Kanye West USA Presidential Ambition – All You Need To Know

Thanks for joining us today as we look at Kanye West USA Presidential Ambition in this piece of informative writing. West is a famous American singer-songwriter, record producer, fashion designer and entrepreneur known for his amazing track record in the music industry.

His ambition took a new course when he gave the notion that he will be contesting for the United States Presidency seat. To learn more about this and how true it is, ensure you read through the article to the end.

Kanye West USA Presidential Ambition- All You Need To Know

Kanye West USA Presidential Ambition

The presidential race in the United States has been for quite some time now and West just showed his interest to run in the race which has changed the course of things.

Kanye West USA Presidential Ambition is no longer news even though so many people still find it shocking and surprising that West is interested to become the next White House occupant and president of the United States.

Despite making utterances and posts of him running for the presidency in the past, West seems to be more affirmative when he made his ambition to run for presidency known lately, he took to Twitter on the 4th of July which happens to be America’s Independence Day to officially announce he is running for the highest office in the land.

To bring his fans and the world to what has been ruminating in his mind, he stated on his Twitter handle “We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future,” followed by his statement “I am running for president of the United States!” He tweeted. #2020VISION. 

This news has not gone by fans who have also taken to Twitter to react showing either interest or displeasure at the news. Many Americans reacted to the West’s announcement becoming the top trending news Twitter social platform.

Questions are been raised about whether the rapper would go through with his plan while others claimed it was a showoff. Whichever it is, fingers are crossed and all eyes set on West who has brought himself to the limelight via a different platform.

However, this is not the first time West will make such a bold and public statement of running for America’s presidency.

It seems different observing carefully West’s choice of words and bold statement from his tweet which only means one thing and that he’s made up his mind and is determined to pursue the toughest and most demanding job in the country. 

Also, West’s coming out to boldly declare his ambition for the President is somewhat confusing and at the same time a matter of interest, the reason being that West has shown his loyalty and support for the Trump administration for years.

It seems the support for the present president of the States has gone sour and flowed with time. The rapper has since broke ranks with most of the left-leaning entertainment industry to shower praise on Trump in his various interviews and even saw putting on the President’s red and white Make America Great Again hats in public to show his support for him.

He has, however, sometime in 2018 avoided US President Donald Trump. Also, sometime in 2020 he announced during an interview with Zane Lowe of Apple Music’s Beats 1 show, his own presidential ambitions.

West interest and ambition to run for President was not immediately clear as to whether he was serious about contesting for the presidency with an election just four months away.

We are still unclear if he had filed any official paperwork to appear on state election ballots. Interestingly, the deadline to include independent candidates to the ballot has not yet passed in many states meaning West still has a shot of being included that is, if he has not made any formal move.

Recently, West has taken a huge and public turn towards Christianity in recent years. He even released songs geared towards the Christian faith including Jesus is King, released in 2019 with other new songs soon to be released including “Wash Us In the Blood,” from his upcoming album God’s Country. 

On the other hand, his wife Kim now ex, has been on the radar of the White House since 2018 having been involved in the release of a woman condemned to life imprisonment for drug possession.

She has enrolled for a law apprenticeship that spans 4 years to further her course of fighting for those who deserve freedom.

Can we say from this that the couple has secretly been preparing for a big move in their lives that goes beyond music, fashion, and reality TV shows but become one of the most influential and important personalities in the world? 

Sadly West didn’t have his way and lost the election. Kanye West USA Presidential Ambition also drew the attention of Elon Musk, one of the billionaires in the world who has shown his support and backing for West, that is if he is truly vying for the position as announced.

Musk support has taken things to a whole new level and we are unsure of their relationship before now or whether it is something the duo have discussed before now. 

Kanye West Biography

Kanye Omari West was born to Ray West and Dr. Donda C. West (mother) in 1977 at Atlanta, Georgia, USA. His father was a photojournalist and his mother was an English professor at Clark Atlanta University.  When he was 3 years old, his parent divorced. He moved with his mother to Chicago where enrolled and attended the Polaris High School.

He visits his father during summer. He and his mother soon moved to China, Nanjing precisely where his mother taught at Nanjing University as part of an exchange program. 

The move lasted for a year before they relocated back to Chicago, United States. His love for art began at a tender age.

He began writing poetry at age five. In fact, he began rapping when he was in third grade along with making musical compositions in the seventh grade. West wrote his first rap song called “Green Eggs and Ham” at age thirteen. 

After graduating from Polaris High School, West attended Chicago’s American Academy of Art in 1997 where he was given a scholarship.

However, he soon transferred to Chicago State University to study English Literature. He felt his academic pursuit was colliding with his music work thereby dropping out from college to fully pursue music career. 

Kanye West Net Worth

We will like to take a look at the net worth of this multiple award-winning music artist interested to run for American presidency come November 3rd. West has since the early 1990s till date been one of the forerunners of the entertainment industry.

Since the inception of his music career, he began as a producer for notable and highly profiled artists including Jazy-Z, Beyoncé, John Legend, Alicia Keys and Janet Jackson. He soon rose to become one of the best rappers in the music industry reeling out nine studio albums with eight of them topping the Billboard chart.

West has numerous accomplishments in the music industry winning numerous awards including 21 Grammys.

As of the time this article is compiled, West net worth is $1.3 billion putting him in the league of billionaires in the United States. Even though with a debt that is a little over $50 million, his financial strength is still good.

His source of wealth has been fueled from royalties, music album sales, tours and other earnings related to his Yeezy brand and Adidas partnership as well as endorsement deals. Read More about Kanye West net worth and biography.

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Conclusion on Kanye West USA Presidential Ambition

That is the much we can discuss about West ambition to run for the presidency. Kanye West USA Presidential Ambition has raised dust and raised the bar of the American presidential campaign. West’s declaration suggests that he is ready to cement his political ambitions which he has expressed for quite a while now. Fingers are crossed and eyes glued on him since he made his ambition known as people are waiting to see what will unfold as time goes by.

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