9 Habits Of The Successful Student: Positive Mindset

Imagine what it would be like to study every day with courage and still master the content with ease. This would definitely help you to get better results.

Do you agree?

In this article, you will discover the 9 habits of successful students and how to use these habits in a practical way to make your learning efficient.

These are the same habits used by students who have had better results in studies and in life.

Before passing the habits, it is necessary to clarify …

What does it mean to be a successful student?

A successful student is one who has been successful with his studies, achieving the results he wanted.

Success here is relative, maybe for you, it is …

  • Act professionally internationally
  • Acting in the career of your dreams
  • Acting as a teacher at a university
  • Win a public office
  • Develop your intelligence

That is, it is you who defines your success.

And for you to achieve this success you need to develop some essential habits that help in your learning.

There are several other important habits, but I have separated here the 9 essentials. That can boost your learning.

And certainly, the first habit is the basis of all others …

Habit 1 – Study strategy that works!

A successful student does not have a study plan, he has a strategy.

For a long time, I considered the study schedule essential for learning. And it is certainly very important, but today I realize that only this does not work.

More is needed…

In addition to a study plan, a study strategy is needed. A powerful study strategy contains:

  • Study routine
  • Organized matters
  • Organized content
  • Review moments
  • Practice moments
  • How to study daily

And before you ask “Sir Richy, do I need all of this?” I’ll tell you …

Yes, you do!

The organized study routine helps to reduce stress and anxiety, which are so harmful to your learning.

In addition, you stop wasting time looking for what to study or how to study, you simply look at your strategy and start.

This is the difference in the routine of a successful student. Especially when used in conjunction with the next habit.

Habit 2 – Your own pace of study

Every successful student knows that there is no point in killing yourself by studying a few days before the exam, you must study every day.

The best way for you to be able to study every day is to develop a good study habit, a rhythm!

5 reasons for you to study every day…

Reason # 1 – Researchers in the Department of Psychology at the University of California, San Diego say that learning a little every day is much more efficient for memorization and learning.

Reason # 2 – Increase in the speed of learning and reasoning. Your brain can process information and content more easily.

Reason # 3 – You can handle all the material to study, consolidating the memory in your brain.

Reason # 4 – Decrease in stress and anxiety generated by the approach of the test, because you realize that you are dedicating and studying daily.

Reason # 5 – Increase in your confidence. When you study daily, it improves your confidence and your chances of good results, because you realize that you are winning yourself.

If you want to be a successful student, stop wasting time trying to study everything at once and develop your study pace.

Habit 3 – Enjoy studying (even if you don’t feel like it!)

A successful student enjoys studying and enjoys learning new things.

Most students create a harmful learning mindset, which I call a failing mindset.

They keep repeating …

I hate studying, studying is boring, I don’t like studying, etc.

This kind of mentality only drives the urge to study away. Hardly anyone who repeats this will like to study. To enjoy studying you need to open your mind.

Here are my 5 tips for enjoying studying.

  1. Find points of interest between your studies and your life (associate with a movie, game or something you like).
  2. Watch interactive videos on various topics.
  3. Look for a partner or a group to discuss different study subjects.
  4. Develop a reading habit.
  5. Start with what you like best and then move on to other topics.

Can’t enjoy studying even with these tips? Habit 4 will help to do this.

Habit 4 – Discipline the right way!

A successful student is disciplined.

He knows that he doesn’t always have to be excited or motivated to study, he just starts studying with discipline.

To make it clear …

Being disciplined means putting studies first and “forcing” to study even without wanting to.

Habit 5 – Enjoying challenges

A successful student doesn’t like challenges, he likes to overcome challenges.

Enjoying winning challenges often means making mistakes, learning from mistakes and finally winning.

Each time you win a challenge you become stronger and more capable of bigger challenges.

Practical tip for you to overcome your challenges.

Don’t look for challenges so big that it is impossible to win, it just creates discouragement and frustration.

Look for challenges you can overcome and gradually increase. If you do it right you will soon be at a much higher level of learning. Ensuring your continuous improvement.

Continuous improvement is just the next habit for a successful student.

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Habit 6 – Resilience and continuous improvement

A successful student is resilient. The meaning of resilience is :

Resilience is the ability to return to its natural state, especially after some critical and unusual situation.

That is…

Faced with any challenge, a successful student is able to return, adapt and strengthen in the face of the situation.

Resilience is so important that some researchers like Scott J. Russo of the Neuroscience Department at the Friedman Brain Institute in New York have sought to understand how resilience works in the human brain.

A resilient student is able to guarantee continuous improvement, as no obstacle or challenge is able to hinder learning.

A practical tip for you to develop resilience in studies: Manage your emotions very well!

Letting yourself be dominated by emotions such as anger or sadness, affects learning, often generating discouragement.

A simple question can help you with this:

“What am I feeling right now?”

When you ask yourself this question, you make the emotion of that moment conscious.

From this point, you are able to transmute your current state.

This habit, in conjunction with the next one, will help speed up your thinking in all areas.

Habit 7 – Develop an intellectual life

A successful student develops an intellectual life. Do you know what that means?

To sum it all up …

It is letting study, knowledge and learning become part of your life.

There is no point in setting aside a single moment of the day to study. You must be constantly involved with knowledge.

I separated for you 5 ways to develop an intellectual life

  1. Read good books every day.
  2. Watch documentaries based on good sources at least once a week.
  3. Listen to audiobooks and smart podcasts every day while doing chores or on the go.
  4. Prefer smart movies to blockbusters.
  5. Watch lectures and classes instead of funny videos.

A great way to develop an intellectual life too is to create smart subjects to talk to your friends.

Don’t spend all the time sharing memes and funny videos on WhatsApp and social networks. Search for topics that deepen your knowledge, share with your friends and stimulate debate.

Everything will depend on your willingness to do this!

It is possible to bring intelligent subjects to talk and at the same time be pleasant. Everything goes from your efforts and include knowledge in your routine.

Understand one thing …

The more you read and engage with knowledge, the more repertoire you have to talk to people.

And a great way to do that is with your imagination.

Habit 8 – Use your imagination to learn better

For a successful student, imagination is the most powerful faculty for learning.

As much as writing, solving questions and teaching are good learning resources, none of them are superior to imagination.

To be clear, see the origin of the word imagination:

It comes from Latin imagini, “to form a mental image of something”

When you imagine what you study, you form a mental image of the content, helping with the process of memorization and learning.

A practical tip for using your imagination in your studies

Try to create images and mental scenes that represent your studies. That way your mind can memorize more easily.

Important: The technique of imagination as well as all the techniques passed on the site, require training, do not expect to have results overnight.

And if you combine your imagination with the next habit, your learning will take off quickly.

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Habit 9 – Use Smart Practice to Double Your Results

It doesn’t matter if you are studying for an exam, college or even for the pleasure of knowing.

The habits of intelligent practice and imagination are the most important for effective learning.

Understand better …

Intelligent practice is putting it into practice through problem-solving, writing, speaking or reflection.

The big difference is that you will use it according to your need.

If you are studying for an objective exam, resolve issues. If you are studying for a speech test, write a lot.

This last habit is so important that if you only cultivate it, you have a substantial increase in the quality of your learning.

And to finish an important teaching …

You have just discovered the main habits of a successful student.

Do not think of it as a recipe for success, but as guidelines for you to change the way you study and learn.

And if you have come this far willing to become a successful student what you must do now is to put into practice at least one of the above habits.

Let’s do the following as a first practical activity …

Write in the comments what habit you are going to put into practice today. (You can choose more than one if you want).

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