How Much Does YouTube Pay? 1K To 1Million Views

How much does YouTube pay? Have you been wondering about this lately as we have more people starting a vlog channel on YouTube? This post will shed light on this and at the end of the article, the question “how much do YouTubers make” will be effectively answered.

Contrary to what many people think about YouTube as “easy money”, there are several factors that influence the creators when generating their income from the language, country of residence, type of content, visualizations, among others.

To make a living from the video network, you have to have millions of views and be constant. This is mainly due to the YouTube payment system.

The social network pays an amount for every 1,000 impressions, a figure that is established around a sort of bag of advertisers. Those who want to advertise on YouTube set a series of parameters depending on the audience they want to reach.

If there is a lot of demand for ads for that type of profile, the price of advertising will be more expensive and the YouTuber in question – whose videos have to fit with what the advertiser requests – will make more money.

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On this occasion, we will promptly tell you how much YouTube pays content creators for every 1,000, 100,000 and 1,000,000 views. So if you want to know all the details, do not take off.

Who can monetize videos on YouTube?

As we mentioned earlier, to monetize a video on YouTube you have to circumvent a series of factors or variables. In addition to these, the platform itself has changed its regulations regarding this issue, modifying which users can or cannot generate income with their videos.

The first thing you should know is that there is no single way to make money with YouTube since you can achieve it directly or indirectly. The first is related to the ads in the videos, which we will tell you about in more detail below.

The second is indirectly related to referral links, sponsored videos or the sale of merchandise.

Very well, related to the ads, there are very clear guidelines on the part of the platform and that very well limit who can or cannot monetize their content, you must have at least 1,000 subscribers on your channel and about 4,000 hours of viewing or reproduction of your videos in total.

Once you have these numbers, you will have the possibility to join what they call “Partner Program”, having the possibility of earning income with ads and subscriptions. In this program, the creator has the possibility to choose the type of ad he wants to place, at what point in the video he wants it to show and other options.

How to Get Paid On YouTube

Once you have complied with tall the requirements the next thing to note is how to get paid on YouTube, you can make your first withdrawal for the income generated when you reach 100 euros or $100, being able to receive them via transfer or by check.

Some countries allow up to three payment methods like PayPal, bank transfer or through check while others are left with Bank transfer and Checks alone, whichever option is chosen you get paid.

It is also important for you to know that YouTube is based on CPM or Cost per Thousand, that is, the cost per thousand impressions according to what advertisers establish.

How much does YouTube pay for views?

The first thing we must be clear about is that there is no specific formula that determines the amount of money that can be generated per Xs number of visits, since, as we mentioned earlier, there are many factors present that alter these results.

Even so, below, we will mention some cases that allow us to exemplify the context and thus achieve an approximate.

What YouTube pays for 1,000 views

How much does YouTube pay for 1000 views? An example that can be taken to determine how much YouTube pays for every 1,000 visits can be found in the creator Marina Mogilko who owns three channels: Silicon Valley Girl (384,000 subscribers), Linguamarina (2.77 million subscribers) and Marina Mogilko (1.2 million subscribers ).

To know more in-depth, it is necessary to know the theme of each channel. Silicon Valley Girl is focused on the business world and the creation of a personal brand in the online world. On the other hand, Linguamarina is based on teaching about languages and the last one with the same name is a vlogging channel.

Now, the difference in monetization varies more than by the number of subscribers, by the type of channel. This is demonstrated in that Silicon Valley Girl, being the one with the lowest audience, has the best CPM of all, generating an average of $ 10.73 per 1,000 visits. For its part, Linguamarina has an average of $ 4,000 per thousand visits and Marina Mogilko, with the lowest average of the three, stands at $ 2.71 on average.

What YouTube pays for 100,000 views

In this range of visits the numbers increase, where depending on the type of content that is created and the audience to which it is directed, it is possible that advertisers are more or less interested in advertising.

In this way, it is possible to take as a reference that YouTube pays around $ 500 to $ 2,500 for every 100,000 visits, as we said, depending on the channel, content and other factors.

What YouTube pays for 1,000,000 views

When you hit the 1 million visit barrier onwards, the benefits change considerably. At this point, we no longer speak of a small channel, on the contrary, it is considered a large channel and therefore, it begins to generate as such.

On average, a channel that surpasses the million-view barrier can generate between $ 2,000 and $ 5,000 per million. However, taking the example of Marina Mogilko, she comments that she has been able to reach the figure of $ 10,000, and other YouTubers have even exceeded that same amount.

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