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Before we hit on the full details about Claire-Anne Stroll biography and her net worth it may be a thing of interest to you to glance through a brief profile of Claire-Anne Stroll.

Claire-Anne Stroll Profile

Full Name:Claire-Anne Stroll
Date of Birth:N/A
Birth Place:Canada
Height:5 ft 4 inch
Weight:54 KG
Marital Status:Married
Spouse:Lawrence Stroll
Net Worth:$1.5 million
Claire-Anne Stroll Profile - Biography & Net Worth

Who is Claire-Anne Stroll? (Concise bio)

Claire-Anne Stroll is the wife of one of the richest businessmen in Canada. Known as Lawrence Stroll, Claire-Anne Stroll’s husband is a billionaire entrepreneur based in Canada who has amassed so much wealth by being the co-owner of the Racing Point Formula 1 Team. Lately, he has also ventured into the collection of vintage Ferraris. Aside from his powerful reputation in the Racing Point Formula 1 Team, Lawrence Stroll is also very influential in the automobile industry in Canada and the United States.

As of Today, Claire-Anne’s husband holds a significant position at Aston Martin, owing to the fact that he has contributed a lot to the company’s success.

Regardless of her husband’s immense success, Claire-Anne Stroll has also done well for herself. She has a company, a clothing brand called “Callens”. According to Claire-Anne, she launched the brand to help promote feminism by creating outfits that enhance the beauty and elegance of women. The clothes are produced with the finest Italian materials and crafted by some of the best designers in the Western world.

Callens’ fashion showroom is based in Milan. Whenever the city of Milan holds its fashion week, Claire-Anne gets to exhibit some of her best collections. Although she is the only one involved in the company without any investors or partners, she has been able to scale the business successfully. She even claims that her husband is not involved in the business. However, he offers his support when needed.

More importantly, Claire-Anne is making plans to expand her business when the time is right.

Claire-Anne Stroll’s Education

Claire-Anne Stroll is known to be an eloquent and intelligent woman. But interestingly, there are no records to help the media and public discern if she received formal education or not. One would wonder if she has a college degree despite her undeniable success in the world today. In a nutshell, it’s quite difficult to tell if Claire-Anne Stroll is formally educated or not.


Claire-Anne Stroll is not a working-class woman. Unlike some types of women who are passionate about pursuing a particular career, she is solely focused on building a successful business in Canada. The only time Claire-Anne Stroll worked in a company was when she was much younger, even before she married her husband. She took up a few hourly-paid jobs to make ends meet. As of today, she’s a successful businesswoman.

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Claire-Anne Stroll Fashion Collection

Claire-Anne Stroll Family

Claire-Anne Stroll was raised in a traditional Canadian family. But as of today, the media barely know the identities of the family members she grew up with. Nevertheless, it is quite understandable because there isn’t so much detailed information on herself and her family members. Her husband and her children are the only known family members recognized by the media.

Claire-Anne Stroll Net Worth

Claire-Anne Stroll net worth is currently estimated at $1.5 million, much of her wealth comes from her fashion brand and also from her husbands’ influence.

With this, there is no doubt that Claire-Anne Stroll is a wealthy woman, not because her husband is wealthy, but because she is already building her own empire. Although the specific amount she’s worth is unknown, just a general estimate, there is no denying that she’s a millionaire. If Claire-Anne were to acquire a portion of her husband’s wealth, she would be much richer than she is right now. Her husband’s net worth is said to surpass $3.2 billion.

That’s an insane amount of fortune, as he’s considered one of the wealthiest businessmen in Canada. With him becoming one of the directors of Aston Martin soon, he’s definitely going to generate more wealth.

Claire-Anne Stroll Age and Height

Claire-Anne Stroll’s age is unknown. Perhaps it’s because she hasn’t revealed much about herself to the media. The only thing the people know about her is her clothing brand and the fact that she’s the wife of a billionaire. But even though her age is not known, it won’t be so difficult to guess her age range based on her physique. Claire-Anne Stroll could be between the age of 45 to 50. That is what her looks suggest.

It’s evident that she’s getting older, however, she still likes to look flashy and ravishing. She’s a beautiful woman that loves to appear in the most fashionable outfits. It’s quite obvious that her fashion style must have inspired her to start up a clothing brand.

As for Claire-Anne Stroll’s height, she is around 5 feet 4 inches tall.

Facts About Claire-Anne Stroll

Just like other important figures, there are a few facts about Claire-Anne Stroll that you might find interesting. Her son, who’s still pretty young, is currently a racing driver. He became passionate about car racing at a very young age. One would quickly presume that the young man liked car racing because his father is the co-owner of the Racing Point Formula One Team. However, that’s not the reason he fell in love with car racing.

Claire-Anne’s son became interested in car racing after he repeatedly watch live racing games as a kid. By the time he became a teenager, he had already started racing. Currently, he is competing in Formula One.

Another fact about Claire-Anne Stroll that may fascinate you is her stature. She is not a hefty woman. On the contrary, Claire-Anne is someone with a small stature. She weighs around 54KG.


Has Claire-Anne Stroll been married before?

Claire-Anne Stroll has only been married to one man, Lawrence Stroll, who’s still her husband to this day. There is no record of her getting married in the past before she met her present husband.

How many children does Claire-Anne Stroll have?

Claire-Anne Stroll and her husband, Lawrence Stroll, have only two children – a boy and a girl. Perhaps they tried to have more children, but it seems like fate had chosen to give the couple just two kids.

Is Claire-Anne Stroll a billionaire?

With Claire-Anne Stroll fashion brand and the wealth of her husband, we can say Claire-Anne Stroll is a billionaire.

Is Claire-Anne Stroll living in the United States?

Claire-Anne Stroll is not living in the United States. As a matter of fact, she is not an American citizen. She and her husband are from Canada. They were both born, raised, and schooled in Canada.

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Claire-Anne Stroll is one of those hardworking women that don’t depend on their husband’s fortune for sustainability. Even though her husband is a billionaire, she is still working hard to build her own business empire by establishing a clothing brand. Fortunately, her fashion business is doing great, as she’s experiencing the growth she wants In the brand. Her husband, on the other hand, is being supportive. Although she’s not relying on him, he’s also helping to give her business the push it needs to become a global brand.

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