Diamond Platnumz Net Worth 2023: Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Career & Facts

Diamond Platnumz biography, net worth, ex-girlfriends, and other vital information about the popular musician from Tanzania are all that will be revealed in this article.

The King of Bongo Flava professionally known as Diamond Platnumz is a popular artist in Central Africa particularly in the East. He is from Tanzania, a Muslim who bears Naseeb Abdul Juma Issack officially. Naseeb is a professional singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor. He is also a businessman and a philanthropist who owns series of media outlets.

The famous African singer is also known as ‘Simba’ which translates to Lion in Swahili. Some also refer to him as Chuba Dangote as he is fond of flashy cars and luxuries. Continue reading Diamond Platnumz’s biography to learn more about his family, ex-girlfriends, houses, and other information.

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Before de dive deep into Diamond Platnumz net worth and his full biography, we will like you to take a glance at his profile.

Diamond Platnumz Profile

Full Name:Naseeb Abdul Juma Issack
Nickname:Diamond Platnumz
Date of Birth:October 2, 1989
Place of Birth:Tandale, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Age:31 years
Profession:Singer, Songwriter, Dancer & Entrepreneur
Genre:Bongo flava, Afro-pop, Afrobeat
Career Status:Active from 2009
Net Worth:$5.1 million

Now that you know little about the award-winning singer you definitely must be interested in knowing more about him, continue reading.

Diamond Platnumz Family Background & Education

Naseeb Abdul Juma Issack popularly known as Diamond Platnumz officially was born on the 2nd of October, 1989. He was born in Tandale Dar es Salaam even though he hails from Kigoma in Tanzania. Diamond Platnumz’s father bears Mzee Abdul Juma while the mother is Sanura Kasimu.

Further, Naseeb who is 31 years old is thought to be the only son of the couple even though he has some siblings and cousins. Romeo Abdul Jones also known as DJ Romy Jones, a socialite, and DJ is one of Diamond Platnumz’s cousins. Likewise, he took Esma Platnumz and Darleen who are entrepreneurs and musicians respectively as Siblings.

Diamond Platnumz was raised alone by his mother in the western region of Tanzania after splitting up with her husband. Being a single mother, living was quite hard and they had to live with Diamond’s grandmother in a single room. They also rent the rest of the rooms to tenants to be able to feed.

Despite their situation, Diamond Platnumz was able to complete his nursery and primary school at Chakula Bora Nursery school and Tandale Magharib Primary School. He completed his nursery school in 1995 while his primary school graduation was in 2002. Diamond Platnumz later got admitted to Tanzania secondary school in 2003. Unfortunately, he had to quit to fend for himself in 2006. He indulged in different menial jobs ranging from selling clothes, working at a petrol station, and so on. He later re-enrolled and graduated from the school in 2016.

During his childhood, Naseeb’s interest in music continues to grow that he started replicating different musicians that he watches on TV. Seeing that he is a good dancer and has talent in music, his mother started supporting him.

She helps him in writing lyrics so he can sing and buy him different albums to practice. Also, she takes him to different concerts and talents show to gain experience. All these she did to help her only son become a famous musician even amidst the disapproval of many family members.

Musical Career

He started working on his first single and released it with the help of Mzafiri Peter who is also called Papa Misifa. Since then he has released a lot of songs and Albums that contributed to his fame. Naseeb is known for singing Bongo Flava which earns him the title ‘the king of Bongo Flava’. He also uses and sings Afro-beat and Afro-Pop in some of his songs.

Diamond started singing and became famous within months of singing. He is known to be friends and associate with many other popular African artists. The likes of P-square, Tiwa Savage, Iyanya, Davido, Rick Ross, and so on.

He collaborated with many of these artists to produce hit songs. An example is one of his hit songs titled ‘Number one’ with Davido which earn him a BET Awards nomination.

Another song of his that leaves a long-lasting impression on his fans is his 3rd music album titled ‘A boy from Tandale’.

