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Full Biography of Floyd Mayweather Jr the Box Champion

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is an American boxer and is considered one of the best boxers in history, as he has won championships in up to 5 weight divisions.

He has never been defeated professionally speaking and in 1998 and 2007 he was named the Boxer of the Year by the box magazine The Ring.

To give you a general idea of ​​how talented Floyd Mayweather is as a boxer, he has a record of 50 wins, 0 losses and 0 draws. That is, he is completely undefeated. He is currently retired and enjoying his success and money.

Below is the Complete Biography of Floyd MayWeather Jr one of the best boxers in history.

Who is Floyd Mayweather?

The American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. was born on February 24, 1977 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He won three national Gold Gloves and an Olympic bronze medal before becoming a professional in 1996.

Mayweather won his first featherweight championship in 1998, later accumulating titles in four other weight categories while maintaining an undefeated record.

Early life

Widely considered the best boxer of his time, Floyd Mayweather Jr. was born on February 24, 1977, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States. His real name is Floyd Joy Sinclair.

The box apparently brings him into the genes since several of his relatives were boxers and even champions of this sport. For example, Floyd Mayweather’s father, Mr. Floyd Sr. was already a welterweight boxer, his uncle Jeff Mayweather is a former IBO featherweight champion and has another uncle, Roger Mayweather who is a former champion of WBA featherweight and WBC super lightweight.

Mayweather Jr.’s dad introduced him to the world of boxing by taking him to a gym from an early age, holding his young son in front of the speed bags every time they visited him. Soon, Mayweather was punching everything close to his sight. At the age of 7, they put on his first boxing gloves.

Little Floyd, as he was known, became a staple in his neighborhood gym, which was conveniently located just five doors from his family’s house. He soon took his father’s last name, indicating a desire to follow his steps towards success in boxing.

His family life was complicated. Elder Mayweather had a violent temper, and he went in and out of danger as a drug dealer. He was shot in the leg while holding his son in 1978, and in 1993 he was sentenced to prison for cocaine trafficking. Deborah, Mayweather’s mother, also dealt with issues related to substance abuse.

Principles of your professional success

In the ring, Mayweather Jr. found the tranquility and peace he occupied to be away from his troubled family. At the beginning, he was nicknamed “Pretty Boy” because his face did not have a single brand and with much dedication and his particular fast and precise style won the National Gold Gloves in 1993, 1994 and 1996.

While he finished 84-6 as an amateur, Mayweather’s pre-professional career ended on a bitter note. At the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, he lost a controversial decision against Bulgarian Serafim Todorov and was forced to settle for a bronze medal.

Career in professional boxing

Floyd Mayweather Jr and his father
Floyd Mayweather Jr and his father

Floyd Mayweather Jr became a professional boxer on October 11, 1996. As a professional, Mayweather continued to win at an amazing pace. With his father serving as manager and coach after his release from prison, the talented boxer won several easy bouts. In 1998, he defeated Genaro Hernández to conquer his first world title, the WBC featherweight championship.

His career accelerated further from the year 2000 when Mayweather embarked on a seven-year stage that had many fans of fights talking about him as one of the greatest sports of all time.

During this period, he ascended in the weight class four times, taking home the WBC lightweight title in 2002, the WBC super lightweight title in 2005 and the IBF, IBO, WBC and IBA welterweight titles in 2006. In 2007 defeated Oscar De La Hoya for the WBC super welterweight crown.

His success earned higher profits. In 2010 he was the third highest-paid American athlete, with revenues of more than $ 60 million per year.

Victories and paychecks only fed Mayweather’s already robust ego. In a sport based on bravado, he proved to be one of the most polarizing figures in boxing. “My goal has always been to be one of the best fighters that ever existed,” Mayweather said. “My career and my legacy are very important to me.”

As his international profile grew, Mayweather brought his star power to the television.

In preparation for his long-awaited 2007 game with De La Hoya, Mayweather became the center of attention in the HBO documentary in four parts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which resulted in new pay-per-view and live records. Later that same year, he appeared as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars of ABC Television.

Retirement and Return

Mayweather Jr. surprised the world of sports when he announced his retirement after defeating Ricky Hatton in late 2007. Although after a couple of years he decided to return to the ring, and he did so in September 2009 and won a fight against Juan Manuel Marquez by decision unanimous, for a bag of almost 60 million dollars.

Eight months later, he won a unanimous 12-round decision over Shane Mosley in Las Vegas to increase his professional record to 41-0.

In May 2013, Mayweather made headlines when he won a 12-round bout against Robert Guerrero in a unanimous decision at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, winning the WBC welterweight title. The fight raised Floyd Mayweather’s record to an unbeaten 44-0 (with 26 KOs).

Awesome fights vs Pacquiao and McGregor

After three more successful fights, Mayweather made the boxing world vibrate by agreeing to fight the eight-division champion Manny Pacquiao at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 2, 2015.

Showing his usual hermetic defense in the ” Fight of the Century “, Mayweather stopped his opponent to win a unanimous decision and keep his perfect record.

In 2017, Mayweather enlisted for a match with UFC champion Conor McGregor, who had boxed as an amateur before moving on to mixed martial arts.

As part of the negotiations, Mayweather agreed to fight with 8-ounce gloves, a compromise between the usual 10-ounce gloves used for standard junior middleweight fights and the 4-ounce UFC gloves.

After months of news, the fight took place on August 26, 2017, at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Far beyond his best athletic moment at the age of 40, Mayweather beat his younger, stronger and less experienced opponent, hitting McGregor with a flurry of punches in the tenth round before being declared the winner through TKO. His record of up to 50-0, Mayweather announced that he was retiring once again.

Mayweather fought the Japanese boxer Tenshin Nasukawa in an exhibition at the end of 2018. In November 2019, he announced on Instagram that he was “leaving retirement in 2020”.

A little more personal

Floyd Mayweather Jr is the father of four sons (two sons and two daughters), and currently lives in Las Vegas.

Mayweather’s family dynamics, sometimes dominant, has occasionally interfered in her working life. In 2000, Mayweather dismissed his father as manager. Their differences became more intense, and not long after, Mayweather dismissed his father as a coach as well, and replaced him with his uncle Roger Mayweather.

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Outside the ring, Mayweather has fought different types of battles. At the end of December 2011, a Las Vegas judge sentenced him to 90 days in jail after he pleaded guilty to a charge of domestic violence and did not challenge two counts of harassment. Mayweather has been arrested several times since 2002 in cases of aggression and violence in Las Vegas and in his hometown of Grand Rapids.

General data of Floyd Mayweather Jr.

  • Full Name: Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr.
  • Date of birth: February 24, 1977
  • Height: 1.73 meters
  • Age: 42 years old
  • Nationality: American
  • Wealth in 2019: $ 560 Million dollars
  • Wife / Girlfriend / Couple: Josie Harris
  • Children: Zion Shamaree Mayweather Koraun Mayweather Iyanna Mayweather
    Jirah Mayweather

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