Iyare Motors Price List; Bookings, Terminals & Contacts

Iyare Motors Price List — Iyare Motors is a Nigerian indigenous transport company that is rated as one of the best transport companies in Nigeria with cheap fares and quality transport services.

No doubt that Nigeria’s Transportation Industry is one of the leading industries in Africa as Nigeria boasts of population being the largest black country on earth. Transport business is a juicy one in Nigeria and there should be an improvement on the delivery of services in this line.

With the fact that the industry is thriving well, there are some drawbacks that need to be checked.

Over the years traveling in Nigeria has become a risk due to the rising occurrence of child and human trafficking these days, day-to-day kidnapping, robbery and other criminal events taking place on our highways.

This is something that you should be concerned about. This affects all of us who need to move from one place to another for personal reasons or to make a living. The routes you’d travel, how safe the vehicles you travel in are, and how much money you’d have to spend travelling with them should all be key considerations, which is why this article was written: to provide you with answers to your queries.

Iyare Motors Price List; Bookings, Terminals & Contacts

Nigeria has a diverse range of transportation options, including train, air, water, and road. The road is the most popular mode of transportation among the four options. Not everyone likes flying, and not everyone enjoys traveling by boat. This is why this article was written: to describe in detail a significant road transportation organization that is responsible for transporting people and commodities from one area to another in a safe and reliable manner.

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With its headquarters in Edo State, Iyare Motors is one of Nigeria’s most efficient and service-oriented road transportation companies. Read on.

Iyare Motors Terminals and Routes

Iyare Motors has just two terminals, one in Edo State and the other in Lagos State. These two locations are

  • 25, Urubi Street, Benin city, Edo State
  • 51, Ikorodu Rd, Fadeyi, Lagos Mainland, Lagos State.

Although Iyare Motors conveys passengers majorly travelling from Benin city to Lagos State and from Lagos State back to Benin city, it does go through other routes too. Examples of such routes are:

  • Lagos to Abuja
  • Lagos to Asaba
  • Lagos to Onitsha
  • Lagos to Warri
  • Abuja to Asaba
  • Abuja to Warri
  • Abuja to Onitsha
  • Abuja to Benin city
  • Abuja to Lagos
  • Benin city to Abuja
  • Benin city to Warri
  • Benin city to Onitsha
  • Benin city to Asaba

Are you concerned about how expensive this may appear or sound as a result of its dependability and popularity? Or maybe you’re anxious about how to get a ticket to join them on their trip?

Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about Iyare Motors price list.

Iyare Motors is one of Nigeria’s leading transportation agencies, with over a hundred registered in the country. It’s clear that their services are of the highest quality.

Nigeria is one of Africa’s most populous countries, having a population of approximately 212 million people. In such a country, how could transportation not prosper as a business?

This best explains why Nigeria has over 100 transportation agencies. If Iyare Motors is regarded as one of the best among them, it is without a doubt that they provide the best services and are really dependable.

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Mr. Abel Omoruyi started Iyare Motors. For security reasons, information about his family and himself has been kept confidential.

Iyare Motors Online Booking

Iyare Motors has taken the tension out of traveling. You no longer have to endure the stress of queuing for tickets in the hot sun at a park or train station. Using your mobile phone, you may book tickets from the convenience of your own home. You can also order tickets by calling any of their branch managers.

Call 07086561145 if you’re in Edo State.

Call 08034773526 if you’re in Lagos State.

Iyare Motors Updated Price list

Iyare Motors price list isn’t well discussed publicly because getting an updated list of prices at this point in time is difficult. Only a few have been given out, as you can see in the table below. The rest must be confirmed by the corporate office likewise we will do our best to keep you updated via the comment section.

 Terminal / Route Price
Benin to Lagos or Lagos to Benin (Non AC bus) ₦3,100
Benin to Lagos or Lagos to Benin (AC bus) ₦3,500 
Lagos to Asaba/ Onitsha, Benin and WarriContact customer care:07086561145
Lagos to Abuja, Asaba/ Onitsha, Benin and WarriContact customer care:07086561145
Benin to Abuja, Asaba/ Onitsha, Lagos and WarriContact customer care:07086561145
Warri to Abuja, Asaba/ Onitsha, Benin and Port HarcourtContact customer care:07086561145
Onitsha/ Asaba to Abuja, Benin, Lagos and WarriContact customer care:07086561145

Below are various locations in Lagos where Iyare Motors is found:

  • Alaba international market, Ajah
  • Empire, Surulere
  • Mile 2
  • Yaba
  • Maza Maza
  • Volks

What kind of services does Iyare Motors provide?

  • Transport services
  • Courier services
  • Haulage Services
  • Hire Services
  • Car leasing

Transport Services

Iyare Motors provides both inter-state and intra-state transport services. However, unlike inter-state services which covers more than 5 states, its intra-state services are available only within Lagos State and Edo State.

Courier and Haulage Services

Are you a business owner who requires a reliable and secure method of delivering your goods? Or are you going from one state to another and are concerned about how you will transport your belongings? One of the services that Iyare Motors excels in is this. They offer courier services that are guaranteed to be safe. There is no need to be concerned about theft.

Hire Services

Are you supposed to welcome a friend who traveled out of the country into your Nigerian house, but you’re too busy with work to pick them up at the airport? Or perhaps you’re unable to pick up your children from school due to a job commitment? You might hire a driver from Iyare Motors to take care of all of these things for you without concern of being kidnapped.

Car Leasing

If you don’t own a car and don’t want to rely on public transportation as your primary mode of transportation, Iyare Motors offers automobile leasing, which means you may get a temporary car at any moment. You won’t have to worry about going out with a group of five to six individuals any longer.

Is your concern now focused on how to proceed? Simply go to any of their terminals or parks and ask to talk with the head of whichever branch you’re interested in. They’ll undoubtedly advise you on what to do. Their services would be quite inexpensive in comparison to what we have now, thanks to technological breakthroughs such as Bolt and Uber.

What Kind of Cars and Buses Do They Use for Transport?

You can select between a fully air-conditioned bus or automobile and a bus or car that is not air-conditioned. The importance of a customer’s decision and preference may be shown here.


What Is Iyare Motors Known For?

Iyare Motors is well-known for offering excellent transportation services to residents of Benin City and Lagos State. They also provide inter-state transportation between Lagos and other states.

Who is the owner of Iyare Motors?

Mr. Abel Omoruyi is the founder of Iyare Motors and has opted to keep facts about his personal life private for personal reasons.

What Services Does Iyare Motors Render?

Road transport, courier services, Haulage Services, hire services, car leasing.

Is Iyare Motors Reliable?

Yes, Iyare Motors is one of Nigeria’s most dependable and effective means of transportation in general. It has grown in popularity as a result of this.

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This page has answered some of the most frequently asked questions about Iyare Motors. I hope you now realize that Iyare Motors is unlike any other and that it is deserving of whatever praise it receives. To stay on top, Iyare Motors will continue to focus on customer service.

If you missed it in this article, here’s the location to their headquarters:

Address: 25, Urubi Street, Benin City, Edo State
Phone number: 07086561145

Do you have any questions you want to ask concerning Iyare Motors? Make use of the comment box below.

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