Fekomi Owner “Komiyo Lawrence” Biography, Wiki, Career, Net Worth 2023

Fekomi Owner “Komiyo Lawrence” Biography

Komiyo Lawrence Adefemi, known as Fekomi, was born in the early 1990s and originated from Akure, a city in Ondo State, Nigeria’s South-West region.

He completed his undergraduate studies in Psychology at the University of Ado Ekiti, now known as Ekiti State University (EKSU).

Following his psychology degree, Fekomi developed a keen interest in erectile dysfunction, which he attributes to his parents.

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Motivated to find effective solutions for this issue affecting men, he embarked on a journey to educate himself on the subject further.

This pursuit led him to Empire Medical Training in the United States, where he obtained an associate certificate in the treatment and management of erectile dysfunction.

To expand his expertise in this field, Komiyo enrolled in an online course on erectile dysfunction at Harvard University, which equipped him with additional knowledge on addressing men’s erectile problems.

While Fekomi continues to achieve noteworthy accomplishments in his business endeavors, he deliberately maintains a private personal life and keeps a considerable distance from social media.

Consequently, as of the time of writing this post, limited information is available about the young entrepreneur’s personal life, including whether or not he is married.

fekomi Founder Wikipedia Profile

Real nameKomiyo Lawrence Adefemi
Nickname Fekomi
EducationEkiti State Unioversity. Psychology
Sex therapist
NetworthN50 million


Komiyo Lawrence is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fekomi Global Nigeria Limited, the parent company of Fekomi Herbals.

His company specializes in manufacturing a wide range of products related to erectile dysfunction and erectile health, providing assistance to men in overcoming challenges related to their erectile system.

Komiyo Lawrence expressed that his motivation to address the issue of erectile dysfunction, which has been causing marital problems across the nation, led him to focus on this business venture.

Sharing his thoughts on the matter, he stated,

“My passion for treating erectile dysfunction is what inspired me to establish this business. We are all aware that a significant percentage of men are experiencing difficulties due to stress and illness, hence the necessity for assistance. Additionally, we aim to reduce the number of divorces resulting from a lack of sexual satisfaction.”

Komiyo Lawrence Adefemi has established himself as one of the leading serial entrepreneurs in the field of erectile health. His business focuses on creating various products targeted at men. Some notable products from his brand include:

  • Amanda Smack Down XO
  • Delay Ejaculation Gummies
  • Fekomi 2 hours Delayed
  • Fekomi 3 in 1 Permanent Cure For Wart, herpes, and Skin tags
  • Fekomi 60 Minutes Delayed Ejaculation Spray
  • Fekomi Detox Tea
  • Fekomi Alpha Male Intimate Wash
  • Fekomi Herbal Tea: Sperm Booster

Since the launch of his business, his brand has reportedly assisted over 30,000 men. When discussing his products, the entrepreneur expressed, “Based on the regular feedback I receive from users, I would rate the effectiveness of my products at 9 out of 10.”

While his brand primarily focuses on producing sexual enhancement products for men, it is also known for producing more than 15 products that help women with hormonal imbalances.

In terms of certifications, the entrepreneur mentioned that his company has received approval from the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and NAFDAC (National Agency for Food & Drug Administration & Control).

The brand operates in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and various European countries.

The brand’s headquarters in Nigeria is situated at 34a Bashiru Shitu St. Magodo GRA Shangisha, Lagos.

Several notable individuals serve as ambassadors for the brand, including Nigerian celebrity and former BBNaija winner, WhiteMoney, comedian Sabinus, celebrity dancer Poco Lee, and content creator Kuye Adegoke, popularly known as Egungun.

Additionally, the brand boasts an impressive workforce of over 80,000 employees.


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Earlier this year, the CEO and Penis Care Expert treated himself to a luxurious Mercedes G-Wagon Brabus, valued at over N100 million.

This particular vehicle is the Brabus edition of the renowned Mercedes-Benz G-class, famous for its enhanced performance and remarkable luxury features, making it an exceptional choice for off-road adventures.

Komiyo lawrence

net worth

Komiyo Lawrence Adefemi has amassed significant wealth through his successful business ventures and diverse investment portfolio, which includes holdings in real estate and other prominent businesses.

He has frequently emphasized on his Instagram account that while academic achievements can lead to millionaire status, true billionaire status is attained through entrepreneurship.

As of now, Komiyo Lawrence’s net worth is estimated to be $50 million, solidifying his status as a billionaire.

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