cars are  Range Rovers, 3 Rolls Royce, 3 bulletproof SUV, 3 G-Wagon, Mercedes Maybach and many more. It is said that Ray HushPuppi is worth around $480,200,000 ~ ₦170,152,000,000.

#2. Invictus Obi – $23,200,000

Mr. Obinwanne Okeke aka Invictus Obi is the second on our list of wealthiest yahoo boys in Nigeria. He even was mentioned and ranked by Forbes as one of the youngest billionaires, based in America he is perhaps the richest yahoo boy in America. Invictus Obi is currently in FBI detention and has been corporating with the FBI to bring down his accomplice.

Invictus Obi beats Mompha and has been rated as the second richest yahoo boy in Nigeria after executing schemes on the dark web coupled with other fraudulent acts that were burst by the FBI, he made the record of being the biggest cyber fraud in Nigeria.

Invictus Obi

Obi lived a personal lifestyle, no lavish spendings, he tried so well to cover his tracks by doing away with social media and has presented himself to the world as a businessman and a motivational speaker before he was arrested.

He was rated by Forbes as one of Africa’s most outstanding entrepreneurs under the age of 30, which seems Forbes goofed on this, his reputation was ruined mainly because he was a fraudster, a Yahoo boy, a Gee boy.

After his arrest, it was made known to the public that Obinwanne George Okeke is a key player in the league of a cybercrime syndicate that specializes in business e-mail compromise and the FBI is bent on fishing out his co-fraudsters.

Invictus Obi is the Founder of Invictus Group, a company that specializes in construction, crude oil, renewable energy, real estate, agriculture and so on.

He is a well-educated person and a Master’s degree (MA) holder of International Relations and Counter-Terrorism from an Australian University, Monash University as we rate him as the most educated yahoo boy on our list. Invictus Obi net worth is over $23,200,000.

#3. Mompha – $11,000,000

Ismaila Mustapha aka Mompha is a well-known big boy in Nigeria and Africa at large, he claimed to be a  businessman in Lagos and is known for uploading pictures of himself holding bunches of dollar notes on his Instagram page.

Mompha Money - Richest Yahoo Boy

No doubt Mompha is one of the wealthiest Gee boys in Nigeria as we can’t really fathom how he became rich all of a sudden, but there is something strange about this one, he always dish out money-making tips to his followers and also how to work hard to achieve greatness just like a motivational speaker.

Though Mompha has a Bureau De Change venture which is considered as the source of his wealth, but his life looks shady and he was recently arrested by INTERPOL and also arraigned by EFCC but as it is it seems he might win the court case against him because the court has ordered EFCC to return all his personal belongings to him.

Just like HushPuppi, Mompha most times is seen with rich Nigerian politicians and also rich Nigerian celebrities, he is known for living a luxurious lifestyle, married and is a father of a male child.

The EFCC tagged Mompha as a cybercriminal and has been released after the EFCC couldn’t produce concrete evidence against him.

Mompha net worth is estimated to be around $11,000,000, having 62 fleets of expensive cars, private jet, 3 boats and buildings in big cities. His Instagram handle provides much of his expensive lifestyle (@Mompha).

#4. Baddy Oosha – $6,100,000

Badmus Akeem is another wealthy yahoo boy in the country that we must not skip, he is popularly known as Baddy Oosha. Baddy Oosha is a Malasia based Nigerian though he was born here in Nigeria and spent most of his time here.

He is know for spendings, he spends without looking and is considered as a very influential person but with no notable investment or business, he is the real definition of Lavida Local.

Baddy Oosha

Baddy Oosha net worth is estimated to be around $6,100,000 and he has many properties and assets to boast of. He is also known to always mingle with celebrities as most Nigerians musicians made mention of his name in their songs.

He has also acted in some movies with Toyin Aimakhu and has received salutations from musicians like 9ice, Davido, Lil Kesh and Olamide. Like the rest of his peers, Baddy Oosha also controls a huge fan base on Instagram and his handle is @baddyoosha with over 840k followers.

#5. Investor BJ – $5,550,000

Also on the list of the top ten richest yahoo boys in Nigeria is Investor BJ, he is the talk of the town and he claims to be the only African that is recognized by Gucci in Malaysia, though he claimed to have a prof for it.

He posted some pictures of himself to validate the claim of being recognized by Gucci right in Gucci office while purchasing some Gucci outfits.

Investor BJ

Investor BJ was praised by 9ice in his recent song titled “Living Things” alongside Opa6ix, Baddy Oosha, HushPuppi and the rest. After the song he became famous and almost everyone in Nigeria must have heard his name.

He also has a large fan base on Instagram  @investor_BJ with up to 610.5k Followers, his Gucci show off spurs HushPuppi to massively upload his own pictures with Gucci.

