Elena Zhukova Biography, Wiki, Age Husband, Kids, Family, Net worth 2023

Elena Zhukova, a former scientist, has found love in the arms of media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, as per recent reports.

The 66-year-old Russian-American lady and the 92-year-old billionaire began their romantic journey in August 2023.

Their paths crossed at a gathering organized by Murdoch’s ex-wife, Wendi Deng. Here are a few noteworthy details about Elena Zhukova and her background.

Elena Zhukova

Elena Zhukova Wikipedia Profile

Real NameElena Zhukova
In LimelightDating Rupert Murdoch
Age66 years old
Birth Date1957
Birth PlaceMoscow, Russia
ParentsFather: Name Not Known
Mother: Homemaker
Marital StatusDivorced.
Ex-husbandAlexander Zhukov.
DaughterDasha Zhukova.
Relationship StatusDating.
PartnerRupert Murdoch.

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Early Life, Biography, and Education

Elena Zhukova was born in 1957 in Moscow, Russia, into a family of intellectuals with Jewish-Russian roots.

As a student, she crossed paths with Alexander Zhukov, her future husband, and an oil trader turned financier who amassed wealth after the Soviet era.

Their union brought forth a daughter named Dasha Zhukova in 1981, but the marriage dissolved when Dasha was merely three years old. In 1990, Elena bid farewell to the Soviet Union, relocating to the United States along with her daughter.

She secured a role at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, utilizing her expertise in molecular biology.

Subsequently, Elena moved to Los Angeles, California, where she continued her scientific endeavors at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

She rose to prominence as a biology professor specializing in diabetes, contributing significantly to the field through numerous peer-reviewed research articles.

Her academic journey concluded in 2018 upon her retirement from teaching.

Who is Elena Zhukova?

Elena Zhukova, originally from Moscow, has a background rooted in both Jewish and Russian heritage.

She was once married to Alexander Zhukhov, a prominent Russian figure in the oil and finance industries. In 1990, she made a significant move by relocating to the United States, accompanied by her daughter.

Her professional journey led her to the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, followed by her role at UCLA.

Known for her unassuming nature, Elena Zhukova is remembered by her former colleague, Lee Slice, as someone who remained grounded and committed to her scientific pursuits.

Rather than displaying her wealth or lavish lifestyle, she focused earnestly on her work. Her interactions within the lab environment were marked by friendliness and a willingness to assist others.

Personal Life: Marriage, Husband and Daughter

Elena Zhukova has experienced two marriages and divorces. Following her split from Alexander Zhukov, she became a mother to twins – a boy and a girl – from a subsequent relationship. The individual responsible for fathering her twins remains undisclosed to the public.

Among Elena’s offspring are Katya Zhukova, Dasha, and Darya Zhukova. Dasha Zhukova holds significant roles as an art enthusiast, entrepreneur, magazine editor, and social figure.

She was previously married to Roman Abramovich, a notable Russian tycoon and the former proprietor of Chelsea FC, from 2008 until 2018. The couple shares two children: a son named Aaron and a daughter named Lea.

Elena Zhukova and Rupert Murdoch’s Relationship

Elena Zhukova and Rupert Murdoch crossed paths at a family event arranged by Wendi Deng, who happens to be Murdoch’s former spouse.

The gathering was made possible through Deng’s friendship with Dasha Zhukova. During this occasion, Murdoch became quite taken with Elena and took the initiative to ask her out.

Since August 2023, the two have been in a romantic relationship, even enjoying a leisurely cruise on a luxurious yacht in the Mediterranean.

Who is Rupert Murdoch?

Rupert Murdoch stands as the driving force behind News Corp, an expansive media conglomerate that holds the reins of influential platforms like The Wall Street Journal, The Times of London, The Sun, and more. Murdoch’s reach extends across continents, with holdings spanning Fox News Channel, Sky News Australia, and many others.

Stepping into his personal life, Murdoch has embarked on four marital journeys. His initial partner was Patricia Booker, an Australian journalist and air hostess, with whom he shared a daughter named Prudence MacLeod.

After parting ways in 1967, he found companionship in Anna Mann, a Scottish writer and journalist. Together, they raised three children: Elisabeth Murdoch, an industry professional, Lachlan Murdoch, now the executive chair of Fox Corporation, and James Murdoch, who previously helmed 21st Century Fox.

However, their paths diverged in 1999. Wendi Deng, a Chinese-born businesswoman and film producer, then entered his life as his third spouse.

This union brought forth two daughters: Grace Helen Murdoch and Chloe Murdoch. The couple’s relationship came to an end in 2013, a split accompanied by speculation about Wendi’s involvement with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

In 2016, Murdoch sought companionship once more with Jerry Hall, an American model and actress. Their marital chapter concluded in 2020.


Elena Zhukova, a former Russian molecular biologist, enjoyed a successful career in medical research. She held a professorship in biology at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), specializing in diabetes studies.

Zhukova made valuable contributions to the scientific community with her published articles on insulin signaling, glucose metabolism, and gene expression, collaborating with researchers from various global institutions.

Some of her notable works include:

  • Zhukova E, et al. (2007). Exploring the Vital Role of Insulin Receptor Substrate 2 in Beta Cells and the Hypothalamus. Published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, 117(9), 2652-2663.
  • Zhukova E, et al. (2010). Unveiling the Importance of POMC Neurons in Detecting Glucose and Regulating Its Balance, Hindered by Obesity. Nature, 466 (7306), 802-810.
  • Zhukova E, et al. (2014). Unraveling the Impact of the MafA Transcription Factor on Genes Critical for Insulin Secretion Triggered by Glucose. Shared in Molecular Endocrinology, 28(8), 1216–1227.

After retiring from UCLA in 2018, Elena Zhukova relocated to New York City. Presently, she is romantically involved with media magnate Rupert Murdoch, renowned as the chairman of Fox Corp. and the owner of prominent publications like The Wall Street Journal and The Times of London.

Their relationship blossomed after they met at a party hosted by Murdoch’s ex-wife, Wendi Deng. Notably, the couple has embarked on an extended Mediterranean cruise that has spanned several weeks.

Net Worth 

Her net worth is estimated to be around >$1 million.

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