How to fix Netflix not working on Android Pie Device

Majority see this as a bug but believe me this is just an issue with device compatibility, the latest version of Netflix isn’t compatible with Android 9 (Pie), no more worries ill show you how to fix Netflix not working on Android Pie and Android pie Netflix will launch properly after this guides.

The Android Pie software has been around for quite some weeks now, even though a large number of Android devices haven’t received the update.

And to those who have updated their devices to Android 9 Pie or have purchased phones running Pie out of the box have reported problems with the usage of some apps.

All across the search engines and some notable sites like XDA Forum and Reddit pointed out that popular apps such as Netflix, Amazon and Twitter were unable to install some popular apps.

Android pie Netflix is very cool with the nice Netflix graphics display and how the movies are categorized, so you don’t want to run an Android without a Netflix App seamlessly running on it.

You might have so many unanswered questions like; Why is Netflix not working on Android? Does Netflix work on Android 9? Why won’t my Netflix app open? and many more but if android version 9 Netflix is not working on your device, pay attention to what I have to show you here because I had the same experience and I was able to fix Netflix not working on Android 9 Pie.

Google is Aware of The Issues

Most applications like Twitter, Netflix, Facebook fail to load when launched and it is somehow annoying as you expect more from your new device or updated device.

Let us just go straight to the point as we provide a fix for this, I am sure you can’t wait to enjoy Netflix or other favorite apps of yours.


Method 1:

All i did was to uninstall the latest version of Netflix and i have to download the old version to make this work and so far so good, I’ve been enjoying Netflix on my device.


Method 2:

This method works if you insist on using the latest version on PlayStore, Just install the above old version of Netflix first and then use it for some time.

After using it for some hours, uninstall it and then go to PlayStore, search for Netflix and install.

With this, you will be surprised to see Netflix firing up on your new Android version.

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