Alicia Keys Biography and Net Worth: Age, Songs, Albums, and Facts

This article contains the life history of a famous and talented American singer, Alicia Keys biography, and Net worth with all her songs and albums.

Alicia Keys as popularly referred to by her fans bears Alicia Augello Cook as her official name. She is a talented African-American singer with a multi-racial root of Scottish, Italian and Irish.

She has produced, written, and sung many award-winning songs. Apart from being a singer, Alicia Keys is also an actress, a Pianist, and philanthropist. She is currently married with 2 kids.

Alicia Keys Biography and Net Worth: Age, Songs, Albums, and Facts

Continue reading Alicia Keys’ biography to learn more interesting facts about her background, lifestyle, relationships, awards, and others.

Family Background and Education

Alicia Augello Cook who uses the stage name; Alicia Keys was born on January 25th in 1981 in New York in America. She was born and raised in Hell’s Kitchen by her mother, Nikki Terresa Augello(a paralegal, and Part-time actress. 

She was raised by her mother because her father, Craig cook (a flight attendant), and the latter separated when she was 2 years old. Her father was absent throughout her life even though she claimed to meet with him later in life. Alice was raised with her two half-brothers, Clay Cook and Cole Cook.

She started playing the piano at a tender age. She was said to have been influenced by many songs her mother played early every morning. She later graduated with a major in Choir from Manhattan’s professional performance art school at the age of 16 years old.

She was also an undergraduate at Columbia University for 4 weeks following her scholarship to the school. She later dumped schooling for music.


At the age of 7 years old, Alicia started playing the piano. She started singing and listening to music as early as that age as well, but not until 14 years when she started composing songs. That was after meeting with Jeff Robinson who she wrote many songs (life, butterflies, etc.) under his tutelage even though she didn’t release any.

She later got signed to Arista Records where Clive Davies was the head of the records. She later left with Davies who moved to a new record, J Record where she released her first debut album.

The debut album which was titled “Songs in a Minor” wasn’t only successful commercially with over 12 million albums sold, it also won her many awards with fame. “Songs in a Minor” went platinum 5 times with multiple Grammy Awards. She is popularly known for R&B and soulful music.

Since then she has released other successful albums including “the Days of Alicia Keys” in 2003 to “As I Am” in 2007 to “Girl on Fire” in 2009 and so many other albums. She has also worked with many top artists including Jay Z, Kendric Lamar, Usher, Jack White, and others.

Apart from being an award-winning singer, Alicia Keys is also an actress. She started acting as early as at the age of 4 years when she acted in the role of Pulliam’s friend in “The Cosby Show” in 1985.

She also featured in other series including American dreams, chared, the backyardigans. Years later, she made her screen debut role as Georgia Skyes in a movie titled “Smoking Aces” which was released in 2006.

Since then she has participated in the making of. any other films including Empire, Life of Bees, Marydiaves, and others.

Being at the top of her career, Alicia had attracted many endorsement deals from different brands including BlackBerry, Proactive acne treatment, Citi Bank, Private Pass Credit Card, and many more.

Alicia Keys is also a humanist and philanthropist who has donated and work on many projects to better society. An example of such is contribution as a Co-Founder and Global Ambassador of Keep a Child Alive.

She was part of the organization that provided medicine, orphan care to Africans and Indians living with HIV/AIDs. She has also performed in many concerts against staggering issues in society. Examples are that of Philadelphia awareness on African poverty, the Women’s March on Washington and so many others.

She is also the author of many written works and books including a memoir which she titled “More Myself: A Journey”.

Relationship and Family

In 2002, Alicia Keys was in a dating relationship with Justin Timberlake before they broke up. She later started dating a producer, Jim Kenny’s brother in 2006 which later ended as well 

She is currently married to a hip-hop producer, Kaseem Dean popularly called Snizz Beatz and she had 2 children in the marriage. Kaseem Dean and Alicia Keys used to know each other since childhood and were friends till they got married on July 31, 2010, near the Mediterranean Sea in a low key.

Their first boy, Egypt David Dean was born in October 2010 while the second boy, Genesis Ali Dean in December 2014.

Songs and Albums

Alicia Keys has produced and released many songs since she started her career as a singer. Below is the list of her Albums and songs.

