Chris Tucker Net Worth Forbes: Bio, Wife, Career & Facts

Who is Chris Tucker?

This article is centered on Chris Tucker net worth, Chris Tucker biography, career, and many other facts about the talented and famous standup comedian.

Christopher Tucker as he bears officially is one of the highest-paid actors and American comedians. The great actor was born on 31st August 1971 in Atlanta, Georgia in the USA. Chris Tucker is a single father of a son named Destin which he had with his ex-wife, Azja Pryo.

He has featured in a lot of movies and he is popular for his role in the Rush Hour which also earned him a lot of income. Continue reading Chris Tucker’s net worth and biography to learn more about the talented comedian, his relationship, career, and so on.

Chris Tucker Net Worth Forbes: Bio, Wife, Career & Facts

Before we dive fully into Chris Tucker’s net worth and biography we will like to take you through a brief profile of Chris Tucker.

Chris Tucker Profile

Full Name:Christopher Tucker
Nickname:Chris Tucker
Date of Birth:31st August 1971
Place of Birth:Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Age:50 Years Old
Father’s Name:Noris Tucker
Mother’s Name:Mary Louise
Maried to:Azja Pryo (Divorced)
Education:Columbia High School
Career:Standup comedian & actor
Career Status:Active from 1990s
Net Worth:$11.8 million

Now that you know little about Chris Tucker you definitely want to read further to know everything about Chris Tucker like Chris Tucker girlfriend, age, career, family, net worth and many more.

Early Life and Family Background

Mary Louise gave birth to Christopher Tucker who is popularly known as Chris Tucker on 31st August 1971 in Atlanta, Georgia. His father Noris Tucker was a businessman who runs a janitorial line of business. Chris was raised in a Christian family with 5 other older siblings in Decatur, Georgia, Chris Tucker age is 50 years.

During his high school days, Chris Tucker is popular for his humor and comedy acts which makes his mates and teacher laugh. He is always seen making impressions of great comedians like Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, and so on. Also, he displayed his talents in numerous Atlanta comedy clubs. He later graduated from Columbia High School after which he decided to pursue his passion for acting and comedy.


At the age of 19 years and after graduation from Columbia High School, Chris Tucker moved to Los Angeles, California where he pursues his passion and dreams. He started by acting standup comedy with Def Comedy Jam HBO series. This is where he gets the chance to feature in the movie ‘House Party 3’.

During the 1990s, he appeared on different TV shows. He started gaining some fame after he was featured in a comedy movie titled ‘Friday’ in 1995. This movie which gets him to work with Ice cube alone earns him 3 movie award nominations. As a result of the success of the movie ‘Friday’, he got many other roles in movies like ‘The fifth elements’, ‘Money Talks’ and ‘Rush Hour. During the production of ‘Money Talks’, he gets to work with much other talented crew including Charlie Sheen and Bruce Willis.

Another movie that boosts his fame was ‘Rush Hour’ as the movie was a commercial hit. He made a lot of money as well as gather a lot of fans with the movie. A whopping sum of $20 million salaries was given to him for the making of ‘Rush Hour 2’ and $25 million salaries for ‘Rush Hour 3’. He was also reported to have been given 20% gross from the Rush Hour series.

Being a famous actor, he has featured in a lot of Tv shows and music videos. This is including Micheal Jackson’s You Rock My World and Tupac Shakurs’ California love videos. The African American lives 2006 shows and BET Awards show in 2013 were also parts.

In 2011, Chris Tucker was featured in another movie titled ‘Silver Lining Playbook’. A movie that serves as his comeback to Standup comedy after so many years. ‘Silver Lining Playbook’ gets him to work with different talented crews such as Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Robert Deniro, and so on.

Some of the other movies he featured include Panther, Dead President, Meteor Man, and so on. Similarly, he releases Chris Tucker Live in 2015 and featured in Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk.

During his entire career, Chris Tucker has performed different types of comedy ranging from black comedy to Insult to observational and blue committee comedy. No doubt he is one of the talented standup comedians America has ever had.

Awards and Nominations

Being a talented stand-up comedian, Chris Tucker has been recognized by different organizations and nominated for different movies.

Chris was nominated for The MTV Movie Award for Best Comedy Performance for his movie Friday.

He was also nominated for the MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance And For Best On-Screen Duo alongside Ice Cube for the same film.

Two of his movies, The 5th Element, and Monkey Talks, got him nominated for the Worst New Star for Razzie Award.

When his movie Rush Hour was released in 1998, he won the blockbuster entertainment award for favorite does alongside Jackie Chan MTV award for best on-screen Duo for the movie.

Some of his nominations include BET award for best actors, different categories of MTV movie awards, Kids Choice Awards for Favourite Movie Actor, the Image Awards for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Motion Picture, MTV Movie Award for Best Fight, MTV Movie Award for Best Comedic Performance, and so on.

Also, he won some awards including the favorite male actor by Teen Choice Awards for Rush Hour movie series, the Best Cast by the Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Silver Linings Playbook in 2012.

Personal Life and Relationship

Is Chris Tucker married? Chris Tucker was previously married to Azja Pryo before their divorce in 2003. Thus Chris Tucker’s ex-wife, Azja Pryo had a child for him who was named Destin. It has also been rumored that he once dated Vanessa Mendosa and that he is currently dating India Arie.

Also, Chris Tucker is known to be a close ally of Jackie Chan who he collaborated with in the production of the Rush Hour movie series. He is also known to be friends with Micheal Jackson as he once featured in his music video.

Chris Tucker Affiliations

Chris Tucker’s net worth and biography won’t be completed without mentioning his activities and affiliations. Being a celebrity, Chris Tucker promotes and indulged in many fruitful endeavors for humanity’s sake.

An example is his 2002 humanitarian trip to Africa with Bill Clinton, Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein, and Kevin Spacey where awareness for HIV/AIDS was raised. Also, In 2008, Chris Tucker endorsed Barack Obama for his primaries.

He also participated in the PBS documentary genetic makeup of African Americans by Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. Where the heritage of the African-American communities is traced. Chris Tucker got his own traced and it shows his ancestors are European, African, and of course Native Americans.


Chris Tucker has been recently claimed to have a negative net worth despite his huge salary from different high-grossing movies he featured on. He was reported to have failed to pay his tax from 2001 to 2005. Therefore, IRS is on his neck demanding a huge sum of $11.5 million for tax.

Many organizations including Forbes supported this claim by illustrating that the standup comedian had to sell his house in Florida as he was struggling to pay his bills.

Chris Tucker Net Worth

Chris Tucker net worth according to Forbes is estimated at $11.8 million. Being one of the highest-paid actors in the 2000s, it is surprising to hear the rumor that Chris Tucker’s net worth is nothing to write home about. As a result of his dealings with the IRS which leaves him with a negative net worth of $11.8 million.

According to many publications online, Chris Tucker’s net worth is currently pegged to be between $5-7 million.


Is Chris Tucker Married?

The talented comedian is currently a single father of one after being divorced by his ex-wife, Azja Pryo.

How much is Chris Tucker Net Worth?

Chris Tucker net worth is currently estimated to be between $5 to $7 million

Do Chris Tucker have a child or kids?

The American standup comedian has only a son named Destin with his ex-wife, Azja Pryo.

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As at the time of writing this article, Chris Tucker is doing well professionally and still acting. There may be chances of him releasing Rush Hour 4 or feature in other movies.

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