Efex Transport Price List 2023; Bookings, Terminals & Contacts

Are you in search of the current Efex Transport price list? Efex Transport is one of the modern road transport companies in Nigeria, it is also one of the most used road transportation agencies in the country.

In a country with a population of over 210 million you sure know that there will be a lot of companies to compete with, the competition in the Nigerian transportation industry is huge and to stay afloat among the best you need to up your games.

Efex Transport has been been in the game for some years now and has been able to rank among the best transport companies in Nigeria.

A lot of effort was and is in place to make them achieve this feat likewise continue to offer top-notch transport services that meet up to global standards.

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You may have different questions bothering you that needs urgent answers, questions like;

  • How much is Efex Transport from Lagos to Delta State?
  • How much is Efex Transport from Lagos to Port Harcourt?
  • How much is Efex Transport from Lagos to Edo?
  • How much is Efex Transport from Lagos to Warri?
  • How much is Efex Transport from Lagos to Accra?
  • How much is Efex Transport from Ghana to Lagos?
  • How much is Efex Transport from Lagos to Abuja?
  • How much is Efex Transport from Lagos to Aba?
  • Is Efex Transport reliable?
  • How much is Efex Transport from Lagos to the East?
  • How do I book Efex Transport online?

All your questions will be answered in this article ranging from Efex Transport price list, Efex transport ticket and online booing, routes, terminals, and many more. Without taking much time let s dive into today’s topic.

About Efex Transport Company

Efex Transport Company is one of the most credible transport companies in Nigeria that have made road travel a pleasant and interesting journey for passengers in the country. This reputable transport company is well regarded for its decent and luxurious bases that give customers the comfort they desire to make their travel experience an enjoyable one.

Efex Transport Company is among the most successful road transport companies in Nigeria. The company’s credibility and reputation are also observed in other neighboring West African countries. Amazingly, Efex is reportedly thriving more than some other Nigerian transport companies that had been in operating before its existence.

Efex Transport Price List; Bookings, Terminals & Contacts

This prestigious establishment prides itself upon delivering quality services with competence by providing travellers with a remarkable travel experience. Their staff and drivers are well organized and ethical, offering customers the best experience regardless of age, race, or social status.

Who is the owner of Efex Transport Company?

The original owner of the transport company is unknown. That is, there isn’t any credible information regarding the person or perhaps group of persons that founded Efex Transport Company. Nevertheless, Efex is reportedly headed by one Engineer Isaac I. Uhunmwagbo. He’s been heading the company for several years.

Other services offered by Efex Transport Company

Aside from transporting people from one destination to another by road, Efex Transport Company also owns a hotel. As a company that is committed to providing hospitality services to Nigerians, the management established a hotel business some years ago. Many of the customers who now use the hotel are those who typically make use of the transport company.

Also, like most Nigerian transport companies, Efex Transport Company is also engaged in courier services. Goods can be transported from one state to another by their vehicles.

Why use Efex Transport Company?

You probably have quite a number of factors that you consider when choosing a transport company for your road travel. Notwithstanding, here are some reasons why you might choose to use Efex:

  • Clean and good-working buses

Efex Transport Company is not one of those incompetent transport companies that don’t convey passengers in well-functional buses. If you are travelling with Efex, you can be assured that the bus you’d travel on won’t break down unnecessarily on the way. Many of their buses are new and pose no risk of breaking down.

  • Comfort

Efex is known for offering passengers comfort. As a matter of fact, this is one of the key reasons why most people travel with Efex. Their buses are quite comfortable, helping you relax no matter how far your journey is. Efex has a wide range of buses for transporting passengers; 15-seater Hummer buses and 30-seater civilian buses.

  • Credibility

Efex is not a new transport company in Nigeria, trying to build credibility. The company is well-known within and outside the country. Amazingly, unlike most Nigerian transport companies, Efex operates in different West African countries such as Ghana, Benin Republic, Cote d’Ivoire, Togo, and of course Nigeria.

  • Easy Booking Method

Efex Transport Company understands how important it is for customers its services with ease. This is why the company has a very basic and hassle-free method for purchasing travel tickets even if you have never travelled with Efex.

Efex Transport Buses

Here are the type of buses used by Efex transport;

  • Toyota (Siena)
  • 15 Seater Hummer Buses
  • 30 Seater Civilian Buses
  • Luxury Bus 36 Seater

You are given the opportunity to choose your choice of vehicle but whichever one you choose similar treatment or enjoyment is guaranteed.

Efex Transport Booking Ticket Method

To book a travel ticket at Efex, you can either visit their official website or simply go to any of their bus terminals that you want to travel from and speak to the attendant that issues tickets.