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In 2013, Diamond Platnumz’s song is tagged the most sold ringtones as it becomes a hit for mobile phone companies. In short, Diamond Platnumz is one of the most successful African artists. He is currently jointly managed in Tanzania by Sallam Ahmad Sharaff (who is popularly known as Don Mendez), Hamisi Shabau Taletale, and Saidi Hassan Mlingle.

Diamond Platnumz as an Entrepreneur

Apart from being a popular singer, Naseeb is also an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He is the founder of the WCB Wasafi Classy record label where he signed artists like Mobosso, Ryvanny, Harmonize, and so on. This record also handles most of the production of his songs.

In addition, Diamond Platnumz is also the CEO of Zoom Extra and Wasafi TV, a media outlet in Tanzania. Recently, he entered into a partnership deal by partnering his record label with Warner Music group.

Endorsement Deals

Being one of the most popular and successful artists in Africa comes with a lot of deals and endorsements. Diamond Platnumz’s case isn’t an exception as he is the face and ambassador of many organizations and companies.

He has bagged many deals with international and reputable groups. Starting from being the face of Pepsi Brand in East Africa in 2019 to being an ambassador to Parimatch Africa and Nice One in the same year.

He also secured an ambassadorship deal with Coral paints, Tanzania in March 2020. He has also worked with other reputable brands including Coca-Cola, DSTV, Vodacom, Red Gold, and so on.

Songs and Albums

Diamond Platnumz has released a lot of songs and Albums; some of which he sang alone and collaborated with others in some. Below is the list of Diamond Platnumz albums.

2010 Kamwambie Album contains 12 songs which includes

  • Kamwambie
  • Nitarejea (feat. Hawa)
  • Nakupa Moyo Wangu (feat. Mr. Blue)
  • Nalia Na Mengi (feat. Chid Benz)
  • Jirachi (feat. Ngwair & Geez Mabovu)
  • Wivuwivu (feat. Rj The Dj)
  • Mbagala
  • I Hate You (feat. Remedy Ph.D.)
  • Binadam
  • Wakunesanesa
  • Si Uko Tayari
  • Toka Mwanzo (feat. Fatma & Rj The Dj)

2012 Lala Salama Album contains 10 songs including

  • Lala Salama
  • Moyo Wangu
  • Chanda Chema
  • Nimpende Nani
  • Major
  • Mawazo
  • Kwanini
  • Natamani
  • Gongo La Mboto (feat. Mrisho Mpoto)
  • Kizaizi

2018 A Boy from Tandale Album contains 28 songs

  • Hallelujah (feat. Morgan Heritage)A Boy from Tandale
  • Waka (feat. Rick Ross)
  • Baikoko
  • Pamela (feat. Young Killer)
  • Iyena (feat. Rayvanny)
  • Kosa Langu
  • Nikuone
  • Baila
  • Sijaona
  • African Beauty (feat. Omarion)
  • Eneka
  • Fire (feat. Tiwa Savage)
  • Marry You (feat. Ne-Yo)
  • Number One (feat. Davido) [Remix]
  • Nana (feat. Flavour)
  • Kidogo (feat. P-Square)
  • Amanda (feat. Jah Prayzah)
  • Far Away (feat. Vanessa Mdee)
  • The One


  • Jibebe (With. Mbosso & Lava Lava)
  • Sound (feat. Teni (singer))
  • Gere (With. Tanasha Donna)
  • Jeje
  • Kanaga
  • Inama (feat. Fally Ipupa)
  • Baba Lao
  • Haunisumbui
  • Ongeza
  • Waah (feat. Koffi Olomide)

Awards and Recognition

Naseeb is not only popular and loved by his fans, but he is also an award-winning singer with many nominations and awards from different groups. He has been nominated for an award up to 28 times and he won 22 awards in total.

This is including Best Song Writer, Best Male Writer, Best Male Artist, and Best Male Entertainer of the Year. He has also won different awards from different groups like IRAWMA Awards, BET Awards, Tanzania Music Awards, AFRIMMA Awards, Muzik Magazine Awards, and so on.

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Personal Lifestyle and Relationship

Most fans of Diamond Platnumz ask how many baby mama does he have. Some are curious about his ex-girlfriends and current girlfriend. While some fans think Diamond Platnumz has a wife.

