Ansu Kabia Net Worth; Biography, Age, Movie Career, Gay & Facts

Who is Ansu Kabia? This article is centered on Ansu Kabia net worth, Ansu Kabia biography, gay controversy, Ansu Kabia Age & facts.

If you are a movie enthusiast and you really admire Black actors, you probably would want to know certain things about Ansu Kabia’s life and career, especially about his gay controversy in the industry.

Many Nigerians who watch Ansu Kabia’s movies aren’t aware that the black actor has his background rooted in Nigeria, even though there is no trace of Nigerian culture and lifestyle in him.

Ansu Kabia Biography

On this page, we will delve into the actor’s biography, his journey into the film industry, his sexuality, and a few unpopular facts about his life but before we proceed with that here is brief profile information about Ansu Kabia.

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Ansu Kabia Profile

Full Name:Ansu Kabia
Date of Birth:1890s
Place of Birth:England
Career Status:Active from 2005
Profession:Actor & Producer
Net Worth:$550,000

Who is Ansu Kabia?

Ansu Kabia is a renowned British actor who has been professionally involved in the film industry for more than a decade. He was born in England, where he began his early education and bagged a college degree. In other words, he has lived most of his life in England. While in high school, Ansu Kabia was enthusiastic about acting. But sadly, he couldn’t find the right opportunities to nurture and exhibit his talent to the world.

He didn’t make a debut in any film until 2005 when he completed his 3-year training at a drama school for actors in London. Upon his graduation from the drama school, he was fortunate to appear in a well-known TV program titled “Casualty”. After successfully starring in this production, Ansu Kabia was ushered into a season of numerous opportunities in the English film industry.

As of today, his success as an actor is undisputed. Even though he’s not among some of the world’s most popular actors in the world today, he’s doing pretty well in his acting career.

In recent interviews, Ansu has revealed that passion is the main drive for his movie career, rather than fame or money.

Ansu Kabia’s Age

Ansu Kabia is one of those few actors that don’t derive pleasure in revealing much about their personal lives to the media. As of Ansu’s age, no one certainly knows how old he is. Nevertheless, one can take a wild guess. From the look at his physique, one can tell that Ansu Kabia is definitely within the age group of 35 to 40.

Moreover, he has been in the film industry for about 16 years, and at the time he began his career in 2005, he was a young man in his early 20s. This shows that he should be in his mid or late 30s.


Ansu Kabia never traded his education for a film career. He was well educated before he started pursuing a professional career in the movie industry.

He attended a high school within his neighborhood, after which he furthered his education by attending college. Aside from his college degree, he spent three years in a drama school, training to be a professional actor.


Ansu Kabia biography and net worth wouldn’t have been possible without his career. His movie career began in 2005 after the completion of his 3-year drama training in England. He started by featuring in a TV program called “Casualty”. It was his appearance in this TV program that showcased him before some big film producers in England that eventually got interested in starring him in films.

So far, Ansu Kabia has spent close to two decades as an English actor, starring in about 3 to 5 feature-length films each year. Currently, he’s portraying a role in a TV show titled, “I may destroy you”. The show airs on the HBO channel and it has had a great reception from viewers. Below is the list of Ansu Kabia TV Series and movies;

  • The Irregulars (TV Series) (post-production)
  • Sedu
  • I May Destroy You (TV Series)
  • Miss Scarlet and the Duke (TV Series)
  • Maude (Short)
  • Patriarch (Short)
  • Wizards vs. Aliens (TV Series)
  • World on Fire (TV Series)
  • Last Christmas
  • Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw
  • Utopia (TV Series)
  • London’s Burning (TV Movie)
  • 10 Days to War (TV Mini-Series)
  • The Long Song (TV Series)
  • Murder on the Orient Express
  • Branagh Theatre Live: Romeo and Juliet
  • The Bill (TV Series)
  • Casualty (TV Series)

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Ansu Kabia Wife/Marriage

Who is Ansu Kabia dating? Who is Ansu Kabia girlfriend? Does Ansu Kabia have a wife? Ansu Kabia is not married. As a matter of fact, ever since he made it to the big screen, no one has seen him with a lady that appears to be his spouse. Apparently, the young actor is more focused on building his acting career, rather than channeling the same energy towards building a romantic relationship. Besides, he never talks about marriage or relationships during interviews and speculations also have it that he’s gay and not interested in women.

Ansu Kabia Family

There is no information available on Ansu Kabia’s family. Just as you’ve read earlier in this piece, Ansu Kabia maintains a private life, and that has compelled him to not reveal much about himself and his family members. He’s obviously not interested in sharing personal or private information with the media.

Ansu Kabia Net Worth

Ansu Kabia net worth is estimated at $550,000, his earnings are attributed to income from various TV shows and movies he acted in. Other information regarding his house and cars are not revealed but it is certain that Ansu Kabia is living a wealthy life.

He doesn’t live a flashy and luxurious lifestyle for the media, this makes it very hard for anyone to discern much about his personal lifestyle. Notwithstanding, considering the fact that Ansu Kabia has spent about 16 years as a professional actor, starring in numerous films, he must have amassed some fortune more than enough for him to own houses and fleets of cars.

Facts About Ansu Kabia

Here are a few facts about Ansu Kabia you probably never knew:

  • Although he was born and raised in England, Ansu Kabia is of Nigerian descent. His linage has been traced back to Nigeria recently after he admitted to the fact that he has a background in Africa.
  • Ansu Kabia made his film debut in 2005 after appearing on a popular TV program called “Casualty”.
  • He is not married and doesn’t even have any records of dating a lady.
  • Due to his awkwardly single life, many people have presumed that Ansu Kabia is gay.


Is Ansu Kabia truly gay?

There are so many celebrities who have openly admitted to the fact that they are gays. But as for Ansu Kabia, he hasn’t said anything in regards to the speculations surrounding his gay controversy.

Is Ansu Kabia a Nigerian citizen?

Ansu Kabia is an English citizen but he’s of Nigerian descent.

Does Ansu Kabia have any children?

Ansu Kabia is not a father to any child. He’s not an adoptive parent either.

Has Ansu Kabia been married before?

There are no records of Ansu Kabia being married earlier in his life.

Who is Ansu Kabia girlfriend?

Ansu Kabia is currently single and also not in a relationship with any lady.

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Ansu Kabia may not be the very popular actor starring in blockbusters, but there is no doubt that he’s thriving within the film industry in England. Due to his charming looks as a black and well-built young man, he’s quite admired and loved the ladies, especially those from his fan base. His audience hopes to see him portray lots of lead roles in the world’s biggest blockbusting films. Check out Ansu Kabia Instagram handle.

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