Top 12 Richest Musicians In Tanzania 2023: [Forbes Ranking]

Who is the richest musician in Tanzania? In today’s article, we will reveal to you the top wealthiest musicians in Tanzania and their net worth according to Forbes including every information you need to know about each one of them ranging from their career, worth, bio, cars and houses.

Music in Africa has already taken a different dimension, gone are the days when Africans have to rely on music from the Western world. With the likes of Wizkid, Burna Boy, Shatta Wale, Diamond Platnumz, Sarkodie, Ake of South Africa, Angelique Kidjo and many other top musicians in Africa.

Without further ado, we will reveal to you the top 5 richest musicians in Tanzania, the top ten richest musicians in Tanzania and also the top 12 richest Tanzania music artists.


Top 12 Richest Musicians in Tanzania 2023

#1. Diamond Platnumz – (Net worth $7 million)

Platnumz is one of the most popular musicians in Africa right now. He’s so successful, in fact, that he’s the first African musician to have over a billion views on YouTube.

So, who is he exactly? Tanzanian artist, record label executive, and entrepreneur, he is currently the most successful musician in Tanzania. He was born in Dar es Salaam in 1989, in Tandale. A remix of Davido’s hit song Number One catapulted him to stardom in Nigeria. Continue reading about him …

#2. Ali Kiba – (Net worth $4.5 million)

Originally from Tanzania, Ally Saleh Kiba was born in 1986. Ali Kiba was one of Tanzania’s most popular musicians before Diamond Platnumz took the crown. So, who is he exactly? In addition to being a Tanzanian singer-songwriter, Ali Kiba is also an executive at Sony Music Entertainment. R Kelly, who is currently serving time for child molestation, is another artist he has worked with.

#3. Professor Jay – (Net worth $3 million)

Joseph Haule popularly known as Professor Jay was born on the 29th of December 1975, he is a Tanzanian rapper, songwriter, politician and former member of the Tanzanian parliament for Mikumi constituency. There is no doubt he is one of the top musicians in Tanzania and also well recognized in Africa.

He is one of the prominent representatives of the “Bongo Flava” a Tanzanian hip hop subgenre, which mixes elements from both Western hip hop and the Tanzanian tradition (including Swahili lyrics as well as an activist attitude towards Tanzanian social issues such as HIV/AIDS, wealth, inequality, and political corruption).

Professor Jay’s rise to fame was aided by this style, which blends western hip hop with traditional Tanzanian rhythms.

#4. Lady Jaydee – (Net worth $2.4 million)

She was born Judith Wambura Mbibo on June 15, 1979 in Shinyanga, Uganda. In her career, the Tanzanian singer-songwriter has won a number of awards, proving that she is a formidable force. Lady Jaydee was one of the first Tanzanian performers to sing R&B in Swahili after she was born into a family of 10.

In the 2000s, she received the prize for best R&B female, despite identifying her music as R&B/Zouk Afro Pop. Throughout her career, she has become one of Tanzania’s most successful musicians, with the fortune to prove it. What is her value? According to recent estimates, Lady Jaydee’s net worth is $2,400,000 USD. The majority of her financial resources come from her music career.

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#5. Nahreel – (Net worth $2 million)

After co-founding Navy Kenzo, Nahreel’s career became well-known. An incredibly popular Tanzanian music group. Er began his career as Emmanuel Mkono in 1989 and has collaborated with a number of up-and-coming Tanzanian singers as well as Tanzania’s biggest talents including Vanessa Mdee and Diamond Platnumz.

In addition to Afrobeat and Dancehall, Nahreel’s production skills provide him a competitive edge in the music industry… All of his musical dreams were stored in The Industry Studio, which he co-founded and is currently the CEO of.

Rosa Ree and Wildad, two musicians whose careers are on the rise, are currently under his management. What is Nahreel net worth? Nahreel’s net worth is valued at $2 million according to recent estimates. His main source of income is music, which he has put into The Industry Studios, a firm he founded.

#6. Juma Nature – (Net worth $1.5 million)

Juma Nature was born in 1980 as Juma Kassim Ally and enjoyed rap music as a youngster. Hip-hop musician, recording artist and record producer from Tanzania, he’s also a producer of records. Juma is well known for organizing Wanaume, a group that provides housing to aspiring artists from Dar es Salaam’s impoverished neighborhoods.

In addition to Sir Nature, he sings about Tanzania’s problems and challenges. As well as financial disparity, inequality and HIV/AIDS in society, he raps about them.

If you’ve never heard a song from Juma Nature, I urge you to take a listen to this one. So, what is his current market value? Sir Nature’s net worth is presently assessed at $1,500,000. From music and endorsement deals, he amassed a fortune. He is ranked 6th on Forbes’ list of the richest musicians in Tanzania.

