Delta Line Motors Price List 2023; Online Booking, Terminals & Contacts

If you need the latest Delta Line Motors price list, ticket booking tips, terminals, and contact details? We have provided all the details about Delta Line Transport in this article.

The is no doubt that Delta Line is one of the best transport companies in Nigeria and this was achieved due to hard work and diligence in rendering the best transportation services in the country for decades.

We have other top transport companies in Nigeria that are doing well but you just have to give a thumbs up to Delta Line Motors and at the same time appreciate their staff for a job well done.

Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa and this serves as an advantage for businessmen and businesswomen as you as a business person stand the chance of earning well. This goes for every business and the transport industry isn’t an exception that is why we have over 100 transport companies competing to rank on the top 10 best transport companies in Nigeria.

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In the cause of delivering the best transport services, Delta Line was able to secure a spot among the top best road transport companies in Nigeria.

If you have been asking the following questions;

  • How much is Delta Line Motors from Lagos to Abuja?
  • How much is Delta Line Transport from Abuja to Lagos?
  • How much is Delta Line Motors from Lagos to Kano?
  • How much is Delta Line Motors from Owerri to Abuja by bus?
  • How much is Delta Line Motors from Lagos to Aba?
  • How much is Delta Line from Lagos to Anambra?
  • How much is Delta Line Transport from Lagos to Port Harcourt?
  • How much is Delta Line Motors from Lagos to the East?
  • How much is Delta Line Motors from Lagos to Warri?
  • Is Delta Line Motors reliable?
  • How much is Delta Line from Lagos to Enugu?
  • How do I book Delta Line Motors online?

Without further ado let us get straight to the topic of the day where we list the latest Delta line transport price list, updated terminal and parks locations, how to book Delta Line tickets, and so on.

About Delta Line Motors

Delta Line Transport Services is one of the leading transport companies in Nigeria, with multiple branches (bus terminals) dispersed in different states within Nigeria. As one of the most thriving establishments in the Nigerian transportation industry, Delta Line Transport Services owns hundreds of travelling buses and serves several thousands of committed customers on a weekly basis.

Having catered for the daily transportation needs of Nigerians for more than 4 decades, the credibility and value of the company are undisputed. Originally, Delta Line was known as Bendel Line. As a matter of fact, that was the name it was registered with as a company. Some years later, however, after undergoing some development and rebranding, the name of the transport company was officially changed to Delta Line Transport Services. This rebranding reportedly took place in the year 1991.

Within Delta State, Delta Line is regarded as one of the most reputable transport companies, and this is mainly attributed to the number of years the company has been in existence.

Who is the owner of Delta Line Motors?

Delta Line is not owned by an individual. Initially, the company was fully owned by Delta State. A few years ago, however, the company was sold to God Is Good Motors, which is another large transport company in Nigeria. The governor of Delta State, Ifeanyi Okowa, reportedly facilitated the sale and transfer of ownership of the company to God Is Good Motors. But interestingly, the transport company is not fully owned by God Is Good Motors. Delta State still has a minority stake of 40 percent, while God Is Good Motors Limited owns 60 percent.

Despite being owned by another entity, nothing much has changed about Delta Line Transport Services. Even the name of the company remains unchanged.

Other Services Offered by Delta Line Motors

Delta Line Transport Services is mainly engaged in transporting people from one state to another within Nigeria. For more than 40 years, the company has not operated outside the business of transportation. They have been consistently offering convenient travelling services to thousands of Nigerians. The two business model attached to the traveling service provided by Delta Line Motors is courier service and car hire. Just as people are being transported from one state to another, goods are also transported by Delta Line Motors.

If you need to move goods or any tangible item from one state to another, Delta Line can offer the ideal courier service that will preserve, secure, and deliver your goods successfully.

Why use Delta Line Transport Services?

There are a couple of benefits that can make your travelling experience with Delta Line an easy and enjoyable one. Here are some reasons why you could consider using this transport company:

  • Affordable transportation fee

Delta Line Transport Services offer a vet reasonable range of transportation prices, all depending on the location you are travelling to. You don’t have to break your bank just because you need to have an inter-state trip. As long as you are able to locate a Delta Line bus terminal, you’d be able to purchase a bus ticket that suits your pocket.

  • Safety

The management of Delta Line Transport company always prioritizes safety. As a company that transports people from one state to another, Delta Line understands the importance of safety. Their drivers are well-trained and taught to adhere strictly to safety rules. More importantly, they do not exceed the ideal speed limit.

  • Convenience

Every reputable transport company that wants to keep thriving always provides a convenient transport service. Delta Line Transport Service is well known for offering comfort and ensuring that every passenger is convenient.

Delta Line Transport Buses

Here are the type of buses used by Delta Line transport;

  • Toyota (Siena)
  • Toyota Hiace
  • Toyota Jet Mower

Delta Line Motors Booking Ticket Method

Delta Line has created a safe and easy method for booking travel tickets. You can either book online or offline at the bus terminals.

Concerning online booking, anyone can make reservations by simply visiting the company’s official website (  Once you visit the website, you’d only need to pay the transport charge to complete your booking. And there’s no need to be worried about the online payment system. Every payment made is secured by PayStack.

  • Open your browser (Chrome preferably) and visit Delta Line official website
  • Select the option “Book a Ticket”, a form will pop up, fill the form correctly one after the other.
  • Chose your seat of choice and proceed.
  • Make a secured payment via your ATM card.
  • After successful payment, a ticket will be generated.

