Meet Jamie Gilbert [Rachael Riley Ex-Husband]: Bio, Net Worth, Age, Height & Facts

Who is Jamie Gilbert? If you want to learn more about Rachael Riley’s former husband Jamie Gilbert biography, his net worth, love life, age, career, and other important facts about him then you want to take a sit and have a clear reading about this businessman.

Before delving into the full biography of Jamie Gilbert and his net worth let us quickly take a glance at Jamie Gilbert’s profile information.

Jamie Gilbert Profile

Jamie Gilbert Profile

Full Name:Jamie Gilbert
Date of Birth:1985
Age:36 Years Old
Birth Place:London, United Kingdom.
Height:5 feet 8 inches
Weight:75 KG
Education:University of Oxford
Marital Status:Married
Spouse:Rachael Riley (Divorced)
Net Worth:$700,000

Who is Jamie Gilbert?

Jamie Gilbert is a successful businessman based in London. He got involved in business at a young age, and since then, he’s been pushing really hard to ensure that he thrives. James Gilbert is not too popular as a person. Although the name of his company or the type of business he operates is unknown by the public, he’s still regarded as a businessman who has created some fortune for himself.

A lot of people have only been able to know about him because of his ex-wife, Rachael Riley. Rachael Riley is a well-known English Television presenter in London. She kick-started her career as a TV presenter when she was offered the opportunity to co-present a puzzle program, popularly known as “countdown”. After the success of this show, Rachael went on to appear in a few sitcoms, including “8 out of 10 cats do countdown”. Her fame skyrocketed when she participated in a popular BBC show in 2013, known as “Strictly Come Dancing’.

There isn’t much information about how Jamie Gilbert met his wife, Rachael Riley. However, speculations have it that the couple had known each other for a long time and later decided to get married. But sadly, it seemed like they were not compatible, as their marriage failed eventually. Officially, Jamie Gilbert and his wife are no longer together but there are still rumors around, claiming that the couple has gotten back together.

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Jamie Gilbert’s Age and Height

Jamie Gilbert is not as old as many people presume, he is currently 36 years old as he was born in the year 1985. As a matter of fact, he’s still under 40. He may seem older than his actual age though because of his physique. He’s tall and has a well-built body figure just like someone who hits the gym every morning.

With a height of about 5 feet and 8 inches, Jamie Gilbert is considered a tall man even though there are people who are way taller than he is.

What’s Jamie Gilbert’s net worth?

Jamie Gilbert current net worth is estimated at $700,000, he became popular after he began his romance with Rachael Riley.

There are so many wealthy people in the world today that aren’t famous. As a matter of fact, some of the world’s most wealthy businessmen aren’t popular. They are only well-known in the business world by other business enthusiasts.

If he hadn’t met Rachael Riley, no one would probably know anything about him, let alone his net worth. But just because Jamie Gilbert isn’t popular doesn’t mean he’s broke or unsuccessful.

Owing to the fact that Jamie Gilbert hasn’t revealed much information about himself and his business ventures, his net worth is believed to be much more than this. Nevertheless, one won’t be wrong to assume that Jamie Gilbert is rich because of some of his investments.

Facts about Jamie Gilbert

Although Jamie Gilbert hasn’t allowed much information about himself to be known, there are a couple of fascinating facts about him.

To begin with, let’s delve into his relationship with his ex. Jamie Gilbert met and got acquainted with his ex-wife while in college. At the time, he was pursuing his first degree at the University of Oxford, where Rachael Riley was also studying. The two became friends and eventually fell in love with each other. A few years after their graduation from college, the couple broke up. But amazingly, they got back together years later, and Jamie Gilbert wasted no time in popping the question.

They got married in 2012. It was a private marriage ceremony that entertained only a few friends and family members. But sadly, Jamie Gilbert and his wife had a divorce almost two years after their wedding due to infidelity. Jamie realized his wife was unfaithful to him, so he suggested the separation.

Asking to know about Jamie Gilbert girlfriend? Another interesting fact about Jamie Gilbert still has to do with his love life. He’s reportedly dating someone as of now. However, he has refused to reveal the identity of the lady he’s currently in a relationship with.

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Is Jamie Gilbert remarried?

After divorcing his wife, Rachael Riley, in 2013, Jamie Gilbert hasn’t married anyone else. Perhaps he needs more time to determine going with another woman after the huge heartbreak in 2013. Notwithstanding, Jamie Gilbert is currently dating a young lady with an unknown identity.

Is Jamie Gilbert’s ex-wife an actress?

Jamie Gilbert’s ex-wife, Rachael Riley, is not a professional actress. Even though she has been seen in a sitcom, she is not regarded as an actress but a TV presenter.

What is the name of Jamie Gilbert’s business?

The name of his establishment is not known by the public. Perhaps only his business partners or business enthusiasts would have an idea of what his brand is called. More importantly, Jamie Gilbert is known to be an investor.

Are Jamie Gilbert and his ex-wife back together?

Jamie Gilbert and his ex-wife, Rachael Riley, are not back together. Although there have been rumors suggesting that the former couple is back together, it is very untrue.


Although Jamie Gilbert chose to be a man of privacy, not revealing much about himself to the public, some things can’t just remain hidden. He tried to make his marital life private as well, but that didn’t work out quite well. Since his wife was famous, their relationship couldn’t stay private. Moreover, the couple’s divorce revealed a lot of things about the relationship that were not known initially.

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