ABC Transport Price List; Bookings, Terminals & Contacts

This article contains all you need to know about ABC Transport price list, routes plied by the company, online ticket booking, terminal locations, and ABC Transport contact details.

Have you ever wondered how it felt to travel in comfort and in a low-cost vehicle? In recent years, it has been widely assumed that one can only travel comfortably in expensive vehicles, despite the fact that certain reasonably priced transportation options still exist, and of course, which we’re about to discuss.

What does this have to do with ABC Transportation? It is critical to point out that many transportation agencies in Nigeria are lawfully registered. In terms of cost, efficiency, honesty, and reliability, ABC Transport is one of the best in Nigeria.

Do you wish to travel in such an uncomfortable manner that you end up with body aches and pains? Who likes to travel vast distances only to arrive at their destination and begin to experience body pains? ABC Transport is one of Nigeria’s most convenient road transportation firms, and as such, it deserves to be regarded as one of the best.

What else would you expect from an institution that values your comfort over its financial gain? From a company that prioritizes customer satisfaction?

In today’s article, we will go through an in-depth of one of Nigeria’s biggest transportation organizations, ABC Transports, which has provided excellent service to the public over the years.

This page explains what ABC Transports is renowned for, what services they provide, how to book them, how cost-sensitive they are, and, of course, what customers have to say about them.

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About ABC Transports

ABC Transports is one of Nigeria’s most prominent indigenous transportation firms, offering only transportation services to its customers both within and beyond the country.

ABC is an acronym for “Associated Bus Company.” As a spin-off of Rapido Ventures, this company was created in 1992 but commenced Operation on February 13, 1993.

Established by Mr. Frank Nneji, this transport company is one of the oldest and most dependable modes of modern transportation, according to most people.

ABC Transports is at the top of the scale in terms of discipline, ethics, and devotion. If you’re traveling within the country, you can rely on them to safely transport you or your belongings to your destination. ABC Transport is also available for cross-border travel.

ABC Transport currently has terminals in all 36 states of the federation, employing over 1,500 people and operating over 600 bus fleets that travel inside Nigeria and to other West African nations.

Why Choose ABC Transport?

Since its inception, ABC Transport has been acknowledged for its significant contributions to the transportation industry.

In 2015, the Chartered Institute of Transport named ABC Transports the Best Transporter in Nigeria. Since then, they’ve won the National Bus Operator of the Year Award on a consistent basis, as well as other prestigious awards.

ABC Transport gives comfort to all of its passengers in addition to its affordability. All of the vehicles have air conditioners. DVD players are also available in the Executive Express vehicles.

Every passenger who makes eleven travels with ABC Transport in a calendar year is eligible for a complimentary ticket on their twelfth trip as well as a Gold Card with additional benefits. Students and Youth Corp members receive a subsidized fare from ABC Transport. Children are also eligible for a 50% discount.

To those travelling for Christmas and New Years festivities you also get a discount and an enjoyable journey with ABC Transport.

Ever wondered about getting to your destination very late at night? Worry less as not only are most ABC terminals comfortable for sleeping, but the firm also offers City Transit Inns in Abuja and other cities of Nigeria.

Their drivers are time-conscious too. If a trip is scheduled for 7:00 am, they’ll take off exactly that time. The buses leave on time. To protect the safety of its passengers, ABC drivers are well-trained and maintain a consistent speed. If you arrive at your destination late at night, don’t worry: How can you still not want to travel with them?

Services Rendered By ABC Transport

Below are the major services rendered by ABC Transport:

  • ABC executive express
  • ABC shuttle services
  • ABC city transit inn
  • ABC coach West Africa
  • ABC sprinter services
  • ABC cargo express
  • ABC Haulage services

ABC Transport Executive Express

You can go outside of Nigeria in luxurious seats and air-conditioned buses using this service. Food, a clean restroom, and other necessities for the trip will be given as well. A pleasant travel experience is guaranteed with Executive Express. The advantages of ABC Executive Express are tantalizing. When you select this option, you are immediately signing up for a ride on a fully air-conditioned bus that makes a few stops along the way.

ABC Transport Cargo Express

This service is mostly required by business owners or people, who for one reason or the other, need to get something delivered to someone in another part of the country, or outside the country. Logistics and delivery services are also provided by ABC transportation. You can utilize ABC Transport if you have a shipment to deliver within or outside of Nigeria. Your belongings will be in good hands since they are disciplined, committed, and trustworthy.