  • Songs in A Minor
  • The Diary of Alicia Keys
  • As I Am
  • The Element of Freedom
  • Girl on Fire
  • Here
  • Alicia

She also had many tours and concerts for some of these Albums. Some of the tours and concerts she had include:

  • 2001- 2002 Tour for the album, Songs in A Minor Tour 
  • 2004 The Verizon Ladies First Tour 
  • 2005 Tour for the album, Diary Tour 
  • 2008 Tour for the album, As I Am 
  • 2010 Tour for the album, Freedom 
  • 2011 Piano & I: An Intimate Evening with Alicia Keys and Her Piano 
  • 2013 for Set the World on Fire Tour 
  • 2020 The World Tour for the album, Alicia


Alicia Keys’ biography won’t be completed without mentioning the awards she won in the course of producing soulful music for the world. She has won many awards including being recognized in the World Guinness Book of Record,15 Grammy Awards,9 Billboard Music Awards, 7 BET Awards, 17 NAACP Image, and others.

Below is the list of some of her awards.

She won;

In 2001;

  • Female Artist of the Year by Billboard Music Award 
  • New R&B/Hip-Hop Artist of the Year by Billboard Music Award
  • Female Artist of the Year by Billboard Music Award
  • Hot 100 Songwriter of the Year by Billboard Music Award

In 2002; 

  • Best New Artist by Grammy Awards 
  • Favorite New Artist, Pop/Rock by American music Award
  • Favorite New Artist, Soul/R&B  by American music Award
  • “Fallin'” as Award-winning R&B/Hip-Hop Song  by ASCAP Rhythm& Soul award
  • Song of the Year by Grammy Awards 
  • Best Female R&B Vocal Performance  by Grammy Awards 
  • Best R&B Song by Grammy Awards 
  • Songs in A Minor as the Best R&B Album by Grammy Awards 
  • In 2003, ASCAP pop music award for “Fallin'” as the Most Performed Song
  • In 2004, Favorite Female Soul/R&B Artist by American music Award

In 2005;

  • ASCAP pop music award for “If I Ain’t Got You” and “You Don’t Know My Name”
  • Female R&B/Hip-Hop Artist of the Year by Billboard Music Award
  • Alicia Keys as the Songwriter of the Year by ASCAP Rhythm& Soul award
  • Alicia Keys Golden Note Award byASCAP Rhythm& Soul award
  • “Like You’ll Never See Me Again” as the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Song of the Year
  • “No One” for Ascap R&B/Hip-Hop Award by ASCAP Rhythm& Soul award
  • “Teenage Love Affair” Ascap R&B/Hip-Hop Award by ASCAP Rhythm& Soul award
  • Diary of Alicia Keys as Best Female R&B Vocal Performance by Grammy Awards 
  • “My Boo” (with Usher) by Grammy Awards 

In 2008;

  • As I Am as the Best Album, Pop/Rock by American music Award
  • Best Album, Soul/R&B by American music Award
  • Alicia Keys for the Best Female R&B Artist by BET Awards 
  • “No One” as the Best R&B Song and the Best Female R&B Vocal Performance by Grammy Awards 
  • World Records of Guinness record Alicia Keys as the First singer to replace herself at No.1 on US R&B/Hip Hop Songs chart

In 2009;

  • “No One” as the best performing song by ASCAP pop music award
  • Alicia Keys for the Humanitarian Award by BET Awards 

In 2010; 

  • “Looking for Paradise” as the Hot Latin Song of the Year by Billboard Latin Music Award
  • Best Collaboration by BET Awards 
  • Artist of the Decade by BET Awards 

In 2011;

  • Empire State of mind as both the Best Rap/Sung Collaboration and Best Rap Song by Grammy Awards 

In 2013,

  • Artivist Award for the Album Alicia Keys 

In 2014;

  • “Girl on Fire”  for Award-Winning R&B/Hip-Hop Song by ASCAP Rhythm& Soul award
  • Girl on Fire as Best R&B Album by Grammy Awards 

In 2015; the Visionary Artist Award by the Harlem School of the Arts Awards

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Alicia Keys Net Worth

Alicia Keys no doubt is one of the most successful and famous female singers in the world. She currently owns a luxury mansion in Englewood in USA where she lives with a pink Lotus Evora GTE. According to reports gathered, Alicia Keys net worth is estimated to be $80 million.

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