Okeyson Transport Price List; Ticket Booking, Terminal, & Contacts

Are you about to embark on a trip with Okeyson Motors? Here we have the current Okeyson Transport price list, Okeyson terminals/parks, ticket booking, and also contact details of Okeyson transport terminals around you.

It’s not uncommon to find a frequent road traveler in Nigeria that uses Okeyson Transport Company. If you have never traveled by road with Okeyson, you might want to change your mind after reading all the information on this page.

This article will inform you comprehensively about the transport company and answer most of your questions such as:

  • How much is Okeyson’s transport fare?
  • How many buses does Okeyson Transport have?
  • Is it safe to travel with Okeyson Transport?
  • Who is the owner of Okeyson?
  • Is Okeyson a Nigerian transport company?
  • Does Okeyson operate in every Nigerian state?
  • Does Okeyson refund a customer’s money?
  • Can a passenger book online?
  • Where are Okeyson Transport bus terminals located?

About Okeyson Transport

Okeyson Transport, also known as Okeyson Motors, is one of the largest and most used transport companies in Nigeria. Since its establishment in 1996, this transport company has consistently provided quality transport services to Nigerian road travellers, moving from one state to another. With over 350 travel buses and at least 95 terminals dispersed across the country, Okeyson Motors definitely has what it takes to serve the industrious people of Nigeria.

Okeyson Motors Buses and Price List

It doesn’t matter if you intend to travel for business purposes, holidays, Christmas festivities e.t.c. Okeyson Motors is committed to providing the quality transport service that would make your trip enjoyable till you get to your destinations.

Moreover, Okeyson Transport ensures that passengers are safe and comfortable on every trip. Their drivers and other staff are well-trained, enabling them to provide a satisfactory service to thousands of customers.

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Owner of Okeyson Transport Company

Who is the owner of Okeyson Transport? Okeyson Transport is owned by Okechukwu Anthony, a business owner from the eastern part of Nigeria. Okeychukwu started his transport company with only a few buses, operating only in the Eastern part of Nigeria. But fortunately, it appeared that he was destined to be a successful businessman. It didn’t take up to a decade for Okeyson Transport to expand into various states in Nigeria. Today, it’s one of the biggest transport companies in the country.

Services Offered by Okeyson Transport Company

Okeyson Transport doesn’t only convey passengers from one state to another. They also transport goods, foodstuffs, and any item that needs to be transported. The courier services have been a part of Okeyson’s business for a very long time. Packages transported by Okeyson are delivered safely and in time, so as to prevent any unnecessary inconveniences.

Also, Okeyston Transport offers rental services. That is, their buses can be hired by individuals, churches, schools, and organizations that need to go on special trips.

Why Use Okeyson Transport?

Here are a couple of reasons why you should consider using Okeyson when going on your next trip outside the state:

  • Even though Okeyson offers quality transport services, their transport prices don’t break the bank. No matter where you intend to travel to within the country, as long as Okeyson travels to that same destination, the transportation fare would suit your pocket.
  • All the Okeyson travel buses are air-conditioned. You don’t need to worry about breathing hot air while traveling.
  • Okeyson Transport has a fleet of different travel buses, including 15-seater Hummer buses and luxurious buses that can transport at least 45 passengers.
  • Okeyson Transport has an online booking method. From the comfort of your home, you can book your travel ticket effortlessly.

Okeyson Transport Ticket Booking Method

There are only two booking methods available at Okeyson; online booking and offline booking.

To book online, follow the simple steps below:

  • Visit the official website of Okeyson Transport Company to get started (https://okeysonmotors.ng/).
  • You will be presented with a short form, requesting your travel details. Correctly fill in the form and click submit.
  • You will be prompted to choose your preferred seat on the bus. Choose your seat and proceed to the last step.
  • The last step in this process is paying for the travel ticket with your debit card. Once your payment is successful, you will be presented with an e-ticket, which you take to the bus terminal on your travel date.

Okeyson Transport Terminals/Parks

Below are the bus terminals of Okeyson Transport Company:

Okeyson Motors Terminals in Lagos

Okota Terminal
Address: By Church Bus Stop, Atinuke Shopping Plaza, Cele-Express, Okota
Contact: 08064650704, 08023770939, 07013645414

Ajah Terminal
Address: Beside Royal Garden Estate Ajah
Contact: 08064650704, 08023770939, 07013645414

Agege Terminal
Address: Pen Cinema, Agege, Lagos
Contact: 08064650704, 08023770939, 07013645414

Agege 2 Terminal
Address: Iju Garage Agege, Lagos
Contact: 08064650704, 08023770939, 07013645414

Ikotun Egbe Terminal
Address: Opposite Synagogue Church, Ikotun, Egbe
Contact: 08064650704, 08023770939, 07013645414

