15 Best Transport Companies In Nigeria 2023

Out in search of the best transport agencies in Nigeria? If you need a transport company to opt for and never get disappointed we’ve provided you with the top best transport companies in Nigeria today.

Perhaps you must have been wondering why there are over 100 transport agencies in Nigeria? Nigeria is the largest black nation in Africa with a population that exceeds that of other African countries. From that, it can be inferred that the need for transportation would definitely arise. But what mode of transportation is most prominent?

As a developing nation, not all states in Nigeria have airports, seaports, or railway stations, leaving road transportation as the most prominent. So even if you do not enjoy travelling by road, you have little or no options available for you.

You should be mindful, as a citizen and, of course, a traveller of how vital travel may appear to you. This article is for persons who have the need to travel for one reason or another, whether for business, tourism, seeking greener pastures, relaxation, festive events or any other cause.

For these reasons, we’ve chosen to bring to your attention a list of safe and dependable transportation providers to whom you may entrust your life and your belongings.

The Best Transport Companies in Nigeria

Why should I put my trust in them? It is critical that you understand that pieces like these do not appear out of thin air. It’s also vital to note that this post exists solely as a result of the positive ratings these companies have received throughout the years.

Also, yes! It’s also worth noting that a significant amount of effort was spent putting these parts together, not for RichUpdates benefit, but for the benefit of all travelers out there who have developed doubts as a result of multiple road accidents and kidnappings in recent times.

Criteria Used For Selecting Top Best Transport Companies

Here are the criteria used for the selection of the best transport companies in Nigeria:

  • Affordable transportation fare
  • Educated, well-trained & certified drivers / staff
  • Numerous and well maintained terminals nationwide
  • Fully Air-Conditioned buses
  • Listed companies plies the safest routes in the country
  • Neat and regularly maintained buses
  • Technology infusion in their services (mobile apps and responsive website)
  • Vehicle tracker installed on each bus
  • Secured payment gateway
  • Highest number of positive online reviews
  • Quality & timely customer care service

So for whatever reason you may be reading this article, please pay good attention to the companies one after the other.

Top 15 Transport Companies in Nigeria

1. ABC Transport Plc

This is one of the best transport companies in Nigeria with over 27 years of active service. ABC Transport was established in 1992 by Mr. Frank Nneji. Every single detail you might need to know about ABC Transport has been discussed on our website. There are some other services rendered by ABC Transport that may be of importance to you, services like; logistics and delivery services, shuttle service, haulage, city transit e.t.c.

Why is ABC Transports one of the best in Nigeria?

This is due to the high level of service they provide to travelers and customers. People can also benefit from discounts. They also take into account travelers who may be traveling at night or who might not arrive at their destinations until after dusk. To learn more about ABT Transport click the link below.

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2. Good is Good Motors

Abbreviated as GIGM, God is Good Motors has been in operation for more than 22 years. This company was founded by Mr. Edwin Ajaere and has since its incorporation, been delivering top-notch transport services to people. The company also offers other services like courier/logistics services, car hire, haulage services, and even vehicle spare parts sales.

Why is GIGM one of the Best in Nigeria?

Over the years, customers have boasted of quality services rendered by this company. This is also one of the very few transportation agencies that make the booking of tickets very easy and stress-free via their website. Information regarding Good is Good Motors has been fully discussed below.

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3. GUO Transport

This is one of the richest and most popular transport agencies in Nigeria. For a variety of reasons, including rendering fantastic services and prioritizing customer satisfaction, GUO Transport has appeared on this list of the best transport agencies in Nigeria. All credible information regarding this firm is discussed here

Why Choose GUO Transport?

GUO Transportation Company is well-known for its efficient traveler management and there has been a huge number of positive reviews by customers about the company. Also, we get to know that most of their first-time customers tend to stick with GUO Motors. To know more about GUO Motors, their price list, and other information about them check the link below.