To book online, go to www.efex.com.ng and provide your details which would include your name, phone number, email, your destination, and any other vital information that is required. Once you’ve entered this information, click the “proceed” button. The next and last thing is to choose your payment option, and once the payment is successfully completed, you’d receive a confirmation email.

Efex Transport Terminals

Terminals NameAddressContact
Asaba Terminal (Delta)Ibusa road, Koka Junction, Asaba, Delta08150466495
IkoroduUnlimited Grace Plaza, 33, Sagamu Road, opposite Powa Market, Ikorodu, Lagos., Ikorodu, Lagos08150466525
IkotunNo. 1 Dalekon Road, Ikotun round-about, Ikotun, Lagos, Ikotun, Lagos08150466514
Iyana-Ipaja Terminal (Lagos)174, Lagos Abeokuta Expressway, Iyana Ipaja, Iyana Ipaja, Lagos08150466496
Iyaro Terminal (Edo)4, Urubi street, Iyaro Benin city. , Iyaro-benin, Edo08150466488
Mile 2mile 2 general park , Amuwo-odofin, Lagos08150466515
Mowe Terminal (Ogun)Km 42, Ibadan Expressway Mowe Bus stop, Mowe-Ibafo, Ogun08150466491
Ojodu Berger Terminal (Lagos)Ojodu berger bustop, Ojodu Berger, Lagos08150466427
Ojota Terminal (Lagos)416 Ikorodu Road, Ojota bus stop, Ojota, Lagos08150466519
Owerri Terminal (Imo)Egbu road, Bestway before relief junction, Owerri. , Owerri, Imo08150466478
Ramat Terminal (Edo)Ramat Park, Ikpoba Hill, Benin-city , Ramat-benin, Edo08150466486
Umuahia2 Item street, Umuwaya road, Umuahia., Umuahia, Abia08035921515
Uselu Terminal (Edo)Efex 02, 96 Uselu-Lagos Road, Benin-city , Uselu-benin, Edo08150466487
Yaba Terminal77/78 Murtala Mohammed Way, Yaba, Yaba, Lagos08150466512
Accra Terminal (Ring Road, Ghana)Ring Road express, silver cup Bustop, opposite Paloma hotel, Accra, Greater Accra+233545567306

Efex Transport Price List – Updated

From Lagos
To Benin₦3,150
To Cotonou (One Way Virgin Passport)₦16,200
To Lome (ID Card)₦20,700
To Accra (ID Card)₦16,650
To Cotonou (One Way Regular Passport)₦14,400
To Lome (Virgin Passport)₦18,000
To Lome (Regular Passport)₦16,200
From Benin
To Accra (One Way ID card)₦27,000
To Accra (One Way Regular Passport)₦22,950
To Accra (Virgin Passport)₦24,300
To Lagos₦3,150
Asaba to Lagos₦3,150
From Accra
To Lagos (ID Card)₦20,700
To Lagos (Regular Passport)₦16,200
To Lagos (Virgin Passport)₦18,000

Kindly note that the prices you find here can change based on various factors, we will try our best to always update this list.

Efex Transport Company Head Office & Contact

Efex Transport Company’s current head office is located at 77/78 Murtala Muhammed Way, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria. They are open as early as 7 am to 5 pm every day of the week. They can be contacted via email, info@efex.com.ng, or through their hotline, 08023134121.


Is Efex Transport Company owned by a Nigerian?

Efex Transport Company is owned by a bonafide Nigerian. As a matter of fact, the owner is a native of Edo State. The company was actually named after the founder – Efosa. The word “Efex” is just an abbreviate of Efosa Express.

Is Efex Transport expensive?

Although Efex may not be as cheap as some Nigerian transport companies, it’s not so expensive. Every dime spent on the travel ticket is definitely worth it because of the high-quality service one would receive.

How many States is Efex Transport Located in?

Efex Transport Company is not located in many Nigerian states. It’s located in Lagos, Edo, as well as a few other states in the country.

Can someone travel to Ghana with Efex Transport?

Yes, one can totally travel to Ghana using Efex Transport Company. In fact, Ghana is not the only west African state one can travel to with Efex; Togo, Cote d’Ivoire, and Benin Republic are other West African countries.

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Travelling by road in Nigeria can be very tiring and even risky sometimes. But if your journey is well planned with a very competent transport company such as Efex, you wouldn’t have to worry about a lot of things. So many inconveniences can be prevented when one travels with Efex Transport because the company is dedicated to providing the best road travel experience. The booking process is quite easy, your payment is secured, and your comfort is assured.

You can drop any question you have about Efex Transport price list and bookings below and we will do justice to it as soon as possible, to the best of our knowledge we will try to answer your questions if we have the exact answer.

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