Forbes Nigeria’s Billionaires 2023: Top 10 Richest Men In Nigeria – Cars & Net Worth

Here is a compilation of Top 10 Richest Men In Nigeria, including their estimated net worth and a selection of the luxurious cars they possess.

Aliko Dangote – $13.6 Billion

The richest man in Nigeria is Aliko Dangote, who holds the number one position.

He earned his wealth from businesses like cement and beverages production, auto manufacturing, and fertilizer production.

Top 10 Richest Men In Nigeria

Aliko Dangote is the founder and chairman of Dangote Cement, the biggest cement producer in Africa. He owns 85% of his company and has a net worth of $13.5 Billion.

Some of the cars he owns are:

  • Maybach 57S Knight Luxury
  • Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG
  • Bugatti Veyron
  • Bentley Mulsanne
  • Toyota Landcruiser Prado

Wikipedia Top 10 Richest Men in Nigeria

RankNameNet Worth
1Aliko Dangote $13.6 Billion
2Abdul Samad Rabiu  $7.6 Billion
3Mike Adenuga$6.3 Billion
4Arthur Eze$5.8 Billion
5Orji Uzor Kalu$3.8 Billion
6Cletus Ibeto$3.2 Billion
7Emeka Offor$2.9 Billion
8Femi Otedola$2.7 billion
9Andy Uba$2.1 Billion
10Benedict Peters$2 billion

Abdul Samad Rabiu – $7.6 Billion

Taking the second spot on the list is Abdulsamad Rabiu, who is the second wealthiest person in Nigeria with a significant net worth of $7.9 billion.

Top 10 Richest Men In Nigeria

He established BUA Group, a company engaged in cement production, sugar refining, and real estate.

Some of the cars owned by the Nigerian billionaire include:

  • Armoured Mercedes Benz G-Wagon
  • Mercedes Benz S-Class
  • Toyota Land Cruiser Prado SUV
  • Range Rover Sport


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Mike Adenuga – $6.3 Billion

Mike Adenuga is the third wealthiest person in Nigeria. He has a lot of money, about $6.3 billion.

He owns a company called Globacom, which provides mobile phone services in Nigeria. It’s the third biggest company of its kind in the country.

He also has another business called Conoil Producing, which exports oil.

Some of the cars owned by the Nigerian billionaire include:

  • Armored Bentley Mulsanne
  • Mercedes Maybach S-Class
  • Mercedes-Benz AMG C63
  • Rolls-Royce Phantom
  • Two Private Jets 

Arthur Eze – $5.8 Billion

Arthur Eze, the CEO of Atlas Oranto Petroleum, which is a big oil company in Nigeria, is ranked number 4 on the list of rich Nigerian men.

Top 10 Richest Men In Nigeria

He started an airline called Triax Airlines in 1992 after the rules for airlines became less strict in Nigeria.

The very rich 74-year-old person has two planes that are just for them, as well as five Rolls-Royce cars and seven Maybach cars.

Orji Uzor Kalu – $3.8 Billion

The person ranked at number 5 on the list is someone who used to be the Governor of Abia state and currently serves as a senator representing Abia North Senatorial District.

They also hold an important position called Chief Whip in the Senate, which is the governing body of Nigeria.

This person, named Orji Uzor Kalu, is not only involved in politics but also has a successful career as a businessman.

He is the CEO of a company called SLOK Holding, which has investments in various sectors like banking, shipping, manufacturing, oil trading, and media.

Some of his cars include:

  • Porsche Panamera
  • Mercedes Benz S-Class
  • Range Rover Sports SUV

Cletus Ibeto – $3.2 Billion

Cletus Ibeto, a businessman from the Igbo tribe, is ranked as the sixth wealthiest person in Nigeria.

He started a company called Ibeto Group and is currently its founder and chairman.

His company is involved in making cement, producing energy, and manufacturing car parts.

Cletus Ibeto’s total wealth is estimated to be $3.8 billion, which makes him one of the richest individuals in Nigeria.

Some of his cars include:

  • Rolls Royce
  • Mercedes Maybach S-Class
  • Innoson IVM G40
  • Toyota Hilux

Emeka Offor – $2.9 Billion

Number 7 is Emeka Offor, a businessman from Anambra.

He is very successful in business and is known for his work in the oil and energy industry.

He started a company called The Chrome Group, which searches for oil and has its main office in Abuja.

Some of the cars owned by the businessman include:

  • Toyota Landcruiser Prado
  • Lexus RX
  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Femi Otedola – $2.7 billion

In many Nigerian hip-hop songs, singers often use Femi Otedola as a symbol of the wealth they aspire to have.

Femi Otedola is actually a very rich man, with a net worth of $2.7 billion which is quite impressive.

He was born on November 4, 1962, in Ibadan and is known as a successful CEO, entrepreneur, and someone who does a lot of charitable work.

He is also the father of a popular Nigerian disc jockey named DJ Cuppy.

 His expensive car lists include

  • A Mercedes-Benz AMG G63
  • A Mercedes Benz G-Wagon
  • A Mercedes SLR McLaren
  • A Rolls-Royce Phantom
  • BMW 6 series

Andy Uba – $2.1 Billion

The person ranked number 9 on the top 9 list is the senator who represented Anambra South Senatorial District in 2011.

He began his political journey while he was in college, and most of his money comes from being involved in politics.

Right now, his total wealth is valued at $2.1 billion.

Some of his cars include:

  • Rolls Royce
  • Mercedes Maybach S-Class
  • Innoson IVM G40

Benedict Peters

As of November 2019, he had an estimated net worth of US$2 billion. …

He is ranked by Ventures Africa as the 17th richest person in Africa 

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