G. Agofure Motors Price List; Bookings, Terminals & Contacts

Today’s article is centered on the latest updates on G. Agofure motors price list, nearby Terminals, and parks, how to book a ticket, and Agofure contact details.

G. Agofure is not a new name in the Nigerian transport industry, and as far as road transport is concerned Agofure Motors is at the forefront and has been maintaining the top spot for decades.

Need to be dully informed about G. Agofure Motors and how they operate? Every piece of information you’d need has been provided on this page. By the time you read all you need to know about G. Agofure Motors, you might want to book your next road travel ticket with the company.

This page will answer some of the most common questions you have been pondering on, such as:

  • Who’s the owner and founder of G. Agofure Motors?
  • What are the other services provided by G. Agofure Motors?
  • What’s the price range of the travel tickets?
  • Where are G. Agofure bus terminals located at?
  • Can a passenger book online?
  • How much is Agofure Motors from Lagos to Abuja?
  • How much is Agofure Transport from Abuja to Lagos?
  • How much is G.Agofure from Lagos to Port Harcourt?
  • How much is Agofure from Lagos to the East?
  • How much is G. Agofure from Lagos to Aba?
  • How much is Agofure Motors from Lagos to Anambra?
  • How much is G. Agofure from Lagos to Warri?
  • Is G. Agofure transport good?
  • How much is from Owerri to Abuja by bus?
  • How much is G.Agofure transport from Lagos to Enugu?
  • How do I book Agofure transport online?
  • Where’s the G. Agofure Motors head office located at?
  • How can a passenger contact the office?

About G. Agofure Motors

G. Agofure Motors, alternatively known as GAM (for short), is one of the most popular transport companies in Nigeria providing interstate and intercity road travel services. The management of this great establishment pride itself on operating a transport service with international standards. G. Agofure Motors is dedicated to providing high-quality road travel services that will ensure the safety and comfort of its passengers.

The transport company has several bus terminals dispersed across Lagos, Delta, Jos, Edo, Kaduna, Enugu, Kano, and Port-Harcourt. If you reside in any of these states, and you’d like to travel with G. Agofure Motors, all you need to do is locate the bus terminal nearest to you.

Who is the owner of G. Agofure Motors?

The owner of G. Agofure Motors hasn’t revealed much about himself to the media. Notwithstanding, one thing you must know about the owner is that the company was made after him. Known as Governor Agofure, he founded the company about three decades ago in Delta State. At the time the transport company began, it only operated within Delta State. But as time went on, it expanded its operation to other states in Nigeria, including a few northern states.

Other services offered by G. Agofure Motors

Unlike some other transport companies in Nigeria, G. Agofure Motors mainly operates in the transportation business. However, aside from transporting passengers, the company also offers courier services by transporting goods and other tangible items. They are known to have a very efficient and secured courier service, transporting items across the county to their respective owners.

Another aspect of the transport business that G. Agofure Motors is engaged in, is rental services. That is, some of their travel buses are available for rent. Anyone or group of people who need a comfortable vehicle to travel in can go to any of the bus terminals and follow the necessary steps to rent one.

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Why use G. Agofure Motors?

Here are some reasons why you might want to rely on G. Agofure Motors for your next road travel:

  • Affordable price range

G. Agofure Motors is well known for providing very affordable travel ticket fees. As a matter of fact, this transport company is one of the cheapest in Nigeria. If you don’t have too much money to spend on your next trip, G. Agofure Motors is your best bet. More importantly, just because the service is cheap doesn’t mean it’s inferior. Agofure’s travel service still has some quality irrespective of the price.

  • Air-conditioned buses

G. Agofure Motors use fully air-conditioned buses to make sure that passengers are comfortable during the trip. The only time the transport company refused to turn on the air conditioner in the buses was during the initial outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic. It was done to curb the spread of the virus.

  • Fleet of different buses

G. Agofure Motors has a variety of travel buses on their list. The transport company has a Fleet of luxurious buses. The luxurious buses are mainly used for long-distance trips, and they have special features such as power outlets, air conditioning, and extra outlets. Also, more than 50 passengers can comfortably fit in any of the luxurious buses.

G. Agofure also has Toyota Coaster and Hummer buses in its fleet. With this variety of buses, the transport company is determined to serve its customers better.