To book offline, all you need to do is visit any Delta Line bus terminal and purchase your travel ticket. You can even do this a few days before you travel.

Delta Line Transport Terminals Nationwide

Mile 2 TerminalGhana Park, Mile 2, Lagos, Nigeria09062765514
Jibowu Terminal1, Edmund Crescent By Jibowu Bus Stop, Beside Road Safety Corps Office, Jibowu St, behind Eagle Transport, Yaba, Lagos09062765515
Asaba Terminal    Delta Line Transport Service, 169, Nnebisi Road, Isieke, Asaba, Nigeria09062910241
Warri TerminalDelta Line Transport Service, 230 P.T.I Rd, Effurun, Warri, Nigeria09062910241
Jabi TerminalDelta Line Transport Services Limited, Tunde Idiagbon Street, Utako, Abuja,
Agbor TerminalDelta Line Transport Service, Asaba-Agbor Highway/Asaba Benin Lagos Expy/Benin-Asaba Hwy/A232, Delta,
Onitsha Main-Market TerminalDelta Line Substation, Asaba Umuagu,
Iyanpaja TerminalDelta Line Transport Service,  Pako Bus stop, Dopemu under bridge Lagos, Nigeria 08077848059

Delta Line Motors Price List & Routes Plied

Agbor Terminal

Agbor – Abuja — ₦8,700

Ajegunle Terminal

Ajegunle – Delta Oleh — ₦6,000
Ajegunle – Edo (Benin) — ₦5,000

Asaba-Koka Terminal

Asaba-Koka – Edo (Benin) — ₦2,000
Asaba-Koka – Delta (Warri) — ₦2,000
Asaba-Koka – Delta (Ughelli) — ₦1,300
Asaba-Koka – Lagos (Iyana-paja) — ₦8,000
Asaba-Koka – Lagos (Jibowu) — ₦8,000
Asaba-Koka – Abuja (Jabi) — ₦10,000
Asaba-Koka – Abuja (Kubwa) — ₦10,000
Asaba-Koka – Delta Sapele — ₦2,500
Asaba-Koka – Lagos (Mile 2) — ₦8,000
Asaba-Koka – Lagos (Ikorodu) — ₦8,000

Asaba Loading Bay

Asaba-Loading bay – Lagos (Jibowu) — ₦8,000
Asaba-Loading bay – Abuja (Jabi) — ₦10,000


Issele-Uku – Abuja (Jabi) — ₦6,000
Issele-Uku – Lagos (Jibowu) — ₦8,000

Iyana Ipaja (Kpako) Terminal

Iyana Ipaja (Kpako) – Delta Asaba-Koka — ₦8,000
Iyana Ipaja (Kpako) – Delta Warri — ₦8,000

Jabi Terminal

Jabi – Delta (Aghor) — ₦10,000
Jabi – Delta (Warri) — ₦11,000
Jabi – Edo- Benin — ₦11,000
Jabi – Asaba Loading Bay — ₦10,000

Jibowu Terminal

Jibowu – Delta (Kwale) — ₦8,000
Jibowu – Ughelli — ₦8,000

Ogwashiuku Terminal

Ogwashiuku- Lagos (Jibowu) — ₦7,000

Onitsha Main Market Terminal

Main-market – Delta-Warri — ₦2,000
Main-market – Ughelli — ₦1,700
Main-market – Edo Benin — ₦1,500
Main-market – Lagos (Jibowu) — ₦5,500
Main-Market – Abuja (Jabi) — ₦6,500
Main-market – Delta (Sapele) — ₦2,500

Disclaimer: There could be a change in price at any time due to any reason made by the company, try to always stay updated – we will also try our best to keep the list up-to-date.

Delta Line Motors Head Office

Aside from the several offices dispersed across Delta State, Delta Line Transport Services has its head office located at 42 Asaba Road, Delta State. The head office is significantly larger than the other offices within Delta State, and it also caters for a larger number of passengers. More than 150 passengers can be attended to within a day in the head office, unlike other Delta Line bus terminals in Delta State.

If you need to contact the transport company, you can send an email to their official email address – You can also put a call through @09062910241.


Is Delta Line Motors in every Nigerian State?

Delta Line Motors doesn’t have terminals in every state in Nigeria. Lagos, Delta, and Port-Harcourt are the three main states where you can find Delta Line bus terminals.

Are Delta Line travel tickets expensive?

Delta Line doesn’t offer expensive travel tickets. For more than 40 years, the company is known to provide an affordable means of travel from one state to another.

Can someone book a ticket with Delta Line before the actual travel date?

Yes, you can effortlessly purchase a travel ticket before your scheduled travel date. As a matter of fact, it’s more advisable to book before the actual date because it’s easier and even slightly cheaper.

Who is the owner of Delta Line Motors?

Delta Line Transport Services is not owned by a single person. It’s owned by another entity, God Is Good Motors Limited. And even before it was acquired by God Is Good Motors, Delta Line was wholly owned by Delta State.

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Choosing the right transport company is essential to ensuring that you have an enjoyable traveling experience from one state to another. Safety, convenience, and affordability are key factors that should be considered. Delta Line Transport Services is dedicated to offering a service built upon these factors. Whether you are travelling from Delta State to Lagos State, or from Delta to Port-Harcourt, Delta Line Motors can be your preferred choice.

You can drop any question you have about Delta Line Motors price list and bookings below and we will do justice to it as soon as possible, to the best of our knowledge we will try to answer your questions if we have the exact answer.

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