Meet Felicia Forbes [Tom Lister Jr.’s Wife]: Biography, Net Worth, Age & Height

Who is Felicia Forbes? In this article, we will reveal to you Tommy Lister Jr.’s charming wife Felicia Forbes biography, Felicia Forbes net worth, age, career, husband, weight, and height.

There are certainly a lot of questions flying around about the famous Tom Lister Jr’s wife and I’m pretty sure you’re looking for the right source to get the truth, well worry no more, we have got you covered right here as we would be unveiling core fun facts and mysteries about Felicia Forbes.

It’s quite an interesting thing to find out more about the wife of a famous former pro wrestler and Actor, although, Felicia Forbes happens to be sort of a very private person about her life and family, nevertheless, we have got some amazing information to share about her to enable her fans or her husband fans out there figure out facts about her.

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No doubts the internet could take up lots of information that aren’t genuine about her since she has been the private type, but recently we have been able to get some bit of information about her which gives us a lead in writing about Felicia Forbes biography and Net Worth of Tom Lister Jr’s Wife. Let’s quickly get down to business as we unravel the profile of Felicia Forbes Tom Lister Jr’s wife.

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Felicia Forbes profile

Full Name:Felicia Forbes
Date of Birth:January 2, 1972
Age:50 Years Old
Birth Place:Cape Town, South Africa
Spouse:Tommy Lister Jr.
Marital Status:Married / Widowed
Height:5 feet 7 inches
Weight:132 Ibs
Body Measurement:33-24-35 inches
Occupation:Profession: Minister, Missionary, Human resources business partner
Net Worth:$500,000

Who is Felicia Forbes?

Felicia Forbes who is best known as the wife of a former professional wrestler and Actor named Tom Lister is an American Minister and Missionary.

Felicia Forbes biography and Net Worth

Felicia Forbes was born on the 2nd of January, 1972 in Cape Town, South Africa. She was raised in Cape Town by her parents who happen to have taken good care of her till she became independent. However, She was known to have originated from the black race but switched to the white side as she attained an American green card which makes her a citizen of America, hence, everyone knows her Nationality to be America, but have it at the back of your mind that she originated from the blacks.

Felicia Forbes Biography

Felicia Forbes was raised in Cape Town South Africa by her parents whose identity was not revealed by the famous Cape Town minister but information has it that she attended a private school way back in Cape Town, South Africa which implies she was raised properly.

She is known to have lived in South Africa from birth till the year 2003 when she met her spouse and they both traveled to the United States.

Career and profession

Speaking of Tom Lister Jr’s Wife Career and profession, it is known that this famous movie actor’s wife doesn’t have much going on as she is known to serve the Lord as a missionary and also a Minister of the gospel in Cape Town. However, in recent times, Felicia Forbes is known to have partnered with a Human resources company known as ABM Aviation, INC since the year 2018 till date. As much as we know, the pretty woman has chosen a superb and amazing career line and she is doing well with it.

Felicia Forbes marriage life and family

Now to the real deal, Felicia Forbes biography and net worth wouldn’t have been complete without talking about her marriage, lot’s of people across the world keeps wondering if the Famous movie actor Tom Lister and Felicia Forbes are still married, well, let’s take it right from the start and hand you the full gist.

Felicia Forbes and Tom Lister met each other way back in the year 2003 when Tom Lister visited South Africa to partake in a movie shot. At that moment, Tom was noted to be filming one of his amazing movies in South Africa titled “Blast”, the movie was really a blast.

However, when these two amazing souls met each other, they got into a relationship that obviously went well and in a short period of time, they both made a big decision to get married that same year, can you believe it? Yeah, it’s amazing and almost impossible these days. They got married in a famous construction developer’s house known as Faik Haroun.

Sweet love stories right? Well, the couple made their way back to California, United States where they settled down and lived happily, and in a short period of time, Felicia Forbes took in and gave birth to a precious little girl, amazing, she was named Faith Grace, well, of course, that little girl is now 12 years old this year. Ever since then, Felicia Forbes has been on top of the world as she was known widely as the wife of a prominent Hollywood Actor. The relationship went smooth between them for some time before something happened. Let’s find out.