The truth is there is nothing like Diamond Platnumz’s wife although he has a lot of ex-girlfriends and a baby mama. He currently has 3 sons and a daughter from 3 different baby-mama.

He has two children with his first ex-girlfriend, Zari Hassan who is an Uganda businesswoman. Zari Hassan who owns a tertiary college and a cosmetic shop had 2 children for Naseeb. A daughter named Latifah who is also called Tiffer Dangote and another son named Dillan. His second son was with another girlfriend and model, Hamisa Mobetto. Also, Tanasha Donna, a Kenyan model, and musician gave birth to another son before their break up in 2019.

There are other girlfriends of Diamond Platnumz that he has been in a relationship with but he only had children with 3 of them. Some of his other ex-girlfriends include; Wema Sepetu, Jokate Mwegelo, Jacqueline Wolper, and Tunda Sebastian.

Hence, Diamond does not have any wife and is not married. Although he has many ex-girlfriends and may be in a relationship but no one knows of any for now.

Diamond Platnumz Cars & Mansions

It is a known fact that Diamond Platnumz is a lover of flashy and classy cars and houses, he has a great taste for quality and heavy whips, below are some of Diamond Platnumz cars.

  • 2021 Rolls Royce Cullinan Black Badge Worth $500k
  • Toyota Land Cruiser SUVs
  • BMW X series
  • Rolls Royce Phantom 2014
  • Hummer H3
  • Orange Ferrari
  • Toyota Land Cruiser Sport Utility Vehicle

Aside from his cars and jeeps, Diamond Platnumz also own a lot of houses in Tanzania and in other African countries like Kenya, South Africa, and Rwanda.


As there are a lot of deals and endorsement that comes with being famous, so is the controversies. Even though Diamond Platnumz is not known to be controversial, he has had a fair share of his controversies.

In 2010, the popular artist endorsed a Presidential Candidate Mr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, and his political party, Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM). He also released some songs in support of his endorsement of the party.

In 2018, he was banned from playing publicly by the Tanzania government with some other artists. It happened that they had performed some of his songs ‘Hallelujah’ and ‘Wakawaka’ publicly which was deemed to be sexually explicit. He was banned for 4 months from playing even though the ban was later lifted after a lot of apologies to the Tanzania government.

Many of his fans also thought he is dead as some do ask if Diamond Platnumz is alive or dead. The king of Bongo Flava is currently alive and doing well. This question is a result of speculations that are being spread around after his car crash in 2018. He was reported to be dead by many as a result of the accident but fortunately, he isn’t. Naseeb is currently alive and doing well with his music career.

In 2023, Forbes released a list of top 10 richest musicians in Africa, this made Diamond Platnumz take a hit on Forbes for placing him on the 25th richest African musician. He posted on his Instagram handle “FORBES: Next time Google me to know I am really worth of before putting me on your Stupid Richest African Musicians list!!!!!, he posted on his Instagram page.”

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Net Worth

Diamond Platnumz net worth according to Forbes 2023 is estimated to be $5.1 million. Taking all Diamond Platnumz houses, cars, and earnings into consideration, Diamond Platnumz is a wealthy musician.

From his lifestyle and love for luxuries, it is easy to note that Naseeb is not only a popular but rich artist. He is known to flaunt different houses and cars including Porsche and other luxurious brands.

Diamond Platnumz Contact

Diamond Platnumz phone number is currently not made available on the internet but you can always reach him through popular social media platforms as he is very active on them.

  • Instagram (@diamondplatnumz)
  • Twitter (@diamondplatnumz)
  • Facebook

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Who is Diamond Platnumz wife?

Diamond Platnumz currently does not have any wife and is not married. Although he has many ex-girlfriends and may be in a relationship but no one knows of any for now.

Is Diamond Platnumz dead?

The king of Bongo Flava is currently alive and doing well. This question is a result of speculations that are being spread around after his car crash in 2018.

How much is Diamond Platnumz worth?

Diamond Platnumz net worth according to Forbes is estimated to be $5.1 million. Taking all Diamond Platnumz houses, cars, and earnings into consideration, Diamond Platnumz is a wealthy musician.

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