Landstar Express Price List; Bookings, Terminals & Contacts

Today’s article is about Landstar Express, one of Nigeria’s most reputable transportation firms, its latest price list, terminals, why you should choose them, and frequently asked questions about them.

The necessity for transportation in Nigeria has grown over time. This is also taking into account the fact that road transit is the most common and, of course, the most economical in Nigeria, with rail transportation being eliminated.

Landstar Express Price List; Bookings, Terminals & Contacts

Many people may wonder why rail transit is not included. Although rail transit is the most cost-effective, it is not as widely used as vehicle transportation. Nigeria does not have railway stations in all of its states. You would not travel to a single area without locating a road or a route for a car to navigate.

Also, keep in mind that certain persons have specific travel preferences. Many people may feel uneasy dealing with one or two situations with a specific transportation company. You should not limit yourself to partnering with one company or traveling with one when there are alternative options. If you fall into this category, Landstar Express is a viable alternative.

This article should be significant to you for this reason alone, as it offers information regarding Landstar Express, one of Nigeria’s most popular and reputable transportation firms.

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Landstar Express is one of the rare transportation firms that put the satisfaction of its customers ahead of its own. It is also one of Nigeria’s most notable transportation companies for ensuring passengers’ safety. As a result, on the verge of considering traveling with them, we’ve chosen to provide thorough information about their services and why you should choose them.

About Landstar Express

With a key objective to be a Nigerian road transportation firm that provides exceptional travel experiences for commuters’ end-to-end needs, and to constantly pursue customer happiness and safety in the implementation of imaginative travel solutions, Landstar Express is a well-known and recognized Nigerian transportation company that serves the country’s major cities and towns.

This transportation company primarily transports persons and goods from one state to another, with a focus on Lagos, Abuja, and other cities in Nigeria, ensuring the safety of both, either passengers or cargoes. How do they do this? Read on …

Safety Measures Taken By Landstar Express

As with any other transportation company in Nigeria or the world, there are unforeseeable dangers associated with travel that are often beyond our control. To improve the safety of passengers and a speedier travel experience, Landstar Express implemented the following measures:

  • The transportation company employs highly skilled and well-trained drivers who do not jeopardize passenger safety.
  • Availability of toilets
  • Power outlets in buses
  • Fully Air-conditioned buses
  • Fully inspected Vehicles
  • Vehicle tracker
  • No stops during the journey

As a result, it’s also a good idea to inquire about their services to see if they’re a good fit for you.

Why Choose Landstar Express?

The foregoing precautions put in place by the company’s management should be enough to convince you to travel with Landstar Express. To eliminate unnecessary stops on your travel, cars are examined and serviced on a regular basis. You have free Wi-Fi access to use throughout your vacation, and none of these services are ever charged for.

Services Rendered By Landstar Express

Landstar Express provides the following services:

  • Inter-state services
  • Courier services/ Logistics
  • Airport Pickup/ Transfer

Inter-State Services

Details regarding their inter-state services have been discussed under the safety measures taken by this company. It includes the kinds of buses you’d be travelling in, what you stand to enjoy whilst on a journey and information on the type of drivers they employ.

Courier Services

Landstar Express also handles and delivers various shipments and items of various sizes. You can ship your items to be safely received in another location using them. When you schedule them to deliver your products, you will be given a tracking ID so that you may track their movement from the comfort of your own home. To make use of your tracking ID, go to their website and click on ‘Tracking.’ You will also be informed of the current location of your goods.

Airport Pickup

You might even request a trip from this firm to your home if you’re expecting a friend who lives outside of Nigeria and you’re too busy to pick him up at the airport, or if you’re arriving from another country.

Landstar Express Bookings

Landstar Express is also one of the few transportation providers that allow quick and easy ticket booking. You have the option of booking from the comfort of your own home or visiting one of their terminals, the locations of which are listed below.

Online Booking

The following are the procedures to follow:

  • Visit their official website (
  • As soon as you click that, a menu appears showing details on what to fill regarding your journey.
  • Your departing terminal signifies the terminal closest to where you’re traveling from.
  • Destination terminal signifies the terminal closest to the location you’re traveling to.
  • Input your phone number and your specified date of travel
  • Click “search”
  • A list of buses appear from different available terminals with the prices of each.
  • Select your preferred bus
  • If however, no buses are running along the route, you may contact their office or visit any of their closest terminals to you to ask for directives.

Landstar Express Terminals

Agege Terminal

  • Address: 195, Old Abeokuta Road, Papa Ashafa, Lagos State
  • Telephone: +2347069790425

Utako Terminal

  • Address:1 IV.W Osisidgwu Cresent, Utako, Abuja
  • Telephone: +2348177775341

Ebute-metta Terminal

  • Address: Iddo Shopping Comple, Ebute-metta, Lagos Mainland, Lagos State.
  • Telephone: +2348177775348, +2349060009071, +2347069790425

Sabon Gari Terminal

  • Address: Unuguwa Uku, Kano
  • Telephone: 08106052380

Mando Garage Terminal

  • Address: Nnamdi Azikwe Way, Opposite Mando Lagos Garage, Kaduna
  • Telephone: 08075938888, 08064244687

Landstar Express Price List

The costs that transportation firms charge passengers have been fluctuating as a result of the obstacles that they have faced in recent years. Although this information is current, we strongly advise you to make additional inquiries prior to your vacation period, since rates may fluctuate again. Below is the updated Landstar Express price list;

Lagos Agege / IbadanKano / Kaduna₦11,500
Sabon GariLagos₦8,500
Kano / KadunaSeme₦12,000
Mando GarageLagos₦8,500
Lagos IddoKano / Kaduna₦11,500


Is Landstar Express transport company reliable?

Yes, indeed. Landstar Express is one of the most popular and dependable transportation agencies in Nigeria with years of active service.

Can I book a Landstar Express ticket online?

Yes. Landstar Express happens to be one of the technologically-inclined firms that have made the booking of tickets easier for passengers. This can be done by visiting their website.

Do they charge extra for free Wi-Fi?

Not at all. Travelling with or without free Wi-Fi remains the same price. It doesn’t change.

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In this post, we’ve covered the majority of the information on Landstar Express. Travelling during festive seasons like Christmas, Easter and Islamic Sallah celebration is always a memorable one with Landstar Express.

If any of your questions concerning Landstar Express price list or others remain unanswered, please make use of the comment box below to ask. In case you missed it in the story, here are the contact details for their corporate offices:

  • Address: Iddo shopping complex, Ebute-metta Lagos
  • Telephone: +234 906 000 9071
  • E-mail:

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