Felicia Forbes Marriage Controversy

Do you want to know how Tom Lister and Felicia Forbes little love story went? Well, here is how it went; in the year 2019, Tom Lister was spotted with another lady other than Felicia Forbes of which it was confirmed they were making out, what a heartbreak it must be for the Missionary woman.

However, Tom Lister couldn’t deny the fact that he was having an affair outside their marriage as they both went their separate ways, but they were never divorced, they merely stayed apart, but would they come back together? Well, the sad news is they won’t be coming together again at least not in this world again, you know why?

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Felicia Forbes current marital status

Tom Lister passed away on the 10th of December, 2020 which makes it impossible for the couple to get back again. Tom Lister died at the age of 62 in his house following complications from COVID-19, although he wasn’t immediately declared dead following the call put across to the Police from his residence at Marina Del Rey, California, but was later pronounced dead that night after facing serious difficulty in breathing.

The famous Actor was noted to have been down once with the deadly pandemic (COVID-19) of which he overcame but later that year, he started having similar symptoms of the disease again and this time around claimed his life, leaving his wife and daughter behind.

Following the fact that Felicia Forbes never got divorced from her husband before his death makes her a widow, hence, Felicia Forbes is currently a widow and has no intentions of remarrying soon.

Rumors and Controversies about Felicia Forbes

Speaking of rumors about Felicia Forbes, there has been no recorded rumor or controversies about her till date. However, there was a little controversy about her husband back in 2012, when he was sentenced to prison for a real state criminal charges of fraud involving $3.8 million, but later on the case died down and no news was heard again.

Fun facts about Felicia Forbes

Surprisingly, there is a fun fact about Felicia Forbes, despite being a famous woman who rose to prominence through her late husband, she has never been spotted on any Social Media platform anyone knows of, she made the decision to live an absolute private life so if you have been asking about Felicia Forbes Instagram or Facebook account she has none. Speaking of her husband, he was famous and got the attention of a reasonable number of people on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook where he had 201k, 465, and 4k followers respectively on each media platform.

Felicia Forbes $2.5 million family house

Amazing right, well it’s true, the family of Forbes Is known to live in a $2.5 million house located in Calabasas. This fascinating building is noted to occupy 6,158 square meters of land space, having 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a master suite, and two-story foyer.

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Felicia Forbes Height, weight, and Age

Looking carefully into her physique, the famous minister and missionary stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches and weighs 132Ibs. However, she has a body measurement of 33-24-35 inches which makes her a woman of perfect shape and a beautiful physique.

Speaking of her age, not a lot of people know Felicia Forbes age across the world, but here is the real deal; Felicia Forbes was born in 1972 which makes her 50 years old this year.

Net worth

The big fuss, what is the Net worth of Felicia Forbes?

Felicia Forbes current net worth is estimated at $500,000, this is the actual wealth of Felicia after inheriting her husband’s wealth coupled with her income.

However, information has it that her later husband is worth $100,000 and since they were never divorced, she inherited her late husband’s cash and all.


Felicia Forbes as a missionary, minister, and business partner to a human resources company proves she is a woman of virtue. Despite the heartbreak she went through from her late husband, she remained faithful, well, she is a woman of God and that can be considered a lesson for others. However, we are yet to get anything regarding if she has any intentions of getting married again, but do you all think she would remarry? Let’s have your opinion on this in the comment box. Hit the share button if you enjoyed reading Felicia Forbes biography and net worth.

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Who is Felicia Forbes?

Felicia Forbes is a Missionary, Minister, a business partner to a human resources company, and the wife to a famous Hollywood Actor and former wrestler Tom Lister.

Who is Felicia Forbes married to?

Felicia Forbes was married to Tom “Tiny” Lister. (2003 – 2020)

Is Felicia Forbes still married?

Felicia Forbes separated with her husband Tom Lister in the year 2020 but was never divorced before her husband died.

What is Felicia Forbes Net worth?

Felicia Forbes has an estimated Net worth of $500,000.

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