Jay Z wife, children, Age, Height: All you need to know

Thanks for coming by as we will yet focus our discussion on Jay-Z, one of the highly profiled rappers in the music industry.

What other information about Jay-Z do you know aside from being an iconic rapper and one of the few billionaire entertainers in the world? Do you know his wife? Do you know his children? Do you know how old he is and other personal stuff concerning him?

We have compiled this article containing information about Jay Z wife, children, Age, Height and many more. Journey with us and ensure you read through to the end to learn all that you need to know about Jay-Z.

Jay-Z is a high profiled American singer-song writer, rapper, record producer and entrepreneur who is famously known for winning the highest number of Grammy awards (22). Below is a quick highlight of Jay-Z biography.

Full name: Shawn Corey Carter
Date of Birth: December 4, 1969
Age: 53 years
Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A
Country of Origin: United States of America
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married since 2008
Spouse: Beyonce 
Children: Yes (3)
Occupation: Songwriter-Singer, Rapper, Entrepreneur
Occupation Period: 1988 till date

We have no clue if the iconic rap star was involved in any relationship before he finally settled down with Beyoncé. 

The couple was believed to have started their relationship journey sometime in 2002 after the completion of their musical collaboration video.

Not much is known about the thrills and drama of their relationship before the couple married because they made every stride to keep their relationship private and away from publicity which is unlike many other celebrity relationships that we know of. 

The couple dated for six years and finally tied the knot before a handful of invited guests which majorly are close friends and family on the 4th of April 2008 in New York City. The ceremony was graced by few invitees, approximately 40 of them and there was no publicity.

The couple so far have 3 children, but information gathered from our sources made us know that Beyoncé suffered a miscarriage around 2010 or 2011.

Beyoncé later reckoned that it was a sad event for her. She went to the studio to work on her songs which she said was the only way to cope with the situation.

As years goes by, the couple soon rejoiced as they welcomed their first child and daughter, Blue Ivy Carter on January, 2012 at the Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. Jay-Z was extremely happy that he composed and released a song titled “Glory” dedicated to their daughter to express his joy of becoming a father.

Soon afterward, 5 years later to be precise, after they welcomed their first daughter, Beyoncé gave birth to twins, Rumi Carter (daughter) and Sir Carter (son) on the 13th of June 2017 at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in California.

Jay-Z Age, Height, and Weight

Having discussed to an extent about Jay-Z’s wife and children, we will in this section enlighten you about other details such as his age, height, weight and other details about him.

As of the time we were sourcing out this article, Jay-Z’s age is 51 years as of the time this article is compiled meaning that he is 12 years older than his wife, Beyoncé who is 39 years old.

More so, Jay-Z’s height measures 1.88 m, making him somewhat taller than his wife who 1.69 m tall. Jay Z’s weighs 83 kg and he has an athletic body.

Jay-Z Social Media

One of the fastest medium that fans easily connects with their super star is via social media platform. There is no celebrity that is not on social media presently, at least 2 or more.

Celebrities use social media platforms to intimate their fans and followers on updates of recent happenings and events that revolve around them.

That is why you see fans troop in mass to view the latest update on their favorite celebrity updated so as to comment, like or reply to their thoughts, criticism or support.

We believe that fans who don’t know how to connect with Jay-Z will find it helpful because they will be familiar with the various social media handle where they can follow up their superstar. 

Therefore, we will also intimate you with some interesting information about this iconic rap star, chiefly in this segment is his social media platform.

Aside from Jay-Z Wife, Children, Age and other information, we also deemed it necessary to include the social media platforms that Jay-Z is present.

I know you are eager to find out the social media platform where you can connect with this high profiled artist, therefore without further ado, below are some of the social media platform that Jay-Z is present.

There are some of the social media platforms that Jay-Z is present. However, he sparsely visits social media because he believed it is full of fake people and those too scared to voice out their hearts in real life.

However, you can still follow him on any of these social media platforms to get updates and hints once in a while when the rapper post something new.

Jay-Z Net worth 

Taking us further in our discourse is a quick peek into Jay-Z’s net worth. Being a successful rapper who has set numerous landmarks in the music industry as well as winning numerous awards, Jay-Z has also earned the title of a billionaire as his current net worth stands at $1Billion as of the time this article is compiled.

Jay-Z is credited to be the first entertainer to attain this fit making him one of the handful billionaire entertainers around.

Jay-Z is a man of many ventures aside from his music career owning different companies which rakes in high profits and boosts his income. Ventures owned by Jay-Z include Rocawear, his clothing line, which he created in 1999.

He also co-owns D’Ussé, a cognac company with Bacardi. He bought Tidal, a music-streaming service that is now the third-largest streaming service in the world. He also owns several recording companies, and he also has shares in companies like Uber.

Overall, Jay-Z makes is earnings from his huge album sales, music tours, endorsement deals, night clubs, and investments in sports teams. 

Jay-Z Awards and Achievement

Talking about awards and achievements, Jay-Z has bagged innumerable awards throughout his career. Noteworthy to be mentioned is the 22 Grammy Awards he scooped making him the rap artist with the most Grammy wins.

In addition to the Grammys award he won, Jay-Z has the most No. 1 albums (14) by a solo artist on the Billboard 200.

He also won the Soul Train Award as the Sammy Davis Jr. Entertainer of the Year, in 2001; also, in the same year, he won the BET Award for best male hip-hop artist; in addition to the awards he scooped in the same year is the Source Award for best hip-hop artist.

In 2002, he won the Soul Train Award for album of the year. He also won the ASCAP Golden Note Award in 2004, as well as the American Music Award for favorite male rap/ hip-hop artist, 2004; etc.

All-in-all, Jay-Z won a total of 34 awards making him the artist with the most awards than his contemporaries from over 114 nominations. 


We have come to the conclusion of our discussion in this article centered on Jay Z wife, children, Age, and Heights. Jay-Z is no doubt an incredible music artist who rose from grass to fame and stardom becoming one of the high profiled rappers in the music industry. He has a beautiful family comprised of his lovely wife Beyoncé, who also is a self-made woman and together they are considered a powerful couple in the world as well as 3 adorable children.

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Jay-Z right now has everything going well for him and we hope it stays that way. I believe you have learnt something new about Jay-Z having read this article to the end. Let us know what you think about this article by giving us a feedback.

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