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Christina Boyer is a woman whose life has been marked by tragedy and disputes.

During her teenage years, she gained notoriety as the “poltergeist girl” due to her claims of possessing telekinetic abilities.

However, as time passed, she found herself in a situation, being convicted of her own daughter Amber’s murder.

Christina Boyer

Christina Boyer Wikipedia Profile

NameChristina Boyer
BirthdayOctober 23, 1969
Age54 years (as of 2023)
BirthplaceColumbus, Ohio, USA
Marital statusMarried
RelationshipBoyfriend: David Herrin (at the time of Amber’s death)
KidsDaughter: Amber Bennett (deceased)
Net worth200K USD (as of 2023)

Early Life and Adoption

Christina was born in Columbus, Ohio on October 23, 1969, and faced a challenging upbringing.

Due to her biological mother’s struggles with heroin addiction, she was unable to care for Christina, leading her to be placed under the care of Franklin County Children’s Services.

Christina found a new home with Joan and John Resch, a couple known for their willingness to foster children.

They lovingly adopted her, and she was given the name Tina Resch.

Tina’s adoptive parents tried to create a stable environment for her, but things took a difficult turn in her life.

Tina revealed that she had suffered sexual abuse from one of her foster brothers.

She confided in her adoptive parents, they did not believe her and reacted harshly by slapping her.

Tina also described her adoptive parents as being overly strict and abusive, often blaming her for seeking attention.

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The Poltergeist Phenomenon

At the age of 14, Christina began experiencing strange occurrences at home.

She claimed to have the ability to move objects using her mind, especially when feeling angry or upset.

She believed these telekinetic powers stemmed from her bottled-up emotions. Her adoptive parents, on the other hand, attributed her behavior to possession by a demon.

Seeking help, they involved priests, religious figures, journalists, and paranormal investigators to perform exorcisms and document the events.

She gained fame as the “Columbus poltergeist kid” and even caught the attention of a parapsychologist named William Roll, who took her on as a research subject.

Despite claims of her supernatural abilities, not everyone was convinced of Christina’s powers.

Magician James Randi, a well-known figure, stepped up to challenge her, accusing her of being a fraud.

Randi provided evidence suggesting that Christina was using tricks like strings, wires, magnets, or other methods to deceive people. He even pointed to a recorded incident where she knocked over a table lamp herself and pretended to be scared.

While Christina denied outright lying or cheating, she did admit to occasionally exaggerating events for attention or sympathy.

The Death of Amber

In 199 Christina’s daughter Amber died under painful circumstances. Christina had left Amber in David’s care while she went to work.

Upon returning home, she found Amber unresponsive and rushed her to the hospital with David’s assistance.

Sadly, Amber was pronounced dead, and doctors discovered head trauma and bruises on her body.

As a result, Christina and David were arrested on suspicion of murder and child cruelty. During the investigation, the police tried to get confessions from the couple.

Christina maintained her innocence, claiming she did not harm Amber and didn’t know what happened.

She mentioned a previous minor accident where Amber fell from her car seat.

In contrast, David’s statements were inconsistent. Initially, he didn’t know what happened, but later said he found Amber unconscious after taking a nap.

He admitted to spanking her for misbehaving but denied causing any serious injury.

The case remains under investigation as the authorities seek to uncover the truth behind Amber’s tragic death.

The Trial and Conviction

Christina and David faced the death penalty for capital murder charges, but their public defenders advised them to take plea deals to avoid execution.

Christina accepted a deal to plead guilty to felony murder and receive a life sentence plus 20 years with parole possibility after 30 years.

David agreed to plead guilty to being a party to murder and child cruelty, with a 20-year sentence and parole possible after 10 years.

Christina maintained her innocence but took the deal out of fear of the death penalty and trust in her lawyer’s advice.

David also pleaded guilty and testified against Christina at her sentencing, accusing her of abusive behavior towards Amber and involvement in her death.

Christina denied the allegations, presenting witnesses who testified to her being a loving mother and evidence of David’s violent history.

Despite her defense, the judge sentenced her to life plus 20 years, refusing her right to appeal, based on his belief that she lacked remorse for her daughter’s death.

The Aftermath and Advocacy

Since 1992, Christina has been incarcerated at Pulaski State Prison in Georgia, maintaining her innocence and seeking justice for herself and Amber.

Throughout the years, she has gained support from numerous individuals, such as journalists, lawyers, activists, celebrities, and everyday people.

These supporters firmly believe in her innocence and contend that she was unjustly convicted.

They have examined the evidence, investigation, trial, and verdict, uncovering various flaws and inconsistencies.

Despite her long imprisonment, Christina remains hopeful that one day she will be released and reunited with her family and friends.

Impact on Family

Little is known about Christina’s biological family. The names of her parents remain unknown.

Although she might have other biological relatives, none have been publicly identified or involved in her life.

As for her adoptive family, they have been largely absent from Christina’s life after she ran away.

Christina Boyer  and her daugther

Her adoptive parents passed away in 2009 and 2010, respectively. Her foster siblings have not kept in touch or supported her, and one of them was convicted of a serious crime.

Christina’s first husband, James Bennett, disappeared from her life after she left him. His whereabouts are unknown, and he has shown no interest or concern for Christina or their daughter, Amber.

Similarly, her second partner, David Herrin, cut off all contact with Christina after testifying against her.

He has been released from prison but has not reached out or apologized for his role in Amber’s death.

Despite her troubled relationships, the one family member Christina still loves and misses deeply is her daughter, Amber, who passed away at a young age.

Christina holds a photo of Amber in her prison cell and speaks to her every day, hoping for a reunion in heaven someday.

Where is Christina Boyer Now?

Christina Boyer is presently held at Pulaski State Prison in Hawkinsville, Georgia, where she has been since 1992.

She is serving a life sentence along with an additional 20 years for the murder of her three-year-old daughter, Amber.

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