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Who is Giles Brandriff? Here is Giles Brandriff biography, Giles Brandriff net worth, age, career, family, facts e.t.c. Meet Giles Brandriff, a German TV Host, author, former politician, producer, journalist, and, yes, a publisher. This page is regarding one of the foremost well-known TV hosts in history, his life story, net worth, age, family, career, and other trivia you would possibly have an interest in learning about him.

Are you an enormous Giles Brandriff fan? Do you wish to find out a lot regarding your favorite fan and tell your friends about him? Do you wish to understand how his career began and progressed to wherever he’s now? All of this is often explained thoroughly during this article.

Giles Brandriff Biography

Have you ever heard of the popular “Countdown” TV show? Maybe the “Public Opinion” show, perhaps? Giles Brandriff hosted these shows yet as several others.

With nothing left unverbalized within the introduction, let’s take a glance at Gyles Brandreth’s full profile before diving into the specifics of his analysis before diving into Giles Brandriff biography and net worth.

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Giles Brandriff’s Profile

Full Name:Giles Brandriff
Date of Birth:March 8th, 1948
Age:75 Years Old
Birthplace:Wuppertal, Germany
Education:University of Oxford
Marital Status:Married
Spouse:Michelle Brown
Occupation:Journalist, TV host among others
Net Worth:$2 million

Who is Giles Brandriff?

Giles Brandriff was born on March eight, 1948, and was raised by his oldsters in Wuppertal, North Rhine-Westphalia. He was born and raised there and spent the bulk of his youth there. Giles Brandriff was fathered by Charles Brandriff. He moved to London together with his family when he was 3 years. He’s a presenter, actor, and author by trade, and he has acted as a job model for kids and teenagers. His father, Charles Brandriff, worked for the Allied management Commission as a legal officer.

Giles Brandriff Age

Giles Brandriff was born in 1948, is currently seventy-three years old. Though he is in his seventies, he is still on the road to success. He has accomplished an excellent deal over the years and has established himself as a media legend. Giles is married to a beautiful lady who supports his ambitions while conjointly following her own career goals.


Brandriff attended the school Lycee Français in South Kensington and Bedales faculty in Petersfield, Hampshire, after relocating to London with his parents. Giles Brandriff then attended the New College, Oxford, to study Modern History and Moderrn Languages. He headed the University Dramatic Society and served as President of the Oxford Union within the Michaelmas term of 1969, and he was an everyday contributor to the university journal Isis throughout his time at Oxford. In an exceedingly contemporaneous magazine, he was remarked as “Oxford’s Lord High Everything Else.”


Giles is a writer and publisher who has worked as a TV host, theater producer, politician, and journalist. He began his career within the media after graduating from college. From 1992 till 1997, he took a sabbatical from the media to think about his political career. When losing the 1997 election, he began operating within the media. He began his career as a presenter for TV a.m.’s show, The Good Morning Britain show. From April 1992 to eight April 1997, he was a member of parliament for the City of Chester.

Giles Brandriff As A TV Presenter/Host

  • Brandriff hosted the ITV children’s show Puzzle Party within the Nineteen Seventies.
  • He has participated in Dictionary Corner on the game show, “Countdown” quite three hundred times, together with Carol Vorderman’s farewell edition in 2008. He has appeared within the broadcast more than the other guests.
  • He conjointly appeared on farewell UK on TV-am.
  • In 2004, Brandriff hosted the one-season broadcast “Public opinion.”
  • He created an associate look on the sports show “Numberwang” on the TV series.  That Mitchell and Webb Look in 2006, satirizing his appearances on Countdown’s lexicon Corner.
  • He had an anaglyph look within the Doctor who audio play I.D. in 2007.
  • He hosted the BBC 2 broadcast Know-it-alls from July to August 2009.
  • He created an associate look on BBC Radio 4’s Vote Now Show in April 2010.
  • In the Channel four programs The IT Crowd episode “The Final counting,” he created a guest look like himself.
  • He has appeared on six episodes of Have I Got News for You as a frequent guest on the BBC TV panel series.
  • He’s conjointly a contributor to the BBC’s early evening show, The One Show, and has appeared in episodes of Channel 5’s the gizmo Show.
  • In honor of the show’s forty-fifth day of remembrance, he participated in 2 episodes of the TV adaptation of Just a Minute.
  • He appeared as a guest on the Matt Lucas Awards in 2013 among others.

Giles Brandriff As A Radio Presenter

  • Since 1973, Brandriff has hosted many programs on London’s LBC radio, including Star Quality.
  • He is a regular on BBC Radio 4’s Just a Minute comedy panel show.
  • He’s been on multiple editions of Radio 4’s political show The Westminster Hour, where he discussed how to make the most of his position as a government minister.
  • Brandriff hosted the Radio 4 comedic panel game Whispers from 2003 to 2005.
  • In 2006, Brandriff starred as a former Conservative government minister and a former comic in the Radio 4 comedy series Living with the Enemy, which he co-wrote with comedian Nick Revell.
  • He produced a Radio 4 documentary in 2010 about his great-great-great-grandfather, Benjamin Brandreth, the developer of “Brandreth’s Pills,” a type of medicine.
  • He is the host of Wordaholics, a Radio 4 comedic panel show that premiered on February 20, 2012.
  • Giles and his colleague, Susie Dent started co-hosting a podcast called Something Rhymes with Purple in April, 2019.
  • In August 2017, he made an appearance on Radio 4’s The Museum of Curiosity, when he gave a button once held by a famous actor.