G. Agofure Motors Booking Ticket Method

How to book G. Agofure ticket? There is only one way to book travel tickets at G. Agofure Motors, and that is by going to any of the bus terminals. Unlike some other large transport companies, Agofure doesn’t have a functional only booking system that enables customers to book from the comfort of their homes.

To book your ticket, you must head to any of the bus terminals nearest to you, fill a very short form and pay the stated amount to purchase your travel ticket.

G. Agofure Motors Terminals & Parks Nationwide

1. Ibusa Road, Asaba, Delta

Address: Ibusa Road, Opp. Nira Group Of Companies, Asaba.
Phone No: 08063922418, 08078176536

2. Holy Ghost, Enugu, Enugu

Address: By Ogbete Main Market, Holy Ghost, Enugu.
Phone No: 08063922418, 08078176536

3. Badagry Expressway, Lagos

Address: Km 23 Badagry Expressway, Maza Maza, Lagos.
Phone No: 08063922418, 08078176536

4. Mile 2, Lagos

Address: Beside Signal Barracks, Mile 2, Oke, Lagos.
Phone No: 08063922418, 08078176536

5. Ojota, Lagos

Address: By Texaco Filling Station, Ojota, Lagos.
Phone No: 08063922418, 08078176536

6. Volks, Lagos

Address: Volkswagen Bus Stop, Lagos.
Phone No: 08063922418, 08078176536

7. Abule Egba, Lagos

Address : Abulegba Bus Stop, Lagos.
Phone No: 08063922418, 08078176536

8. Jibowu, Lagos

Address: Jibowu, Lagos.
Phone No: 08063922418, 08078176536

9. Choba Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers

Address: Uniport Bus Stop, Behind Mr. Biggs, Choba, Port Harcourt.
Phone No: 08063922418,08078176536

10. Oil Mill, Port Harcourt, Rivers

Address: By Oil Mill Market, Eleme Junction, Port Harcourt.
Phone No: 08063922418, 08078176536

11. Waterlines, Port Harcourt, Rivers

Address: Aba Expressway, Waterline Junction, Olu Obasanjo Road, Opp Prudent Bank, Port Harcourt.
Phone No: 08063922418, 08078176536

12. Warri-Sapele Road, Warri, Delta

Address: 263 Warri-Sapele Road, Warri.
Phone No: 08063922418, 08078176536

Agofure Motors Price List

 From Port Harcourt to
 Awka ₦1,460
 Calabar ₦2,000
 Enugu ₦1,560
 Onitsha ₦1,300
 Owerri ₦810
 Warri ₦1,560
  From Owerri to
 Enugu ₦1,060
 Onitsha ₦660
 PHC ₦1,800
 Warri ₦1,960
 From Warri to
 Awka ₦1,250
 PHC ₦1,550
 Owerri ₦1,950
 Umuahia ₦2,050
 From Uyo to (temporarily closed) 
 Enugu ₦1,650
 Owerri ₦1,400
 PHC ₦1,250
 Umuahia ₦950
 Warri ₦2,650
 From Calabar to (temporarily closed)  
 Enugu ₦2,100
 PHC ₦2,000
 Owerri ₦1,900
 Umuahia ₦1,600
 Warri ₦3,700

G. Agofure Motors Head Office & Contact

G. Agofure Motors head office is located at 154/158 P.T.I. Road, Effurun, Warri, Delta State. For inquiries, you can contact the following numbers – 08063922418, 08078176536.


Can a passenger book Agofure Motors online?

Passengers who wish to travel with G. Agofure Motors are unable to book travel tickets online. Booking can only be done at the bus terminals.

Can a passenger’s money be refunded if the bus is missed?

If you happen to miss a bus, your money can’t be refunded. However, another bus would be made available for you to travel in without any additional fee.

Does G. Agofure Motors have bus terminals in all 36 states?

G. Agofure Motors doesn’t have bus terminals in all Nigerian 36 states. You can only find the company’s bus terminals in about 7 states, which include Lagos, Delta, Port-Harcourt, Kano, Kaduna, Enugu, and Imo (Owerri).

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G. Agofure Motors may not be the very best transport company in Nigeria, but their services are worth the money spent. If you intend to travel with this transport company, you shouldn’t be worried about the bus fee because it’s quite affordable. Depending on your destination, G. Agofure bus ticket fee ranges from N6,000 to N9,000 for interstate travels.

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