#6. B Naira – $5,500,000

Real name Adewale Adebayo and nickname B Naira is also one of the richest big boys in 9ja, aside from being known as a yahoo boy, B Naira is also into music, though most of them use music as a camouflage.

B Naira

B Naira isn’t that popular but truth be told, he is doing well for himself as he also owns a music production studio and he makes money from his music sales too.

B Naira has a small fanbase but his fans are die-hard fans, he is also a very young guy and known for his fleet of cars. B Naira Instagram handle is @bnaira01 with 920k followers. He is worth $5,500,000.

#7. King Jide – $5,500,000

King Jide is another Nigerian big boy but he is based in South Africa and well known as the Augustor of Capetown. Much attention wasn’t paid to him not until he squandered N5 million on 1 Don Perignon and 30 Ace of Spades while in Lagos and he became famous.

His wasteful lifestyle attracts a lot of fans and also just like the rest he also has huge followers of around 6,963 followers on Instagram (@king_jide_best).

King Jide - Gee boy

The way he recently flaunts his riches on Instagram shows that he is no doubt a big yahoo boy and also have hit a big jackpot.

King Jide net worth is estimated to be around $5,500,000 including his assets and properties.

The source of his money is yet to be known but with the lifestyle he is living it was concluded that he is a Gee boy.

#8. Shy Boss – $5,000,000

The 6th on our list of richest yahoo boys in Nigeria is Shy Boss, he has this innocent looks graced with a lavish lifestyle. Shy Boss just like the first on our list also have huge followers on Instagram up to 292.3k Instagram followers. He is also a lover of expensive lifestyle and a very good entertainer when it comes to entertaining his Instagram fans.

Shy Boss - Richest Yahoo Boys in Nigeria

Shy Boss is a big earner according to what we gathered from different sources online and he is known to be one of the top-earning Nigerian big boy.

He claims to be a very shy person but that doesn’t stop him from showcasing his wealth and expensive cars.

The fact that he is a shy person prevented him from going social but he couldn’t keep that for long as he has come out of his shadow to reveal he is balling high too.

Times without numbers he has been seen flying first class with crazy cars, he also own properties in VI, Lekki and Ikeja, he has the estimated net worth of over $5,000,000.


#9. Opa6ix – $3,000,000

His real name is Oluwasegun Akinola Opaogun but popularly known as Opa6ix is also one of the biggest boys in Nigeria at the moment, he is always seen with the likes of Kayode Philips and H Money.


He is known for his extravagant lifestyle and the gang he mingles with makes it a fact that he is a Yahoo boy, like others he also has his base on Instagram and boasts of huge Instagram fans.

He was addressed by Reminisce, 9ice and Small Doctor on several occasions. Opa6ix net worth is around $3,000,000 and he is balling high day by day.

The kind of lifestyle he lives makes an average Nigerian consider selling his kidney just to make it in life.

#10. Aremo Gucci – $2,500,000

Of course, this list will be incomplete without mentioning Aremo Gucci, he is considered one of the richest Gee boys in Nigeria and he also boasts of hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers.

Just like the first on the list HushPuppi, Aremo Gucci is known to always flaunt his riches on Instagram, he also loves large spendings and does giveaways on social media.

Aremo Gucci

He is a lavish spender, he is one of the top big boys in Nigeria currently tired of hiding the wealth acquired.

Till date there is no known investment or company owned by Aremo Gucci, he is a lover of Gucci and can risk going to jail to showcase his new purchase.

Aremo Gucci is net worth is estimated to be $2,500,000 owning a fleet of cars and G-wagon fleets, his Instagram handle is @aremogucci with over 500k followers.

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We have some other Gee boys in Nigeria that are not listed here but we’ve brought out the most popular ones and those ones with a huge fan base. It is a known fact that fraud is not a thing one should involve himself in but we can attribute the steps which these guys have taken to the current hardship in the country, though that isn’t an excuse to swindle people of their hard-earned money.

Shaddy earnings are not a good lifestyle to emulate and the worst is that the majority of the youths do praise them for illegal money they own and also they are well praised by most of our musicians thereby encouraging younger ones to start a career in crime.

It is noted that musicians like Zlatan Ibile, Naira Marley, Small Doctor, 9ice and other musicians have been singing the praises of these Yahoo boys and that is a way of promoting fraud. Naira Marley and Zlatan were arrested by EFCC and later released.

Rich Updates advice to youths both in Nigeria and Africa at large to desist from fraud and embrace legitimate work so as to have a good name is better than silver and gold. Air your thoughts on our top 10 richest yahoo boys in Nigeria today via the comment box, do well to also share on your social media accounts via the share button below. Thanks.


Who is the richest Yahoo boy in Nigeria?

Ray HushPuppi is the richest yahoo boy in Nigeria there’s no doubt about that, he stands out mainly because of his popularity and wealth which he can’t do without displaying on his social media accounts especially his Instagram account.


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