#7. Dully Sykes – (Net worth $1.5 million)

Juliette and Salome, among others, are among the singles that have made Sykes a household name in Tanzania. When these songs were released, they were the national anthem. He is a singer-songwriter and record label executive.

As we discuss Swahili Dancehall pioneers, he is the person we want to recognize. While others who started at the same time as him have ceased to perform, he has remained steadfast. Dully Sykes has performed in the United Kingdom and is considered as a beautiful pioneer of Swahili Dancehall in the African Great Lakes region of Africa.

How much is he currently worth? Dully Sykes’ net worth is presently assessed at 1.5 million dollars. Singer-songwriter, he made most of his money.

#8. AY – (Net worth $1.3 million)

He was born on July 5, 1982, which is the 5th of the year. He has the same month and day of birth as my difficult, but kind-hearted, younger brother. This is a strange combo, but it is who he is, and I adore him for it. S.O.G was AY’s first group in 1996, and he left to pursue a solo career in 1997. So far in his career, he has worked alongside Mwana Fa, who was a former colleague.

Growing up in Tanzania’s south, AY enjoys the Bongo Flava genre. Musicians in Tanzania are wealthy because of his songwriting and singing abilities. Was he worth then? At present, the estimated value of A.Y’s net worth is $1.3 million.

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#9. Harmonize (Net worth $1.2 million)

Diamond Platnumz helped develop Harmonize as an artist. During my research on the net worth of Harmonize’s, I found out that he wasn’t extraordinarily wealthy, but he was still wealthy nonetheless. So, who is he exactly? As it turns out, Harmonize is a Tanzanian Afro-Bongo singer and the creator of Konde Music Worldwide.

A slight dispute between him and Diamond Platnumz caused him to leave the Wasafi Records label. His most recent single, “Angela,” featured Angella on vocals. Your ears will thank you for listening to that song.

What is his current market value? It is estimated that Harmonize is presently worth $1,250,000. As a musician, he relies on his social media following for promotion.

#10. Mr. II – (Net worth $1 million)

He was born in 1972 and has utilized his music to address a variety of Tanzanian problems. In Tanzania, both young and old people were captivated by his melodies. Thus, he became the first Tanzanian to win a Grammy Award.

So, who is he exactly? The Great African Lakes region considers Mr. II to be one of the best Bongo Flava musicians. This bongo-flava musician and politician from Tanzania raised public awareness of Tanzanian problems through his music. About police brutality, child abuse and unequal distribution of riches, he sung.

How much is he currently worth? One million dollars is considered to be Mr. II’s net worth at this time.

#11. Tumi Molekane – (Net worth $1 million)

Tumi Molekane is a binational, which implies that he is from two separate nations, South Africa and Zimbabwe. He is a South African rapper who has ties to Tanzania and is often referred to as such. Because he comes from two countries, I’m taking a different approach.

Tumi and the Volume disbanded in 2012, and he served as the group’s lead vocalist. The artist has since changed his name and released an album called Stoogie T. It featured Nasty C, one of the most popular teenage rappers in South Africa. Tumi Molekane’s net worth is unknown. Tumi Molekane has a net worth of $1 million dollars.

#12. Vanessa Mdee – (Net worth $1 million)

Numerous young female musicians in Tanzania look forward to Vanessa as a role model. She was born in June of 1988, she is a Tanzanian rapper and singer-songwriter who is also a popular TV personality, she hosts radio shows and appears on TV. The BHITs Music Group’s Closer was her first hit. Tanzania’s first female artist to reach such a feat, Closer, garnered more than 25,000 downloads in its first week. As of right now, she is signed to Universal Music Group, where she has been doing very well indeed.

So, what is her current market value? Vanessa Mdee’s net worth is presently estimated at $1 million dollars. Her income is derived from her work as a TV presenter, her songs, and her sponsorships of brands.

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Top 10 Richest Musicians In Tanzania 2023

RankArtistNet Worth
#1.Diamond Platnumz$7 million
#2.Ali Kiba$4.5 million
#3.Professor Jay$3 million
#4.Lady Jaydee$2.4 million
#5.Nahreel$2 million
#6.Juma Nature$1.5 million
#7.Dully Sykes$1.5 million
#8.AY$1.3 million
#9.Harmonize$1.2 million
#10.Mr. II$1 million


Who is the richest musician in Tanzania?

The richest music artist in Tanzania is Diamond Platnumz, he has a whooping net worth of $7 million.

Who is the richest male musician in Tanzania?

The richest Tanzania male musician is Diamond Platnumz.

Who is the richest female musician in Tanzania?

The richest female musician in Tanzania is Lady Jaydee, she has a total net worth of $2.4 million.

What is Tumi Molekane net worth?

Tumi Molekane net worth is $1 million according to recent report.

What is Vanessa Mdee net worth?

Vanessa Mdee current net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

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