Giles Brandriff’s Wife (Michele Brown) Bio, Net Worth, Age & Facts

Who is Michele Brown? This article is focused on Michele Brown biography, Michele Brown net worth, husband Giles Brandriff, career, age, height, weight, family, and other facts about the german celebrity wife.

You’ve probably heard of Giles Brandriff, a prominent TV broadcaster, presenter, former politician, and author. Giles Brandriff is married to a single wife, according to our article. His wife is Michele Brown, the subject of this essay.

Michele Brown Biography

Since 1973, Giles Brandriff and his wife Michelle Brown have been happily married. The pair got married in Westminster, one of London’s most picturesque areas. Giles and his beloved wife Michelle are now retired and live with their children in Barnes, Southwest London.

Before delving into details about Michele Brown, let’s take a quick glance at her profile. It is important, however, to note that Michele Brown has chosen to keep most details about her personal life private for reasons best known to her.

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Michele Brown’s Profile

Full Name:Michele Brown Brandreth
Date of Birth:Undisclosed
Birth Place:Undisclosed
Marital Status:Married
Spouse:Gyles Brandreth
Occupation:Writer and Publisher
Net Worth:N/A

Michele Brown Age

Michele Brown appears to be in her 60s or 70s based on her appearance. She, on the other hand, has opted to keep this and most other details about herself private. Her spouse, Giles, is currently 75 years old and will be 76 in March 2024.


Michele Brown is happily married to Giles Brandriff, a renowned TV presenter and journalist. She is the mother to all three of Giles’ children, Saethryd, Benet and Aphra.

Benet Brandreth is their only son. He is a barrister, a rhetorician, writer, performer and speaker.

Saethryd Brandreth is a ghostwriter and journalist who shares her father Gyles’ interest for gaming. Her spouse and son live with her in London.

The third and final child is Aphra. She was a former government economist who ran as a Conservative candidate for the district of Kingston and Surbiton in the 2019 United Kingdom general election but lost.


Michele is a writer and a publisher. She has written so many fictional and non-fictional pieces. Some of her works include:

  • The little history of the teddy bear
  • How to interview and be interviewed
  • Break a leg
  • Food by Appointment
  • Eating like a king
  • Prince Charles and Princess Diana
  • Royal Recipes
  • The New Book of First Names
  • Queen Elizabeth II among others.

Facts About Michele Brown

  • Michele isn’t on any social networking platforms.
  • Most details about her aren’t known to the public
  • She is a celebrity spouse
  • Michele is married to Giles Brandriff
  • She is the mother to all three children of Giles.’
  • She is a writer and Publisher
  • She hails from West Germany
  • She’s a grandmother.


What Does Michele Brown Do For A Living?

She writes and publishes books for a living. Although she’s retired now, some of her books are still on sale.

How Many Kids Does She Have?

She has three kids, two daughters and a son. Benet, Saethryd and Aphra.

Is Michele Brown Divorced?

No, Michele still lives happily with her husband, Giles.

How Old Is Michele Brown?

Age and some other relevant details about Michele aren’t known to the public

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We only have a little information about Michele Brown, so this is all we have. The majority of Michele Brown’s personal details are kept private and are not known to the general public. This piece covers all of the material she has chosen to reveal, as well as information gleaned from other sources.

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  1. The lady in the first picture of “Giles wife Michèle” is actually actress Maureen Lipman. Giles surname is BRANDRETH, not Brandriff as written/stated repeatedly


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