Top 15 Best Delivery Companies in Ghana – Updated

Are you in search of the best courier service in Ghana? If YES then here are the best delivery companies in Ghana that offers the best delivery services across Ghana and even beyond.

I presume there are lots of times whereby you have the need to transport goods to an entirely different location from yours and you wonder how to go about it and in some cases gets you limited to your local location alone instead of being able to distribute your goods to different locations across the country.

Worry no more, today we bring you the updated list of the top 15 best Delivery Companies in Ghana that would get the job done for you without hassle. You have no need to battle with the thoughts of having your goods delivered to several locations at a time as you are just one step away from making it possible.

Unlike, decades ago where everyone is faced with a big challenge of sending goods or even packages across to their customers or loved ones, we have emerged a new era where lots of enterprises have risen to proffer solutions to these challenges, they help you get your goods and packages down to any location you want.

Best Delivery Companies In Ghana
Say NO to bad delivery companies.

With the help of delivery companies, you get to send your goods and packages to far locations without worrying about your goods getting damaged or stolen as they provide a secure service, but here is the big question, which companies are the best delivery companies in Ghana? Stay tuned as we find out from the list of Ghana’s top delivery companies this year.

15 Top Delivery Companies in Ghana

1. FedEx Ghana

Looking for the best delivery company to deliver your goods and packages in Ghana? Search no further. FedEx happens to be an international delivery company established far back in the year 1971, having its headquarters in Tennessee, US. This outstanding delivery company is widely known for its superb services that involve fast, reliable, and safe deliveries. This company is no doubt one of the best to handle your delivery services in Ghana with over 40 years of experience, allowing them to have mastered the art of delivery in a safer, faster, and reliable mode.

FedEx is also known to operate in over 200 countries across the globe with over 668 fleets and 50 aircraft for delivering goods globally. The company has its Ghana headquarters located along the Accra international Airport road.

2. IAS Ghana Limited

By Franchise Agreement, IAS Ghana happens to be a License of FedEx from the year 1993, having offices located in over 10 regions and major Ghana districts. This company is also another superb Ghana delivery company you can’t look down on as they offer top-notch delivery services that include Overnight Delivery to regional capitals and towns, as well as same-day deliveries within cities, amazing right?

However, the company is known to have about 25 collection centers spread across the capital city of which they offer specialized economy services to all Ghana destinations for shipment weighing over 100 kilos and lots of other fascinating services.

3. Street Express

Here we have another superb Ghana best delivery company known for its great services at delivering of goods and packages across the country. This company is known to be owned directly by the Ghanaian delivery company noted to specialize in on-demand and account distribution services.  Their On-demand service is known to be focused on customers without a set schedule which would require a door-to-door deal while the account distribution service deals with institutions, corporations, and agencies that require a set schedule transport.

However, this amazing delivery company sets its focus on providing services of local pickups and deliveries of documents and parcels for business entities and individuals within the Metropolis of Accra.

4. OAK Express Limited

Oak Express limited is another fascinating delivery company that specializes in the delivery of parcels, packages, and documents. However, this company is duly registered as a domestic courier company as well as a delivery company, hence, enabling them to have series of branches in most of the Ghanaian major cities and having their headquarters in Accra. The company is widely noted for its safe express delivery services as well as trucking from one location to another.

5. DHL Express Ghana

Looking for one of the most widely used delivery companies in Ghana, DHL Express is a top Ghana delivery firm that has been in the game for quite some time enough to gather experience in handling delivery services without hassles.  The company was founded in 1969 in the United States making it an international delivery company with exceptionally unique services. This best Ghana delivery company took a bold step by expanding in the 1970s which have in turn made them one of the biggest in the Ghanaian delivery industry. They have their head office situated along Crescent road, Accra, Ghana.

6. KASI Express

Despite not being an old delivery company like many others on this list, this delivery company has made the list due to the amazingly fast and reliable services they offer. This company was established in the year 2014 with the aim of providing fast and reliable customer-focused delivery services to individuals and business entities in Ghana and across West Africa with the help of highly trained personnel and modern technology. Looking at some of their services, they are noted for their superb same-day express service, haulage, logistics, and dispatch services.

