Top 15 Best Courier Companies In South Africa (Updated)

Best Courier Companies in South Africa – There always comes a certain time if not always in whereby you need to send a parcel or package to another location from yours as well as receive packages from your business partners or loved ones from different locations in the same country or another country.

If you have been contemplating on the best courier service companies in South Africa to offer you safe, fast, and reliable services as well as get your packages across to you or your clients in good conditions, search no further, today, we bring you the list of the top best Courier Services in South Africa.

List Of Best Courier Companies in South Africa

Getting to find a reliable Courier company is vital, no one would want to suffer the loss of their packages before it arrives at it’s designated locations which is why everyone wants to use the services of the companies considered the best. However, this list was made possible prior to customer attestations to the services and size of the companies listed, hence, here is the list of best Courier firms in South Africa.

Top Best Courier Companies In South Africa

1. The Courier Guy

Kicking off with a widely recognized Courier company in South Africa, we have the Courier Guy company which was established in the year 2000. Amazingly, the top Courier Service company in South Africa kick-started with just one motorbike running all the errands and here today, it stands as one of the best South Africa courier companies. This company was established with the aim to make provisions for a thoroughly tested best products and solutions to its clients.

However, looking at the services of this courier company, the company is noted for its fast, safe, and reliable same-day express services, overnight delivery, same-day economy, special projects, standard air, and tracking services, which ensures the safety of your packages.

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2. Globeflight

Looking for a courier company situated at the heart of South Africa, here we have the top courier company in Cape Town. Globe flight notably has over 250 branches spread across the country.

Globe flight company is noted for its outstanding reliable, cheap, and fast courier services alongside amazing parcel tracking services made available for all clients of the firm, and this has made them one of the most widely used courier services in South Africa.

3. Fastway

Fastway Courier company was founded in 1983, making it one of the oldest Courier companies in South Africa. This courier firm is noted for its use of modern technology as they offer online parcel tracking services which ensure the safety of your packages being delivered to its designated location.  With such modern technology in use, this firm offers its services at an affordable cost, which has, in turn, made the company one of the most sought-after courier companies in South Africa.

However, the company have over 250 branches within the country which ensures that all their clients get easy access to them at any location across the country.

4. MDS Collivery

MDS Collivery is another top South Africa courier company established by Mr. High Randall in the year 1991. This Courier company offers its clients local and international courier services which ensures that you are not just limited to delivering packages within South Africa but also across other countries covered by the company. Speaking of safety since it involves an international courier service, the company works with an efficient parcel tracking system that ensures that your packages can be tracked on the Go.

5. Aerospeed Couriers

Here we have a top delivery company in South Africa, the Aerospeed Courier company was founded in the year 1993 making it one of the oldest and reliable Courier service providers in South Africa. This amazing delivery company is known to provide efficient and customized express Courier solutions to their clients without hassle. More also, just like the name implies, this company operates in a fast mode depending on the urgency of your parcel delivery.

However, this Courier firm in South Africa is not just limited to South Africa alone as it also offers local and international delivery services to the satisfaction of their customers.

6. Door 2 Door

Door 2 Door courier company has proven its worthyness of being on the list of the top Courier firms in South Africa has it has got a lot of testimonials from customers expressing their satisfaction with the services of this company. This firm is known to operate in an efficient corporate way with services including overnight deliveries, international imports and exports, and standard cargo.

This firm has been in the industry for quite some time now and it has maintained its standards of providing reliable services via the means of personal interactions with clients which in turn creates a good reputation for them.

7. PostNet

PostNet is another widely used Courier service provider in South Africa with high reputation. This firm notably has over 380 owner-operated retails stores across the country which ensures the services of the company are made available widely across the country.

PostNet is noted for its wide range of international and domestic shipment solutions in serving various markets across the country. However, this company has been the choice of the people for over 2 decades and in no doubt has earned the trust of the people across the Country.

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8. Courier It

Looking for a top-notch delivery company in South Africa? Here you have one, Courier It is a great delivery firm that operates with high standards that ensures the identification of their customer’s needs and proffer quick and reliable solutions to it, and this has been the strength of the company over the years.

9. City Logistics

Are you in search of the best courier companies in Johannesburg? We got one for you right here known as City Logistics. This company appears to be one of the most reliable and recommended courier companies in Johannesburg as well as across South Africa as a whole. City Logistics has established an extensive service network to ensure they get to cover up all areas within the country and across the borders.  More also, this firm in the strength of its growth is known to have set aside a warehousing space of over 100,000 square meters to ensure they meet up with the storage and cross-docking requirements for a batter service.

10. Ram Hand to Hand

With over 40 branches spread across the country, this company stands tall as one of the best courier firms in South Africa. Ram Hand to Hand company notably has about 1,500 vehicles and over 2,500 skilled workers ensuring the company’s clients get the best of their services.

11. Johnsano Courier Services

The Johnsano Courier service company is also another superb courier company having its head office in Johannesburg, South Africa. This company also provides a reliable Courier service with the aim of offering satisfactory customer service.

12. The Courier Company

The courier company is also a top giant in the courier industry of South Africa. The company tends to be a widely used company that ensures proper customer satisfaction as well as safe delivery of parcels and documents to their destinations. The company offers a fast and reliable service as well as amazing parcel tracking service.

13. Kargo Logistics (Pty) Ltd

Kargo Logistics is another superb delivery company known to offer a wide range of services across the country. This company also ensures that their clients get easy access to them, hence, engaging in good interaction with them which makes them the people’s choice.

14. Astom Courier Services

The Astom courier company is another superb choice to make as the company over the years has proven its worthiness to stands toe to toe with others in the industry offering top-notch customer services.

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15. Special couriers

Coming right up last on our list of best Courier service companies in South Africa, we have the special courier service situated in Johannesburg, South Africa. The company over the years has been a notable choice of the people across the country to carry out their domestic delivery services without hassles.


Getting to figure out a reliable and secured courier company is considered vital as it has to do with shipping or delivering parcels, packages, and documents that may be of high importance, hence, the most secured and most reliable Courier company services should be considered, nevertheless, based on customer reviews we have been able to bring you the top Courier firms around you.

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How much does a Courier service cost in South Africa?

The cost of Courier Services in South Africa tends to vary amongst courier companies in South Africa and other prone factors which includes the mode of transport and urgency.

Which Courier company is the fastest in South Africa?

For every courier company in South Africa, speed depends on the urgency of your delivery as we have most of the courier companies in South Africa to try every possible means to deliver on time. However, companies with agents spread across the country tend to take the lead when it comes to speed, so we could recommend Aerospeed and the Courier Guy to get the job done.

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