How To Share VPN Connection With PC, Android & iOS – (NO ROOT)

There has been a lot of questions on the internet concerning how one can tether a VPN/V2Ray or other tunneling apps, a very easy thing to do but most people are unaware of how it works. This leads us to make a comprehensive tutorial on how to tether your mobile VPN connection on your Windows PC, Android devices and Apple iOS devices.

With so many browsing tricks we get these days using free browsing tricks on the mobile device alone can’t be enjoyable, sometimes you need to stream on your laptop and sometimes you need to share your connection with your friends, girlfriend or boyfriend, this is when this article will come in handy.

In other cases, it might just be that you want to share your tunneled connection with someone who needs it and with this tutorial doing that will be effortless.

I actually came across this solution of tethering my VPN connection via hotspot without rooting my device after so much stress mainly because I want to download a lot of files on my PC.


Mind you, it is not advisable for you to root your devices as rooting a device may void the warranty on the device. It may also make the device unstable or if not done properly, may completely brick the device which can render your device useless.

Before diving into the topic of the day we advise you to hook your VPN so that your Data package will not be deducted, this is useful for those using free browsing tricks that require having some data before the VPN can be triggered.

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How To Hook A VPN On Mobile Device

To hook your VPN/V2Ray or any tunneling app follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, connect your VPN
  • Click on Settings, then Network & Internet. You should see VPN, click on it
  • Your connected VPN should display first, click on the setting icon beside it
  • Two options will be displayed “Always-on VPN” and “Block connections without VPN”
  • Tick the two options and your remaining Databalance will be intact

Below we have provided images to make you understand it better.

How To Hook A VPN

Now we believe you know how to hook a VPN.

Without further ado, let us go straight into the topic of the day which is how to tether your VPN connection without rooting the device.

How To Tether VPN Connection With PC, Android & iOS Without Root

First of all we need to let you know that there are many methods in which this can be done but we will only provide you with an App that works flawlessly, this can also give you an idea on how to set up apps that are different from the one we use in this tutorial.

You need to download an app on your Android device to do this, the App name is “Every Proxy” you can install it via Google Play Store or from the developer’s official website.


After installing the app you need to connect your VPN then launch the Every Proxy app then you will be greeted with HTTP and Socket Options. Click the HTTP switch button and some proxy IP address will be generated. Note down the last IP address as that works flawlessly. In my case mine is ( with port (8080), yours may be different.

In case your last IP address did not show in full just turn on your auto-rotate and rotate your screen, you should be able to see it in full.

Share VPN through Every Proxy

Now you have to input the IP address on whichever device you want to use it on, remember to Switch On your Android hotspot and connect it as you will normally do when sharing your normal Hotspot. See how to input the IP on different devices below.

How To Tether to Other Android/iOS Devices

You can easily share your VPN connection through Hotspot to another Android or iOS device, just follow the steps below, for iOS you should have similar settings or exact. (Make sure your Every Proxy Http is On and you have noted the IP and Port)

  • Switch On your phone Hotspot (The one with the VPN) – Phone A
  • Connect the other phone (Android/iOS) to the hotspot – Phone B
  • On Phone B click on settings, or just draw the notification downward and click the setting icon
  • Click on Wi-Fi, then click and hold the Wifi name
  • Select “Modify network
  • Expand the “Advanced options“, then select “Manual
  • Under “Proxy hostname” type in your IP Address
  • Under “Proxy port” type in your Port
  • Hit “Save” and you are good to go

With this being carefully followed you have successfully tethered your VPN connection without rooting your Android device, this is also applicable to Android emulators so if you have been asking how to share VPN hotspot on Android Emulator this will also work.

Check the below image for a better understanding of how to tether your VPN connection to other mobile devices.

How To Tether to Windows PC

On Windows PC just follow the below steps:

  • Connect your Windows PC to your phone Hotspot
  • Press the Windows button on your keyboard
  • Search for “Proxy settings“, click on it and a box will open.
  • Scroll down to “Manual Proxy Setup“, switch the “Use a proxy server” button ON
  •  On the “Address” input the IP Address that was displayed on Every Proxy app, then for Port you input your port.
  • Hit the save button and you should see it connect, your Every Proxy app will show that the connection is sending and receiving.

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That is how to tether your VPN connection on Windows PC, you can try the same for other OS that looks similar. Check the below image for a better understanding.

How To Tether to Windows PC

After a successful connection, you definitely want to watch some prepaid television channels online like DSTV and others, we have a trick on how to watch DSTV on android and on PC via Android Emulator, check it out.

If this tutorial works for you then try share this article on any social media platform of your choice via the button below. If you are experiencing any difficulty setting it up we are here for you, just make use of the comment box below.

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