Aviation Schools In Ghana And Their Fees [Updated List]

The pilot profession could be considered as a widely aspired profession across the globe, but most people across the globe are faced with the issues of getting the best aviation schools to enroll their wards in, we have always got you covered but for today, we shall be taking you through the list of aviation schools in Ghana, but before we dive right into the list, let’s quickly get a recap of what aviation schools are all about.

Aviation schools otherwise known as flight schools or piloting schools are charged with the responsibility of training and bringing up disciplined aspiring pilots on how to get different types of aircraft flying without hassles and fear of landing safely, however, speaking of flight schools in Ghana, we have most of the teachers present in both the private and public sector knowledgeable and well equipped, and we have deemed it fit to come up with the top accredited aviation schools in Ghana for you, tag along as we take you through the list.

List of Aviation Schools in Ghana

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List Of Aviation Schools In Ghana

Crystal Galaxy College

First on our list of best aviation schools in Ghana is Crystal Galaxy College which is perceived to be one of the most famous flight schools in Ghana known for discipline and productivity. This school is tagged with a mission of training men and women who have the ambition and passion of impacting the aviation industry, not just that, more also, hospitality, business and media firms In Africa and the world at large.

However, the school also has a vision of becoming a flagship in the educational sector of Ghana and also possesses a stronghold in Africa and the world at large.

Let’s take a quick look at crystal galaxy aviation courses in Ghana;

  • Passenger Handling.
  • Air and Ticketing.
  • Shipping Management and Hostel Management.
  • Cabin Crew (Flight attendant).

Crystal Galaxy aviation school Address: 3rd Floor, Galaxy House Odurkor Bus Junction, flanking Anointed Engineering Odurkor traffic light, Accra, Ghana.

Phone No: +233(0)249733717
Email: Crystalgalaxycollege@gmail.com
Website: www.Crystalgalaxycollege.com

Global Institute of Aviation

Global institute of aviation also stands tall as one of the Top Ghana aviation schools with a top-notch facility to produce a professional in the aviation industry. This institute was established in the year 2000 in Accra, Ghana.

Mission: This institute has a mission of promoting participation in higher and quality education which is regarded as a democratic entitlement to equip students in contributing effectively to the society and the economy at large.

Vision: the institution aims to be a comprehensive institute for the community and the world at large with an ambition to establish an institution that is not constrained by present possibilities.

Here we have some list of aviation courses offered in Global Institute of Aviation, Ghana;

  • Aviation Management.
  • Cargo Handling.
  • Travel & Tourism.
  • Hospitality Management.
  • English Language.

Address: Adabraka adjacent Iran Clinic, Faanofa Road, Accra, Ghana.
Phone No: +233(0)302233991
Email: Info@gia.edu.gh
Website: www.gia.eu.gh

Institute of Aviation and Professional Studies

Coming right up next is the institute of aviation and professional studies. Regardless of the fact that this school offers other unrelated courses to aviation, it is also one of the top accredited aviation schools in Ghana. This school is known to produce great and sound mind in the aviation industry.

A quick glance at some of the courses offered by this prestigious school;

  • Travel and Tourism Management.
  • Aviation Management.
  • Maritime/logistics Management.
  • Hotel Management.
  • Health & Safety Management.
  • Human resources Management.
  • English Proficiency.

Address: Fijai Obiri junction, Takoradi,Ghana,  P.O Box AX 1354 Takoradi, Ghana.
Email: Iapseducation@gmail.com
Website: www.ipscollege.com

Mish Aviation Flying School

Still checking out the list of best aviation schools in Ghana, we have the Mish aviation school which can’t be left out on the list as this school proves to be a top-notch aviation school in Tema with well-equipped facilities to get the job done. This institution was established in the year 2006 and has gained dominance in the aviation industry. For aspiring pilots, Mish aviation school is the best aviation institute in Ghana you want to opt for.

Address: E12 Knights close, Mish Aviation House, comm 22, Tema, Ghana.
Email: Info@mishaviation.com
Phone No: +233(0)302916350
Website: www.mishaviation.com

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Ghana Civil Aviation Training Academy (GATA)

While others on this list may be a private aviation schools in Ghana, here we have one established by the Ghanaian government. This exceptional institution was established in the year 2008 by the Ghana civil aviation authority.  More also, this school is established to stand as a giant in the aviation industry and also to turn out as a center of knowledge acquisition which is why the school has remained one of the best piloting schools in Ghana. 

Address: Kotoka International Airport, GCAA Training Academy Private mailbox , Accra, Ghana.
Phone No: +233(0)302773927
Email: gata@gcaa.com.gh

International School of Aviation

Unlike others on this list, this aviation school happens to be an international aviation school in tema, Ghana which was established in the year 1998, having 3 campuses in total of which 2 are located in Tema, while the last one stands in Kumasi, Ghana. Let’s check out the aviation course offered in this institution;

  • Cargo Handling.
  • Travel & Tourism.
  • Tourism Management.
  • Travel Management.
  • Hotel Management.
  • Shipping Management.