7. UPS – United Parcel Delivery Company

The United Parcel Delivery Company popularly known as UPS is an international delivery company formerly known as the American Messenger company established in the year 1907, the company had its name changed to United Parcel Service after several merges in the past. However, the company is known to have lots of subsidiaries which include UPS Airlines, Nightline groups, UPS Logistics, UPS supply chain stores, UPS i-parcel, and lots more. The company has its Ghana office located at Cargo D, Kotoka International Airport, Accra.

8. Eagle Express

Eagle Express just as the name implies is another fast and reliable top courier company in Ghana. The company was incorporated in Ghana as a logistics service provider in the year 2008 with the aim of providing delivery services within the country and to stand tall as every customer’s first choice for express delivery services via the use of sophisticated operating systems and structures to get the job done, which has, in turn, kept them in the business as a big picture from their existence till date. However, the company is noted to deal with clients in top spots like the banking sector, manufacturing sector, and lots of other corporate sectors.

9. Shield Runner

Yet again we have another superb top delivery firm in Ghana that provides courier services to different organizations and individuals with the aim of providing their clients easy, safe, fast, and reliable delivery services. The company is widely used and today has earned its position on the list of top Ghana delivery companies.

10. Mediterranean Shipping Company

The Mediterranean shipping company is another amazing delivery company that renders international delivery services which ensures you can deliver goods and packages outside Ghana safely without worries. However, the company is known to operate in over 155 countries across the globe which includes major countries your clients could be, hence, making deliveries outside the country right from Ghana is made easy and reliable.

11. MCDAN Shipping Company

The MCDAN Shipping firm was established in the year 1999 having its headquarters situated at the capital city of Ghana and branches within and outside the country. This amazing delivery company happens to be the first to obtain an Air carrier license which involves handling chartered cargo flights in Ghana alongside its Cargo sales agent for the Ethiopian Airline.

However, the company has its branches present in over 2400 Sea and Airports across the globe with a keen partnership with the World Cargo Alliance (WCA) and JC Trans to carry out successful delivery of cargo goods.

12. Apex Shipping Company

The Apex shipping company which happens to be a widely used delivery company in Ghana was founded in the year 1997 with the aim of providing top-notch customs clearance services to manufacturing companies and individuals. With various branches spread across various exit and entry ports of the country, the company hopes to become a top leading international freight forwarding company proffering logistic solutions to their customer base.

13. Nakkiexpress Delivery Services

Here we have another outstanding courier company in Ghana which happens to be a popular delivery company widely noted for its superb express delivery services which ensure that your goods and packages are delivered safely and fast.

14. Aramex Ghana

Aramex is another top courier company in Ghana, it is a well recognized international delivery company having its headquarters located in Dubai, UAE. This company was established in the year 1982 by the joint effort of Bill Kingson and Fadi Ghandour. Today, the company has over 13,000 workers spread across 54 countries in the world with a network of 40 delivery companies.

15. National Express Ghana

Rounding up the list with the best local courier services in Ghana, we have the National Express Ghana which is also an amazing delivery company that offers fast, safe, and reliable same-day delivery services to individuals in good conditions. They are licensed by the postal and courier services regulatory commission.

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The Delivery industry in Ghana is quite a competitive one having numerous companies offering delivery services across the country which has left people with a wide range of options to consider. However, one company is bound to have its advantage over another, the most important aspect is for your packages and goods to get to their destinations safely and in good conditions.


Which delivery companies are in Ghana?

  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • DHL Express
  • Eagles Express
  • Kasi Express
  • Street Express
  • IAS Ghana
  • Shield Runner
  • Mcdan Shipping Company
  • Oak Express limited
  • And lots more

Which is the biggest delivery company in Ghana?

FedEx Ghana is the biggest delivery company in Ghana.

Which is the most successful delivery company in Ghana?

FedEx is now the most successful delivery company in Ghana after overtaking UPS who was formerly the most successful delivery company in Ghana.

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