Top 12 Richest Doctors In The World 2023 & Net Worth

Who is the richest doctor in the world? Doctors have always had a reputation for being attractive to women and affluent men. Despite the fact that many of them have medical school loans and expenses totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars, they reap the benefits of their investment in the form of high incomes. Of course, it is after medical school that the real labor begins, which includes working long hours and seeing a large number of patients each day.

Although not every doctor is attractive and wealthy, the following list of the world’s 20 wealthiest doctors certainly is. These doctors’ net worth reflects their high-paying salaries, although the majority of them made their money in professions and businesses outside than medicine.

Top 12 Richest Doctors In The World & Net Worth

The 12 Richest Doctors In The World 2023

#1. Patrick Soon Shiong – (Net Worth $12 Billion)

Patrick Soon Shiong is the richest doctor on the planet, with a net worth of about $12 billion. He is a doctor turned entrepreneur turned philanthropist. He gained his money by revolutionizing cancer treatments. Fortunately, he has put his huge wealth to good use by looking into the escalating costs of health care and sponsoring children’s hospitals all around the world for better equipment, drugs, therapies, and talented nurses and physicians.

#2. Thomas Frist – (Net Worth $7 Billion)

He began his medical career as an air force surgeon. He subsequently went on to work with his father on establishing a hospital conglomerate. Every year, the firm profits more than $29 billion by buying and selling hospitals. Thomas Frist has a net worth of more than $7 billion as a result of his business’s continuing success. His outstanding career has earned him the United Way Lifetime Achievement Award as well as induction into the Healthcare Hall of Fame for whatever he touches.

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#3. Phillip Frost – (Net Worth $3.8 Billion)

Dr. Phillip Frost earned a degree in medicine before teaching dermatology to aspiring doctors, despite never having practiced medicine. Later in life, he launched Ivax, a pharmaceutical company that was sold for a whopping $7.8 billion. Frost became a member of Teva Pharmaceuticals’ Board of Directors after the sale. His new net worth is roughly $3.8 billion, thanks to the sale of his company and his collaboration with Teva Pharmaceuticals.

#4. Wu Yiling – (Net Worth $1.7 Billion)

Wu Yiling, who comes from a long line of doctors in his family, studied Chinese medicine for 11 years before amassing his fortune. Yiling launched a pharmaceutical company in 1992 and now distributes herbal medications for a variety of diseases. With a net worth of $1.7 billion, this self-made doctor has done exceedingly well for himself. His Ancient Chinese herbal treatments appear to be quite popular among the general audience.

#5. Gary Michelson – (Net Worth $1.55 Billion)

Gary Michelson won his $1.55 billion following a legal settlement with medical device giant Medtronic about his patents. He is best recognized for his innovation, having over 250 patents for orthopedic devices, medical instruments, and processes. Now, he has established the Michelson Prize in an effort to produce a non-surgical means of sterilizing dogs and cats, and he is a major animal champion in general.

#6. Kathy Fields – (Net Worth $320 Million)

Kathy Fields, a dermatologist, decided to team up with Katie Rodan, another competent dermatologist, to develop Rodan and Fields, a cutting-edge skincare line. The Proactiv Solution, which is promoted by a number of celebrities, is the company’s most well-known product. Rodan and Fields sells directly to consumers and has seen a 70 percent increase in sales year over year. The business partners have published two books and have been in periodicals and on television, and the company intends to expand globally. Kathy has a net worth of $320 million dollars.

#7. Dr. Katie Rodan – (Net Worth $320 Million)

A multi-million dollar skincare brand has exploded in popularity in recent years thanks to Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields. Their consultants sell directly to customers, which has had a big impact on the company’s growth. Katie Rodan, like her business partner Kathy Fields, is projected to be worth $320 million.

#8. Dr Phil – (Net Worth $280 Million)

Dr. Phill has an annual salary of $80 million, translating to a net worth of roughly $280 million, despite being a different type of doctor than the others on this list. He has put his degree to good use as a television personality after graduation. Dr. Phil has a psychology degree, which helped him establish a reputable profession as a psychologist and led to several appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show. As a result, he now has his own daytime talk program where he helps people with their difficulties. The Dr. Phil Show has quickly become one of the most popular daytime television shows on the air.

#9. James Andrews – (Net Worth $100 Million)

James Andrews is the number one pick for players of all sports since he is one of the few doctors on this list who has built his fortune exclusively as a practicing doctor. He is the top surgeon and most sought-after to work with at the Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center. Andrews is the Auburn Tigers’, Alabama Crimson Tide’s, and Washington Redskins’ team doctor. Sources disagree on his exact net worth, with estimates ranging from $10 million to $100 million.

Nonetheless, when athletes need to get back on their feet quickly and receive the greatest care possible in the United States, he is the first doctor they call. Andrews earned his medical degree from Louisiana State University, where he was also a standout athlete. He finished his residency at Tulane Medical School and completed fellowships at the University of Lyon and the University of Virginia School of Medicine.

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#10. Terry Dubrow – (Net Worth $30 Million)

On the tenth spot of the richest doctors in the world is Terry Durbrow. Terry Dubrow has risen to prominence as one of Orange County’s most sought-after cosmetic surgeons as a result of appearances on television shows such as The Real Housewives of Orange County and The Swan. Dubrow also co-starred on the show “Botched” alongside Paul Nassif and will reprise his role in the upcoming spin-off “Botched by Nature.” Dubrow has also participated in the reality show “Bridalplasty,” in which a group of women compete for a fantasy wedding and plastic surgery. It’s no surprise that his net worth is more than $30 million and expanding on a daily basis, with a six-month waiting list for treatments.

#11. Leonard Hochstein – (Net Worth $20 Million)

Leonard Hochstein is another plastic surgeon who has risen to the top of the list of the wealthiest doctors. He is regarded as one of Miami’s finest plastic surgeons, with an estimated net worth of over $20 million. Hochstein, who specializes in breast enhancements, has made a fortune off of those now-perfect beach bodies that frequent Miami Beach. He specializes in breast augmentation, facelifts, body contouring, and a number of other cosmetic operations. He was born in Moscow in June 1966 and migrated to the United States as a child, where he completed his education.

Over the course of his career, Hochstein has performed over 10,000 procedures. His wife was recently announced as a cast member of The Real Housewives of Miami, so he’ll almost surely appear on the show at some time.

#12. Dr. Drew – (Net Worth $20 Million)

On the last spot of our ranking of Wealthiest Doctors in the world is Dr. Drew. Dr. Drew is a board certified internist and addition medicine practitioner who is most known for his television and radio shows. He is the star and producer of the VH1 show “Celebrity Rehab,” in which he helps celebrities recover from addictions. He also presents “Loveline,” a radio talk show about relationships. Dr. Drew’s show has also spawned a number of spin-offs, which he has been in charge of. He is worth an estimated $20 million and is a private practitioner in Pasadena, California, in addition to these shows.


We have taken time to list out the richest doctors in the world for 2023 here. We have discussed their various specialization and corresponding net worth. It is worth noting that being a doctor is a noble profession anyone can rise to riches from. So, that is all we have got for you on this list.

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