Jibowu Terminal
Address:13 Ikorodu Road, Jibowu, Yaba, Lagos
Contact: 08064650704, 08023770939, 07013645414

Mushin Terminal
Address: 29 & 34, Olanibi Street, Papa Ajao Mushin
Contact: 08064650704, 08023770939, 07013645414

Maza Maza Terminal
Address: Maza Maza Park, Maza Maza Bus Stop, Festac Side
Contact: 08064650704, 08023770939, 07013645414

Festac Terminal
Address: Opposite Festac First Gate, Badagry Express Way Road
Contact: 08064650704, 08023770939, 07013645414

Ipaja Terminal
Address: New Ipaja, Beside New General Fuel Station, opp. Oceanic bank
Contact: 08064650704, 08023770939, 07013645414

Ojo-Alaba Terminal
Address: 25, Ojo-Igbede Road, by Chemist Bus Stop, Opp. First Bank Ojo Alaba
Contact: 08064650704, 08023770939, 07013645414

Iyana-Ipaja Terminal
Address: Alagba Motor Park, Iyana Ipaja by Agege Motor Road
Contact: 08064650704, 08023770939, 07013645414

Ikorodu Terminal
Address: AP Fuel Station by Round About Ikorodu
Contact: 08064650704, 08023770939, 07013645414

Okeyson Motors Terminals in Enugu

Market Road Terminal
Address: 2, Market Road, Ogbete, opp. State Library Board, Enugu
Contact: 08064650704, 08023770939, 07013645414

Nsukka Terminal
Address: 51, Enugu Road Opp Uba, Nsukka Town
Contact: 0803 218 2256

Okeyson Motors Terminals in Ebonyi State

Afikpo Terminal
Address: Amuroh Town Hall, Afikpo North
Contact: 08038924332, 08032398767

Okposi Terminal
Address: Court Area, Okposi- Achara, Ebonyi
Contact: 08065187338

Okeyson Motors Terminals in Anambra State

Ekwulobia Terminal
Address: Opp First Bank Ekwulobia Town
Contact: 08064398395

Okeyson Motors Terminals in Imo State

Owerri Terminal in Imo
Address: Relive Junction By Egbu-Mbaise Road
Contact: 08135453969, 07010659243

Okeyson Motors Terminals in Rivers State

Port-Harcourt Terminal in Rivers
Address: 196, Aba Road Waterlines Junction Port-Harcourt Rivers
Contact: 08037081797

Okeyson Motors Terminals in Cross River State

Ugep Terminal in Cross-river
Address: 54, Ikom-Calabar Rd Opp Nobeg Filling Station (Beside St Peters Pcn), Ijiman Ugep
Contact: 07067196908

Okeyson Motors Terminals in Abia State

Umuahia Terminal in Abia
Address: 18, Mission Hill Opp Vilaroy Hotel
Contact: 08123104777

Okeyson Transport Price List

The accurate price list of Okeyson Motors is not available on our page for now. But as soon as we gather our facts right, we will update the information about the price list on our site. If you need to know the price list, contact any of the aforementioned bus terminals, depending on your location. A customer care representative would speak to you.

Okeyson Transport Head office and Contact

Okeyson Transport Head office is located at No. 160 Yokota road, Lagos, Nigeria. You can send an email to Info@Okeymotors.ng or call 08064650704, 08023770939.


Is Okeyson Transport affiliated with another transport company?

Okeyson Transport is in no way affiliated or a part of another transport company. It has always been an independent entity.

When was Okeyson Transport established?

Okeyson Transport was established in the year 1996.

Is the owner of Okeyson an Igbo man?

The owner of Okeyson Transport hails from the Eastern part of Nigeria.

Does Okeyson travel to the Northern states?

Okeyson Transport doesn’t travel to any northern states. Perhaps they might expand their business to that region soon.

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There are so many transport companies in Nigeria, but that has not stopped Okeyson Transport from standing out as one of the best. If you are looking for comfort, safety, and affordability, this transport company has to be included in your top list of options. With Okeyson Transport, road travel won’t be a worrisome experience.

If any of your questions concerning Okeyson Motors price list or others remain unanswered, please make use of the comment box below to ask.

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  1. I travel with okeyson bus from iyana ipaja I paid 18k no A/c after wasting our time we left the park around some minutes after 10 when some companies collected lower price with full A C the worse part is that me and my children sleep in the park that day it is so annoying they should be telling the costumers that the condition if with A/C u will pay this price not cheating people in the name of opportunity comes but once

  2. Please I want to bring to the notice of this great company that some workers especially in your okota terminal are pursuing customers,the way they talk to customers s v bad,I don’t know his name but he s a tall black man that loads goods in the bus, when I told him I will report to okeyson he said I will die in one week time if I don’t, just imagine that, their manner of approach s really very bad,I didn’t like that


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