ABC Transport City Inn

This is categorically for people who get to their destinations late at night and cannot go home at that period. A city inn is provided at Abuja where you could relax till the next morning before embarking on another trip to your destination.

ABC Transport Coach West Africa

ABC transport provides this service for customers traveling outside of the country. This is especially true for visitors to Ghana. Cold bar service, onboard TVs, restroom facilities, an air conditioner, and luxury seats are all included with this package. You’ll need an international passport or an ECOWAS passport, as well as a Yellow Card, to board a Ghana or any west African ABC coach.

ABC Transport Sprinter Services

This service is available for people who want to travel from one state to another within Nigeria. The buses dedicated to these services are also fully Air-conditioned.

ABC Transport Bookings

Have you made a final decision on deciding to try ABC Transport? This section would give comprehensive steps to follow on ticket bookings to travel with them. This can be done in three major ways:

  • Online Booking
  • Booking via App
  • Physical booking

ABC Transport Online Booking

Below are the necessary procedures:

  • Visit their website at
  • Choose whether you want a one-way trip or a round trip i.e to and fro.
  • A menu immediately appears giving you rooms to fill in the following details:  the state you’re traveling from, destination (where you’re traveling to), date intended to travel, and return date if desired, before pressing the search button.
  • Depending on the service you choose, click Book to select your desired bus from the options listed.
  • Once buses are running along the route, you will be required to select your chosen seat.
  • After selecting your chosen bus seat, click Continue.
  • Fill in all of the needed information.
  • Pay for your tickets using one of the available gateway options.
  • Fill in your credit card information and pay for your tickets.
  • After you’ve paid, you’ll be taken to a page where you can print your ticket.

Booking via Mobile App

  • Download their mobile app via play store or Apple store (ABC Transport)
  • Follow the same procedures listed above.

The only advantage of booking via mobile app is that you’re offered a 5% discount on your trip, a discount people who book via the website do not enjoy.

Physical Booking

To book a ticket physically, all you need to do is visit the terminal closest to your current location. Ask to speak to the branch manager of wherever it is and you’ll be guided on what needs to be done.

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ABC Transport Parks & Terminals Nationwide

TerminalAddressPhone numberEmail address
Abia2, Ikot Ekpene Road, Aba07029116651, 08229116651,
Umuahia8, Mission Hill Umuahia07038571144,
FCT36, Ekukinam Street, Utako District (off Berger Junction), Abuja095242020, 092634148,
GwagwaladaJibeco Nigeria Limited, Gwagwalada, Abuja
Katampe Cargo CenterPlot 1850 Cadestral Zone B07, Near Mabushi Modern Market,
Uyo 1Long Distance Bus Terminal, Park Road, Itam,
Uyo 260 Ikot Ekpene Road, opposite MTN Office,
AkwaAroma Junction by Ozoagu Bus Stop, Awka08064834870,
OnitshaOnitsha-Asaba Expressway, Opposite Ogbaru Main Market, after Upper Iweka Flyover, Onitsha.046482784,
CotonouEmperor Tour Sarl, Stade de L’amite Kouhounou, Cotonou+22897035013, 93699554,
Calabar 75, IBB Way,
EdoINE oil Ltd off KM 8 Benin – Lagos Expressway, Euboumore Village, Benin.08036788464,
Warri194, PTI Road, Effurun,
9th Mile, EnuguBeemartz Hotel, 38 Enugu Road, 9th Mile Corner,
Enugu122, Ogui Road,
Accra Ghana 75, Nsawam Road, R5 Bus Stop (Caprice), opposite Priceway Hotel, Avenor, Accra.0244739143, 0208765930, 021227236,
MbaiseAlpha Paradise Hotel by Ahiara Junction Ahiazu Mbaise,
OwerriPlot 9 Egbu Road, Owerri08064327270 
Kaduna3, Kachia Road by Railway Station Market, Kaduna08034910292, 08139083445,
Lokoja178 Hammed Bello Way, Opposite New Market, adjacent Texaco Petrol Station, Lokoja07038570375, 0809597096,
Special Cargo service, Lagos52C Ikorodu Road, Fadeyi018793070,
Amuwo OdofinPlot 79, Oba Kayode Akinyemi Way by Festac Bypass, Lagos01-8793076, 08053001000,
Bolade Oshodi129 Agege Motor Road01-7911365, 8793078, 8793070, 07038570556,
Ikeja Cargo Outlet2, Simbiat Abiola Way, Computer Village,
Jibowu22, Ikorodu Road, Jibowu, Yaba01-7741320,
Lekki Ticketing OutletOpposite Jakande 1st Gate beside FCMB, Lekki Expressway,
Nasarawa60, Jos Road, beside NYSC Zonal Office,
IbadanOpposite Nigerian Breweries by Acorn Filling Station, New Ife Road,
JosHallmark Home Plaza, 7/9 Lugard Road, (Former UTC Motors),
Rivers, Port-HarcourtEliozu Junction, East/West Road, Port Harcourt0806591043,
Lome, Togo7, Rue Sylvanus Olympio Presse de la Station Total Plage, Sur route de Restaurant Marox, Lome+2289076956, 9171741,

