Kamini ratan Chauhan iAS Biography, Age, Net Worth 2023

Kamini Ratan Chauhan IAS biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Net Worth 2023

Kamini Ratan Chauhan Biography

Kamini Ratan Chauhan is a successful officer in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and is well-known for her important contributions to the country.

Kamini Wikipedia profile

Name Kamini
Real nameKamini Ratan Chauhan
Date of BirthUnknown
Age 40s
EducationPolitical science
HusbandDeepak Ratan
Net worth$2 million
Kamini Wikipedia profile

Education- Early Life

She was born in a small village in Uttar Pradesh, India, where she faced challenges, but she overcame them with her strong determination and commitment to serving the public as whole.

Kamini Ratan Chauhan grew up in a village and did very well in school.

She was a good student and showed her ability to lead.

She went on to study Political Science for her Bachelor’s degree and Public Administration for her Master’s degree.

Kamini Ratan Chauhan

Date of birth- age

We won’t be able to provide you with the real age right now, we believe she is in her 40s.

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Civil Service Career and Impact

Kamini studied well and passed the Civil Services Examination, which earned a respected job in the Indian Administrative Service.

Throughout her working life, she had important positions in different government departments and made a lasting difference in areas like improving rural areas, education, empowering women, and helping society.

Kamini Ratan Chauhan played an important role in making rural areas better by introducing effective measures for development.

She also worked to make sure there was fairness between urban and rural areas.

In the field of education, she came up with new ideas to improve the quality of education and make sure everyone had the same chances.

She spoke out for women’s rights and worked to stop violence and inequality.

In addition to all that, she also worked on programs to help people who were marginalized and needed extra support.

Kamini Ratan Chauhan Recognition

Kamini Ratan Chauhan has accomplished great things, and because of that, she has been recognized by organizations both in India and around the world.

Her ability to lead and her strong commitment to making a positive difference inspire people who want to become civil servants or who want to make a difference in society.

Kamini Ratan Chauhan Husband

Kamini Ratan Chauhan is Deepak Ratan, a IPS officer of 1997 batch.

Kamini Chauhan Ratan iAS Contact Number

We won’t be able to provide you her number, she has refused to make it public.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ratan Chauhan married?

Yes, she is married to Deepak Ratan, a IPS officer of 1997 batch.

How old is ratan Chauhan?

We won’t be able to provide you with the real age right now, we believe she is in her 40s.

How mucg does Ratan Chauhan make?

Since she is in a high authority position right now, we believe her pay should also be high which ranges from $15,000 -$20,000.

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