Registration and Renewal Of Driver’s License in Nigeria 2023

The driver’s license is known to be a legal document that is being issued by the federal government of Nigeria, However, you can also get a driver’s license from everywhere around the world asides Nigeria.

Hereby, giving you the freedom and right to drive effectively in Nigeria. Did you know that driver’s license give you the right to drive anywhere in the country without being embarrassed by the road safety officer?

The Federal Road Safety Commission popularly recognized as FRSC launched new commercial drivers’ license which features security.

The driver’s license slipped by in a three-year due date after which drivers were depended upon to energize the document.

Regardless, in the year 2016, the legislature upheld the age of another driving grant that will have a five-year expiry period.

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In Nigeria, the base age to possess all the necessary qualities for a driver’s license is 18years. The applicant would at first go to getting ready at an affirm driving school as the basic before he or she can be giving license.

Naija Driving Licence Registration and Renewal

Requirements Needed before you apply for Driver’s license:

1. A duplicate copy of the National Driver’s License as well as the main copy(original copy).
2. Applicants are required to get ensured driving records from the Federal Road Safety Commission.
3. A self-addressed envelope that is being returned.
4. Formal request letter by the applicants for the driver’s license letter. Consolidate your present address and telephone number.
5. $50.00 cash orchestrate payable to the Nigerian Embassy.
6. Copy of applicant’s Nigerian Passport data and stamped page showing last passage into Canada

Drivers License Renewal Step by Step Procedure

1. Apply online by visiting Make sure you print out the shape subsequent to filling the required fields and print out the installment slip as well.

2. Pay the License expense on the web or at the Designated Bank

3. Present your casing to the Board of Internal Revenue Officer or VIO at the DLC for endorsement

4. You will go to the Federal Road Safety Corps Officer where you will do your Bio-metric Data Capturing.

5. You will be given a transitory drivers license that is only valid for 60 days

How To Get New Driving License

Before getting a driver’s license, there are step by step procedures you must experience which are as follows;

1. The hopeful is to finish an application shape that he or she also dates and signs.

2. The applicant must give a signature on a signature required card, or, at the end of the day into a database and displayed on the driver’s license.

3. The applicant must give two passport photographs that will also be scanned into the database and displayed on the driver’s license.

4. Installment: The applicant is to pay “the cashing office” a processing charge of N3,250 either in cash or by a bank transfer.

5. Applicant must give proof of his or her personality or name by making a universal passport, a copy of which must be given to the licensing office, or giving a birth endorsement or sworn confirmation of age or pledge. The statement of age or testimony must be sworn under the steady look of a court by a relative.

6. The hopeful must also give proof that he or she can drive a motor vehicle in that same place, which also means driving test and affirmation that he or she has passed a street test from a legislature endorsed driving school which will be checked by a licensing officer.

7. Once the application has been processed and the documents affirmed, the driver’s license is sent to your residential or the street number submitted.

8. An applicant can also get a license from a state in which he is not a resident. He cleared up the process by saying that sometimes applicants will get a driver’s license from a surprising state in comparison to the one from which they associated because of the high volume of applications in the first state.

9. A temporary driver’s license is issued to you which will last for the length of 60 days.

10. Applicants are then foreseen that would get their driver’s license toward the finish of 60 days.

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Cost of Driver License:

The cost of the driver’s license depends on your location. However, the cost for the renewal is N10,000 and N25,000 if you are applying for a new driver’s license. This cost is for those that want to apply for the license in Lagos.


What is the cost of driver’s license in Nigeria?

The cost of the driver’s license depends on your location. However, the cost for the renewal is N10,000 and N25,000 if you are applying for a new driver’s license. This cost is for those that want to apply for the license in Lagos.

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    • It is actually ₦35,000. If you can still get it for ₦27,000 please do it on time and make sure it is from an authentic source.

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    • Be mindful of how you go about this, some people will charge you exorbitantly if you are processing it through them while some do it at a very reduced rate, try work it out yourself just that it may take more time.

  3. I’m currently processing my 5 year licence and I’m paying only N 18,500 and it’s being handled by a FRSC officer

  4. Like Mr oludare Isaac said some people will collect money from innocent people bcuz they are officers who can defend you so they take money and do fake driver’s license
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  5. Please I need you people help…. I pay for my renewal driving license… Since January 10th and up to now I’ve not received it the man is telling me it has not ready since January……. Abeg what can I do sir/ma


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