Meet The 10 Gospel Singers Who Became Poor

Many gospel singers who were once successful, amassed fortunes and today are literally broke living only on appearances, here are the 10 gospel singers that became poor.

Recently, we published an article on the top 10 richest gospel musicians in the world which gained a lot of views from visitors from all over the world but we later got to know that some gospel musicians who were once rich are now poor and that is the reason for today’s article.

This will definitely break the heart of so many people, seeing your favorite gospel musician who was once rich and now poor to the extent he can barely feed himself. It isn’t a good thing though but life has it that way sometimes and also depending on the individual ability to save or invest.

In the artistic world, especially in music, it is very difficult to achieve success and accumulate money and goods. If the artist does not have a certain balance and financial control, it is possible to end what he has built in his entire career in a very short time, since maintaining success is much more difficult than achieving it.

As an example, we currently have many gospel singers who were successful, amassed fortunes and today are literally broke living only on appearances.

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Check out the list and meet some gospel celebrities who are bitter about this unfortunate situation, mind you, our list is focused on Brazillian musicians the most and we use this article to encourage other gospel musicians so as not to find themselves in this kind of situation.

The 10 Gospel Singers Who Became Poor

1. Ravel


Pastor and a gospel singer Ravel, who was paired with his sister Rayssa,  for 24 years sang together, and were one of the references among evangelical pairs, with fame and their songs at the top of the charts. However, even before announcing the end of the duo, they had already been forgotten by the public, without successful songs and few schedules. Ravel is the first on our list of the 10 gospel singers who became poor.

The strategic separation also does not benefit either of them, that after almost 8 months following a solo career, both failed to return to success.

Ravel only survives on invites to sing or to preach, but the fortune he earned during his best phase is no more.

2. Alice Maciel

Alice Maciel

Alice Maciel is a gospel singer from the Pentecostal segment, well known mainly in the Northeast region. Her debut album was recorded and released in 2000 independently, under the title “Digno de Todo Louvor”. 

The singer owns songs that were real hits in the churches, especially the Assembly of God. Songs like; Ana’s victory, Get out of the cave, Almighty, Barrier, Will burn, Your presence, You can not give up, in the desert and several other songs marked a time much less commercial of gospel music.

Currently, the singer travels a little and has a fee well below the other singers in her segment. Another big problem of the singer is making a new hit since in her events the same songs are always sung over and over again.

3. Marcos Antônio

Marcos Antonio

Marcos Antônio was one of the most successful gospel singers of his time. He was champion in record sales, not to mention that his schedule was very disputed, being the most famous gospel singer in the state of Pernambuco.

The singer was so popular that he even became a federal deputy winning the 2006 election. And being for almost two decades, one of the main references of gospel musicians in Brazil.

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With the reputation of womanizing and alcoholic, the singer was soon banned from the Assembly of God of the state of Pernambuco, coming to take refuge in Paraíba, where in 2010 he ran for state deputy and lost.

In recent years the singer has been seen in several cities selling his CD “for a bargain price”.

4. J. Neto

J. Neto - Gospel Singers Who Became Poor

J. Neto is a gospel artist who was also very successful in the 90s. With a timbre very similar to the king of Brazilian music, he was considered Roberto Carlos gospel, and for many years he was among the most popular artists in Christian music.

The singer had a very busy schedule and made a lot of money in the period he was at the peak. However, over the years he failed to remain among the greats and ended up failing.

In addition to not having any new hit songs, J. Neto ended up dirtying his image after he started to break the agendas because he is drunk. Addicted to alcohol, the singer is always involved in some controversy.

5. Davi Sacer

Davi Sacer - Gospel Singers Who Became Poor

The gospel singer was very successful as leader of the ministry “Apascentar”. As one of the main composers of the group, Davi Sacer and other members decided to leave the Apascentar ministry and form the “Bringing the Ark”, which had a meteoric success.

After a few years, the singer left the group to pursue a solo career but did not achieve the same acceptance that he had while singing alongside Luiz Arcanjo.

Currently, the singer is unable to score any music, survives from the old hits, and appears to be fine, when in reality the schedule has dropped dramatically, and Davi who previously only used to schedule with the band nowadays sings on the playback and closes the show with the fee well below what it used to charge.

6. Elias Silva

The singer was already a fever in the gospel world, a true champion in CD sales, always being one of the main singers of the Gideon Congress, Elias had an enviable agenda, which any singer would like to have.

Unable to release music that was successful, and with the devaluation of the CD, Elias Silva left the scene and lost space for the new singers of the genre.

Totally out of the spotlight, the singer failed to guarantee a standard of living equal to the time when he was successful.

7. Paula’s Oils

One of the icons of Christian music, author and interpreter of true classics, Ozeias was to be today one of the most successful singers of gospel music, compared to the time when he was the main Brazilian gospel singer.

Still active, Ozeias makes very few schedules and I was unable to take advantage of everything he achieved at the time he was at his peak, now among the Gospel Singers Who Became Poor.

8. Niquésia Santos

The gospel singer from Pernambuco had a stabilized financial life, was one of the most well-known Pentecostal singers in the Northeast.

Her songs were successful in the churches, mainly in the Assembly of God, but a sexual scandal ruined the singer’s career, which months later she was seen selling hot dogs in the interior of Pernambuco.

9. Paulo Cesar

The vocalist and founder of Grupo Logos,  has an enviable history within gospel music, his songs are still sung today and gain new versions in the voices of new artists.

However, Paulo Cesar conquered his space with a unique way of singing. With a soft voice and a perfect vibrato, the Presbyterian pastor had his music sung even within the Pentecostal churches.

But so much success and fame will not earn him any profit, the band remains active, and has one of the cheapest fees in Brazil, which makes him remain in an uncomfortable financial situation and with few resources.

10. Jotta A

The last on our list of Gospel Singers Who Became Poor is Jotta A. Do you remember the little boy who was revealed on the Raul Gil Freshman Program? He sang “Hallelujah” during the reality show and surprised the gospel world and was seen as the new promise of Christian music.

His first album after he won the dispute on TV, was very successful and it seemed that the singer would indeed be a new “super star” of gospel music.

Fame, money, and a busy schedule, Jotta A made a lot of money from the song, but when the singer entered the teen stage, his voice changed and he can’t sing anymore.

After several scandals involving even his sexuality, the singer is now trying to pursue an international career and recorded a Spanish album but so far has not managed to get his place in the sun.


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