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4. Cross Country Limited

Discovered in 2001 by Mr. Bube Okorodudu, Cross Country has since been recognized as a first-class transport company and till date, lives by that description. Cross Country is known for a variety of services it renders, services like; road transportation, courier & logistics, haulage, hotels and hospitality, and many more, in addition, Cross Country Transport has been one of the best transport companies for NYSC mainly because of their direct transport to campground and discount.

Why Choose Cross country Limited?

This company’s unwavering commitment to making life easier for travellers and clients should not be overlooked. Cross Country Transports, which has been in operation for more than 20 years, has established itself as one of the top transport companies not only in Nigeria but also throughout West Africa. Full details on each of these services as well as how to book a ticket and the price it costs is discussed below.

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5. Chisco Transport Limited

Chisco Transport is one of the best transport companies in Nigeria, also among Nigeria’s major transportation firms, having a long track record of customer satisfaction and quality service. The organization is a leading Nigerian transportation firm that has become a household name. This company is owned by Mr. Chidi Anyaegbu. Chisco transport limited offers other transportation services like; courier service, travel and tours, bus rental and charter services, and many more.

Why Chisco Transport?

Chisco Transport Company has been dedicated to providing exceptional client service for more than 36 years. This puts them in a unique position as Nigeria’s principal indigenous vehicle/coordinated co-ordinations brand, and genuinely exceptional in Sub-Saharan Africa.

6. Young Shall Grow Motors

Young Shall Grow Motors was founded by Vincent Amaechi Obianodo and has expanded greatly since its inception. Young Shall Grow Motors is one of the most convenient transport agencies in Nigeria today.

Why is YSG Motors one of the best in Nigeria?

Young Shall Grow, as the name suggests. This company began on a small basis and has since grown to become one of Nigeria’s largest and best. This firm’s inclusion on this list is guaranteed by the numerous honors it has garnered from various respected bodies. Full details about Young Shall Grow Motors is discussed here;

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7. Peace Mass Transit

This company, like most other popular transport companies in Nigeria today also started as a small-scale business. Of course, profits accrued by Peace Mass Transit over the years were huge and used to expand the business to such an extent that it is now recognized nationwide for providing excellent transportation services to people. They also offer logistics services and are rated as one of the best logistics companies in Nigeria.

Why Choose Peace Mass Transit?

This company is one of the most convenient and reliable transportation companies in Nigeria. Peace Mass Transit has fully Air-conditioned buses and makes booking of tickets stress-free for passengers, thus earning it a slot on this list. All you need to know about Peace Mass Transit in case you want to patronize them is available via the link below.

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8. Iyare Motors

Founded by Mr. Abel Omoruyi, Iyare Motors is one of the best transportation agencies in Nigeria that has over the years, been a top customer’s choice for travel. Iyare Motors is an inter-state and intra-state transport company that also offers other transportation services aside from commuter transport, their other services include; courier, haulage, car hire, and car leasing services.

Why Choose Iyare Motors?

Iyare Motors is also one of Nigeria’s leading transportation companies. Iyare Motors has been providing amazing services for over 20 years. Iyare Motors has also received great reviews from those who have traveled with them, earning it a spot on the list of best transportation companies in Nigeria currently.

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9. Libra Motors

Libra Motors Limited, founded in 2003 by Mr. Godwin Odoruyi Eghosa, has established itself as a major transportation company specializing in the transfer of people and commodities over a number of defined routes.

Why Choose Libra Motors?

Libra Motors is also regarded as one of the best in Nigeria. It takes pride in a number of areas where it outperforms the competition. Not only that, but they have well-supervised automobiles that are examined on a regular basis. As a result, they’ve earned a spot on our list. Check the below link for full information about this great company.

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10. E.Ekesons Transports

E.Ekesons provides bus transportation services in accordance with internationally recognized road transportation standards. Their services are tailored specifically for affluent travelers who might otherwise prefer to fly. The company was established in the early 1980s and since then have been providing the best transport services in Nigeria, this is the reason why the company was able to expand and have its name listed among the top best.

Why does this company appear on this list?