Address 1: Box CE 12381, Comm 3, Behind VRA Quarters, Tema, Ghana.
Address 2:  kwadoso, Abibiman premises, Box KS 12145, Adun-kumasi, Ghana
Address 3: PR/2, GE 6, Com.2, Opposite CMB Quarters Kassadjan Flats Area Tema, Ghana.
Phone No(s): +233(0)277524849, +233(0)30216834, +233(0)322091563.

Pegasus Aviation Academy

Speaking of Ghana Aviation schools, this prestigious institution can’t be ignored as it stands as one of the most recommended piloting schools in Ghana due to its intensive practical and trainings in producing professionals in the aviation industry.

Ghana aviation course offered in Pegasus;

  • Commercial Pilot License
  • Private Pilot License
  • Flight Instructor

Address: CA 15 Commercial Area, Northern Region, Tamale, Ghana.
Phone No: +233(0)200816770
Email: info@pegasusaviation.org
Website: www.pegasusaviation.org

Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA)

The Ghana Civil Aviation authority happens to be an amazing institution we can’t leave out on the list aside the fact that it is the main aviation authority in Ghana; this piloting school also has proven herself worthy of being named amongst one of the best in the industry. The Ghana civil aviation authority was established in the year 1930 with the public works department as a unit. However, this institution offers just 3 training, which are;

  • Ghana Civil Aviation Training.
  • Airmen Training.
  • Academy training

Address: Kotoka International Airport, Accra, Ghana.
Phone No: +233(0)302776171
Email: Info@caa.com.gh
Website: www.gcaa.com

Ambassador Institute of Aviation

Just as the name sounds, this institution is known to provide professionals in the aviation industry and in no doubt stands as one of the best in the industry. Here are some of the courses offered by the ambassador institution of aviation, Ghana;

  • Travel & Tourism (Foundation Ticketing)
  • Airline Customer Service
  • Airport Cargo Handling
  • Airport Management Operation
  • Airport passenger Handling
  • IATA Passenger Ground Handling
  • English and French For Beginners
  • Airline Marketing

Address: Dzoewulu, Accra, Ghana.
Phone No(s): +233(0)503920629, +233(0)2444968429.

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Starwest Flight Academy

Starwest Flight academy located in Greater Accra, Ghana is also known as one of the best piloting schools in Ghana with well equipped modern learning facilities for enhanced training capable of breeding professionals in the industry.

Address: No.7 Sunkwa Road Osu, Greater Accra, Ghana.
Phone No: +233(0)557862982
Email: Fly@starwestacademy.com
Website: www.Starwestacademy.com

Pilot Training Institute

The pilot training institution appears to be the first training institute founded by the National vocational training institute known as NVTI in the year 1970. This institution was established to provide formal and informal training to youths and others aspiring a skill.

Some of the programmes offered by this institution are;

  • Mechanical Engineering and Craft Practice
  • Electronics
  • Building Construction
  • General Electrical Installations
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • English, Mathematics, Entrepreneurial Skills, Integrated Science or ICT are made compulsory for everyone.

Address: P. O. BOX AN 8137, Accra North, Kokomlemle, Accra

Aero Vector

Aero Vector popularly known as Aero Vector Aviation training center is a General civil aviation authority offering accredited aviation courses in Ghana, making the institution a top notch institution in the industry as it fully focuses on cargo and airline based courses.

Address: No 2 Adom Avenue, West Legon,  Accra Ghana
Email: aerovector@gmail.com
Phone No: 024 3257757
Website: www.aerovtraining.com

Anchor College of Ghana

Still diving down the list, we have the Anchor College of Ghana known for it impact in the aviation industry as regards providing professionals to get the job done. This school is also known for discipline, career guidance and encouragement to the students as regards helping them grow independently in the industry.

Address: Cape Coast – Takoradi Rd, Takoradi, Ghana
Phone: (+233)-244-886-929
E-mail: info@anchorcollegegh.com

Africa College of Aviation

Studying at the African college of Aviation is a superb decision to make as it presents a distinctive career prospects and a promising future. This college is focused at promoting transformative education and professionalism in the industry. Students are guided and well trained to meet up with the international standards in the industry.

Address: No 233, Mccarthy Hill Junction, Accra, Ghana
Phone No: +233 24 306 4426
Email: africancollegeinfo@gmail.com

Prudential college

Coming right up last on our list but definitely not the least of the best aviation schools in Ghana, we have the prudential college which appears to be a private aviation school in Ghana. This private college is known for industry-relevant programmes to enhance their students to stand out in the industry. 

Address: 16, 4th Street, Baatsonaa, Spintex Road, Accra Ghana
Phone No: +233 509400366
Website: http://prudentialcollege.online

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Conclusion on Aviation School in Ghana

Flight schools in Ghana are known to be improving yearly to meet up the needs of aspiring pilots out there; feel free to get enrolled in any of the aviation schools above to get the best for you. As regards Aviation requirements in Ghana the basic requirement for aviation schools in Ghana is hard work, concentration, and commitment to your goal of becoming a pilot, however, you can also visit the school websites to check out the aviation course fees and well as individual school requirements to get started.

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