ABC Transport Price List

Terminal/RoutesPrices (₦)
Ajah – Uyo₦8,500
Ajah – Owerri₦8,500
Ajah – Onitsha₦7,500
Ajah – Mbaise₦8,500
Ajah – Lome₦20,450
Ajah – Calabar₦9,500
Ajah – Accra₦20,450
Ajah – Aba₦8,500
Jibowu – Warri₦6,000
Jibowu – Uyo₦8,600
Jibowu – Umuahia₦7,500
Jibowu – Port Harcourt₦8,000
Jibowu – Owerri₦7,400
Jibowu – Onitsha₦6,900
Jibowu – Mbaise₦7,500
Jibowu – Enugu₦7,150
Jibowu – Calabar₦9,500
Jibowu – Benin₦5,750
Jibowu – Awka₦7,150
Jibowu – Abuja₦11,500
Jibowu – Aba₦7,600
Abuja – Port Harcourt₦9,000
Abuja – Onitsha8,900
Abuja – Lagos₦8,500
Abuja – Ijebu-Ode₦10,000
Abuja – Ibadan₦7,000
Abuja – Enugu₦8,000
Abuja – Calabar₦12,000
Abuja – Benin₦8,550
Abuja – Awka₦8,000
Abuja – Aba₦8,500
Lokoja – Port Harcourt₦6,500
Lokoja – Owerri₦5,000
Lokoja – Lagos₦7,000
Lokoja – Ibadan₦5,000
Lokoja – Enugu₦5,800
Lokoja – Calabar₦8,500
Lokoja – Aba₦5,000
Ibadan – Abuja₦7,000
Port Harcourt – Uyo₦2,350
Port Harcourt – Owerri₦1,550
Port Harcourt – Jibowu Lagos₦7,750
Port Harcourt – Enugu₦2,950
Port Harcourt – Calabar₦3,550
Port Harcourt – Awka₦2,150
Port Harcourt – Abuja₦11,000
Owerri – Port Harcourt₦1,500
Owerri – Enugu₦2,400
Owerri – Jibowu₦12,000
Owerri – Calabar₦4,000
Owerri – Abuja₦12,000
Warri – Uyo₦3,600
Warri – Port Harcourt₦2,700
Warri – Umuahia₦3,300
Warri – Owerri₦3,050
Warri – Calabar₦5,000
Uyo – Warri₦3,500
Uyo – Umuahia₦2,200
Uyo – Port Harcourt₦2,100
Uyo – Owerri₦2,500
Uyo – Jibowu ( Lagos)₦9,100
Uyo – Enugu₦2,900
Uyo – Calabar₦1,500
Umuahia – Warri₦2,200
Umuahia – Uyo₦2,200
Umuahia – Amuwo (Lagos)₦11,000
Umuahia – Enugu₦1,500
Umuahia – Calabar₦3,550
Umuahia – Abuja₦10,000


What is ABC Transport known for?

ABC Transport is known for its commitment in providing safe and reliable transport to people and goods.

When was ABC Transport established?

ABC Transport has been in Service for over 27 years now. It was established in 1992 but commenced Operation on February 13, 1993.

Is ABC Transport a trusted company?

The fact that they’ve been recognized by various prestigious bodies shows how trustworthy and reliable they are.

How do I enjoy ABC Transport discount?

After completing a total of 11 trips with them, you get your own discount. Not only that, booking a ticket via their mobile app earns you an automatic discount of 5%. Also, children get to enjoy discounts of up to 50%.

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This article must have answered most of the frequently asked questions about ABC Transports. Below are the contact details of their headquarters, located in Imo state.

Address: Km 5, MCC Uratta Rd, Owerri, Imo state.
Telephone: +2348139862090,  0700222872677678

Alternatively, you can drop any question you have about ABC Transport price list and bookings below and we will do justice to it as soon as possible, to the best of our knowledge we will try to answer your questions if we have the exact answer.

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