E.Ekesons began as a modest transport firm that solely provided services within Nigeria, but has since expanded to provide transportation services to other African nations such as Ghana. The organization, which is widely thought to be owned by Chief Eugene Eke Nzom Ojukwu, has become increasingly known for providing reliable and economical transportation services to Nigerians. Read More about E.Ekesons below.

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11. Ifesinachi Transports

Ifesinachi Transport Company offers low-cost city-to-city bus tickets across the country, which you can book from your computer or smartphone. From the time you order your tickets to the time you arrive at your destination, their system runs well. They have luxury buses with free Wi-Fi, power outlets at each seat, and a green alternative mode of transportation.

Why Choose Ifesinachi Transports?

Ifesinachi Transport Company is concerned about children, and as a result, clients who make reservations for their children online or at the office receive a 30% discount, for children between 2-10 years of age. Also, this company ensures that its vehicles are inspected regularly and serviced.

12. Agofure Transports

Owned by Mr. Godwin Omote Agofure, Agofure Motors is a Nigerian transport firm that has provided great transportation services for decades. It is also one of the best in Nigeria seen so far. You definitely have once heard about this transport company, a lot of effort has been put in place to keep the company rolling and giving their customers the best transport services.

Why Choose Agofure Transports.

The company’s major goal is to provide top-notch comfort to travelers who use their services, and comfort while traveling great distances is guaranteed. For this reason, G. Agofure Motors has been outlined as one best transport companies in Nigeria till date.

13. Delta line Motors

Delta Transport Services Limited is a leading transport firm in Nigeria that has been transporting Nigerians from one city to the next for over a decade, both intercity and interstate. The company was formed about 40 years ago under a different name, Bendel Line, before massive modifications occurred, allowing them to become one of the best transport companies in Nigeria and also Nigeria’s most preferred transportation company today.

Why Choose Delta Line Motors?

Delta Line Transport Services has carved out a position in the transportation industry after more than 40 years of operation. Rendering quality services to customers on a daily basis is what they’re noteworthy of. Read more about Delta Line Transport below and to know how to book a ticket with Delta Line.

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14. Bonny Way Motors

Bonny Way Motors was founded in 1998 by Chief Boniface Nwachukwe, as the name implies. This company started on a small scale in Nigeria and has since grown to become one of the largest transport service providers in the country. This company has made a good fortune from transportation and this enables them to provide the best and world-class transport services in Nigeria, they also offer other services like courier services, haulage, and warehousing services.

Why is Bonny Way one of the best in Nigeria?

This firm has carved out a niche in customer service interactions for a number of years, always keeping the customer’s role in the company’s wider corporate and marketing goals in mind. Customers should be rewarded for their contributions to the company’s success, according to the company. On all of their routes, Bonny Way Motors claims to be the traveler’s first option, which is true.

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15. Efex Transports

If you’re looking for a cheap, dependable, and safe transportation service in Nigeria, go no farther than Efex Transport, which has established itself as a major player in the Nigerian transportation industry. Efex Transports is owned by Engr Isaac Uhunmwagho. The company also offers other transport services like bus charter, courier services & hotel and hospitality.

Why Efex Transports?

Efex Transports is also one of the popular companies that started on a small scale and expanded over the years. This isn’t a feat that every transport company out there had a chance to attain and as such, has earned this inclusion on this list.

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Which transport company is the best for NYSC Corps members?

The best transport agency mostly used by Corps Members is Cross Country Transport.

What is the best normal business transport company in Nigeria?

God is Good Motors is the best transport choice for business people, the company is also popularly known as (GIGM).

Which is the best transport company to travel with during Christmas?

The best transport company to travel with for Christmas festivities is GUO Transports, you will definitely enjoy your trip with them.

Which transport company in Nigeria gives the best discount?

ABC Transports gives the best discount in case you want to travel with your children or wards.


Please note that every piece of information provided in this article is accurate and up to date and as far the best transport companies in Nigeria are concerned you can never get it wrong with any of the listed transport companies in Africa.

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