Keisha Chambers Net Worth: Biography, Age, Height, Husband, Kids & Family

Who is Keisha Chambers? Meet actor Justin Chambers wife, we will focus on Keisha Chambers biography, Keisha Chambers Net Worth, Age, career, love life, height, and weight.

Not a lot of people out there are familiar with the modeling industry, but when it comes to the movie industry, yeah, that’s a big one, hence, if it appears you are not familiar with Keisha Chambers then you ought to be familiar with Justin Chambers.

Who is Keisha Chambers?

Keisha Chambers is the wife of the popular movie actor and model known as Justin Chambers. Today, we would be looking into the Biography and Net worth of Keisha Chambers, alongside other core facts you don’t want to miss as there are amazing fun facts you should know about Keisha Chambers. Tag along as we unfold the Net worth and Biography of Keisha Chambers.

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Keisha Chambers Profile

Full Name:Keisha Chambers
Date of Birth:1970
Age:51 Years Old
Birth Place:Ohio, USA
Spouse:Justin Chambers
Marital Status:Married
Occupation:Modeling Agency Worker
Net Worth:$18 million
Keisha Chambers Profile

Biography of Keisha Chambers

Keisha Chambers was born in the year 1970, although the exact month and day have remained unknown as she has decided to keep mute about her specific birth Month, but here is what we were able to savage up; According to her zodiac sign known to be Cancer, it indicates that her birth Month should be around late June and Mid July, so if you’re looking to celebrate her birthday with her, you can as well start sending her birthday messages from late June to Mid July, pretty sure you’re going to find out when she replies.

She was born and raised in the little city of Ohio, London by a family of five consisting of her parents and two brothers of which she is the last born of the family. However, information regarding her parents and two brothers was never revealed by her, and has decided to keep it a secret till date.

Digging deep on Keisha Chambers biography, it was denoted that the famous modeling agent is from a Hispanic, African, and Caucasian race.

Keisha was known to have been raised by a middle-class family. Being the last born of the house, she was taken care of by her parents and two elder brothers who worked hard and made lots of sacrifices for her in order to support her needs as the only female kid of the house and the youngest in the house.

Although, she didn’t grow up in a fancy house but she was able to complete her education in an undisclosed school through the help of her brothers and parents in covering up for her tuition fees and all.


While she was a kid, Keisha had always nurtured the dreams of becoming a model herself of which everything fell in place for her till she was disqualified due to her race due to the fact that you can barely find people of two different race and color in the modeling industry which is why she dropped off from becoming a model as she has always dreamt of as a result of discouragement due to her skin color.

As time went by, she couldn’t get her eyes off the modeling industry, so she decided to come up with other means of staying in the modeling industry. She said to herself “If they say I can’t be a model, then I should be able to raise top models” this thought lifted her spirit as she took to action towards it as she eventually became a modeling agent worker (Trainer) at an agency known as the Booker.

However, her decision paved way for her and was regarded as a big turning point for her career and life as she met her husband at this period. Keisha rose to prominence following her association with the famous model known as Justin Chambers, even though that wasn’t really her dream, nevertheless, she is famous and a top figure in the modeling industry today.

At that period, Justin Chambers was not popularly known as an actor as he was also in pursuit of his modeling dreams, unlike his wife, he made headway in his endeavor to become a supermodel. Justin became a professional model after he was discovered by the Paris Metro Station, then he started modeling for various brands which included a perfume brand ad for the world-famous Calvin Klein brand. Later on, he kick-started his acting career, making his movie debut in a comedy-drama titled “Liberty Heights” and rose to fame after his role in a drama series titled “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Keisha Chambers Marriage: Husband & Kids

Keisha Chambers after accepting her fate to work as a modeling Agent instead of being a model herself, met the famous Justin Chambers who appears to be working in the same field as her. First, they were getting along as business associates, soon they started nursing secret feelings for each other. Later on, the feelings couldn’t be placed under control and they started dating, things really went well for them in the relationship and everyone knew what was going on between them.

The relationship was quite a sweet one for both of them, although they felt their relationship could cause controversy since she was of mixed-race, anyways, love always prevails, this went on and on and in the year 1993 something happened.

Well nothing bad happened, they both made a decision to get married, they made all arrangements, and held their wedding ceremony as a closed-door ceremony involving both families and a few friends.

Sweet love right? Yeah, it’s been  28 years now and they are still doing pretty well in their relationship. Following their wedding, Keisha made the decision to quit her job and became her husband’s personal manager, wow, since she knows pretty much about the industry, why not? She took care of her husband’s daily schedules, appearances and all.

The following year after their marriage came their first kid which happens to be a girl, she was born in December 1994 and named Isabella chambers. This made their love grow stronger, later on in the year 1997, they had their twin daughters named Kaila Chambers and Maya Chambers, after that came the fourth daughter named Eva Chambers who was born in March 1999.

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They decided to stop with their youngest son named Jackson who was born in January 2002. In total, the couple had 5 wonderful kids and took perfect care of them as they would always tour around the country.

Age, Height, & Body Measurements of Keisha Chambers

Following the fact that she was born in the year 1970 makes her 51 years old this year. However, the famous woman stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches, well, of course, that’s a perfect height for a lady in the modeling industry. However, when it comes to her vital body statistics, nothing was revealed as regards that.

Looking carefully at her physique, she has a slim body feature which could get anyone jealous most times as she would always look amazing and outstanding, Justin was lucky to play a fast game, perhaps she would have been taken before him.

Keisha is noted for her humble personality, sweet and caring acts made her the talk of the town and she was widely regarded for that.

Keisha Chambers Net worth

Keisha Chambers current net worth is estimated to be $18 million following the fact that she’s married, it’s a joint net worth with her husband. Meanwhile, Keisha Chambers did not reveal anything as regards her earnings which she likely gained through working as a modeling agent.

However, Justin her husband earns over $9 million from his movie episodes “Grey’s Anatomy” per year, hence, the family is currently in Los Angeles in a luxury penthouse reportedly worth $1.5 million, and they also own a set of luxury cars which includes a Porsche and a BMW.

Rumors and Controversy about Keisha Chambers

Speaking of rumors and Controversies, there has been no record of any rumor and controversy linked to Keisha Chambers or her husband Justin Chambers both personally and professionally.

Well, it’s no surprise as she has been known for her private lifestyle, she has decided to place her attention on her family which is a great idea, and as of today, the couple has no issues of controversy.

However, here is what we know about her husband Justin Chambers; it was noted that her husband had a few health issues while he was much younger with his twin brother as they were recorded to often visit the hospital due to their often contraction of pneumonia, aside from that, Justin was noted to suffer from a sleeping disorder back then which had made him resulted to living a healthy lifestyle as recommended by the doctors and engage in a huge Yoga buff just like his wife after being treated.

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Keisha Chambers is a determined woman who stuck with her line of dreams even though the world gave her reasons to give up. However, her decision made her rise to fame as she met her husband through walking the path of her dreams, and today she is successful and has a happy home blessed with 5 precious kids.


Who is Keisha Chambers?

Keisha Chambers is a Modeling Agent worker and also the wife of a famous Hollywood Actor and model Justin Chambers.

What is Keisha Chambers Net Worth?

Keisha Chambers and her husband are currently worth $18 million.

Is Keisha Chambers a Model?

Keisha Chambers is not a Model but works as a Modeling Agent before quitting to work as her husband’s modeling manager after being declined of her dreams of being a super model herself.

How many Children does Keisha Chambers have?

Keisha Chambers have 5 children for her husband, 4 daughters and a son.

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