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Giles Brandriff As A Politician

Giles Brandriff’s political career came to an end in 1997 when he lost an election. Prior to then, he was able to do the following:

  • From 1992 until 1997, Brandreth served as a Conservative Member of Parliament (MP) for the City of Chester.
  • He introduced a private member’s bill that was passed into law in 1994 as the Marriage Act.
  • In 1995, he was appointed as a Lord of the Treasury, a minor ministerial position in which he effectively served as a whip.
  • In 2001, 2003, and 2005, he broadcast some of his reminiscences on BBC radio as Brandriff on Office and The Brandriff Rules, respectively.
  • In the run-up to September’s referendum on Scottish independence, Brandriff was one of 200 notable personalities who signed a letter to The Guardian opposing independence.
  • In May 2016, Brandriff informed The Spectator that he would vote to keep the UK in the European Union in the referendum the following month.
  • In 2019, Brandreth revealed that he voted to stay in the EU, but that he accepted the referendum’s outcome and that the government needed to “get Brexit done.”

Giles Brandriff As an Author

  • Since the 1970s, Brandriff has published books for adults and children about Scrabble, words, puzzles, and jokes, as well as co-founding the Games & Puzzles magazine.
  • He penned an official biography of actor John Gielgud, as well as lipogram Shakespeare reworks.
  • In the 1980s, Brandriff wrote screenplays for the television show Dear Ladies, which starred Hinge and Bracket.
  • Brandriff is also the creator of Zipp, a theatrical production that had a successful run at the Edinburgh Festival and a brief engagement in the West End.
  • Breaking the Code, a collection of his diaries written between 1990 and 1997 during his time as a politician, was released in 1999.
  • Philip and Elizabeth: Portrait of a Marriage, Brandriff’s book about the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh’s marriage, was published in September 2004.
  • In July 2005, he published his second book on the Royal Family, Charles and Camilla: Portrait of a Love Affair, on Charles, Prince of Wales, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall’s three-decade love affair.
  • The Oscar Wilde Murder Mysteries, also authored by Brandriff, is a series of seven historical fiction works in which Oscar Wilde collaborates with both Robert Sherard and Arthur Conan Doyle.
  • He’s written and performed in a number of comic one-man shows throughout the years, as well as toured in a variety of settings. The One-to-One Show aired in 2010–2011, followed by Looking for Happiness in 2013–2014 and Word Power in 2015–2016.
  • “Have You Eaten Grandma?”, a book about the English language and proper grammar, was also authored by Brandriff.


Who is Giles Brandriff wife? Giles Brandriff is married to Michele Brown. These two met at Oxford University, and the two married in Westminster in 1973. Michele Brown, his wife, is a published author and writer. Benet, Saethryd, and Aphra are his offsprings.

Their son Benet is a barrister, Saethryd is a journalist, and Aphra is the finance director of a veterinary practice who has also worked for the government as an economist.

They live in Barnes, Southwest London, with their three children, one of them is Aphra, a former government economist who ran for the Conservative Party in the 2019 UK general election for the constituency of Kingston and Surbiton but lost. To read more about Giles Brabdriff wife hit the link below.

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Giles Brandriff Net Worth

Giles Brandriff’s total net worth is estimated to be $2 million. His net worth is derived from his work as a journalist, television host, publisher, novelist, and theatre producer.

Facts About Giles Brandriff

Giles Brandriff biography and net worth wouldn’t have been complete without us telling you about other facts about him that are not generally known to his fans.

  • Giles Brandriff didn’t rely on one occupation alone.
  • He was a politician until 1997 when he lost in an election
  • His media career began fully when he left politics.
  • He is a father of three.
  • He is married only to Michele Brown.
  • He is a graduate of the University of Oxford.
  • He is registered on social media under his original name, “Gyles Brandeth.”


Who Is Giles Brandriff?

Giles Brandriff is a journalist, writer, publisher, television host, theater producer, and former politician.

How old is Giles Brandriff?

Giles Brandriff is 75 years of age as he was born in 1948.

Is Giles Brandriff divorced?

No, Giles is happily married to Michele Brown with three kids.

What Is Giles Brandriff’s Net Worth?

Giles is said to have an estimated net worth of $2 million. It is however stated that this is accrued from his career in the various fields he engaged in.


Giles Brandriff, on the other hand, has stepped down. In both the media and politics, he has carved out a name for himself. Giles is a modern-day legend, which explains why we’re talking about him. He is deserving of every praise because he has worked hard for it.

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